Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Sablan, Teresita (916) 341-5174SWRCB Staff
 Saenz, Ana Maria (916) 341-5480SWRCB Staff
 Safaverdi, Nushin (916) 341-5344SWRCB Lead
 Saha, Subir (916) 341-5432SWRCB Staff
 Sahl, Elaine (805) 542-4645Water/R3 Supervisor
 Sahota, Bhupinder (209) 948-3881SWRCB Supervisor
 Saiz, Steve (805) 549-3879Water/R3 Staff
 Salazar, Brandon (559) 445-6278Water/R5 Staff
 Salazar, Ingrid (805) 566-1326SWRCB Staff
 Salazar, Judith (916) 445-0827SWRCB Staff
 Saldana, Margie Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Sale, Sandi (916) 324-0998SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Salisbury, Jennifer (916) 319-0232SWRCB Staff
 Salvi, Brian (916) 319-8289SWRCB Staff
 Samala, Ramesh (916) 709-5048SWRCB Specialist
 Sanchez, Craig (916) 322-9446SWRCB Staff
 Sanchez, Jeffrey (916) 322-1675SWRCB Staff
 Sanchez, Jessica (916) 341-5691SWRCB Staff
 Sanchez, Lawrence (818) 551-2017SWRCB Staff
 Sandecki, Micahel (805) 549-3372Water/R3 Staff
 Sanders, Kim (805) 542-4771Water/R3 Staff
 Sanders, Paul (916) 464-4817Water/R5 Staff
 Sanders, Roy (916) 341-5478SWRCB Staff
 Sandhar, Nirmal (916) 341-5571SWRCB Staff
 Sandhu, Kirt Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Sandoval, Angela (916) 464-4609Water/R5 Staff
 Sanford, Cathy (760) 776-8934Water/R7 Staff
 Santizo, Peter Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Santos, Nubia (916) 341-5109SWRCB Supervisor
 Satkowski, Casey (916) 449-5558SWRCB Staff
 Satkowski, Richard (916) 341-5439SWRCB Staff
 Sauceda, Ralph (559) 445-5563Water/R5 Staff
 Sawders, Christopher (916) 324-9655SWRCB Staff
 Sawyer, Andrew (916) 341-5191SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Sayakhom, Rick (916) 341-5949SWRCB Lead
 Sayles, Thomas (805) 542-4640Water/R3 Staff
 Saylor, Frank (530) 224-4874SWRCB Staff
 Scales, Yuliya (510) 622-2332Water/R2 Staff
 Schaffner, Amber (916) 341-5079SWRCB Staff
 Schiappi, Mia (916) 323-0582SWRCB Staff
 Schiedel, Len (916) 319-8465SWRCB Specialist
 Schlipf, Robert (510) 622-2478Water/R2 Supervisor
 Schmitz, Lori (916) 449-5285SWRCB Staff
 Schott, Guy (707) 576-2732SWRCB Staff
 Schrader, Nerissa (213) 620-2237Water/R4 Supervisor
 Schretzmann, Brian (916) 445-2118SWRCB Staff
 Schroeder, Jason (530) 224-4788Water/R5 Staff
 Schroeder, Jim (916) 327-8367SWRCB Staff
 Schroeder, Patricia (916) 319-0213SWRCB Staff
 Schroeter, Angela (805) 542-4644Water/R3 Manager
 Schultz, Daniel (916) 323-9392SWRCB Manager
 Schumann, Thomas Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Schwall, Kristin (619) 521-3368Water/R9 Staff
 Scoralle, Lisa (530) 542-5452Water/R6 Staff
 Scott, Casey (916) 341-5493SWRCB Staff
 Scott, Elias (707) 576-2610Water/R1 Staff
 Scott, Jonelle (916) 323-0923SWRCB Staff
 Scott, Rose (951) 320-6375Water/R8 Staff
 Scribe, Laurie (530) 542-5465Water/R6 Staff
 Scroggins, Matt (559) 445-6042Water/R5 Supervisor
 Sedgwick, Sam (916) 323-0883SWRCB Staff
 Seidner, Dylan (916) 341-5893SWRCB Supervisor
 Sellers, Andrea (916) 327-8449SWRCB Staff
 Sellinger, Amber (815) 549-3866Water/R3 Staff
 Sen, Sheenam (916) 341-5069SWRCB Manager
 Severon, Stephen (916) 341-5354SWRCB Staff
 Sewalia, Siddharth (916) 464-4658Water/R5 Staff
 Seward, Terry (510) 622-2416Water/R2 Manager
 Seyfried, Scott (916) 341-5585SWRCB Supervisor
 Shahnazarian, Angineh (213) 576-6617Water/R4 Staff
 Shami, Jawed (951) 782-3288Water/R8 Staff
 Shannon, Jacob (707) 576-2673Water/R1 Staff
 Shariq, Linsey (916) 341-5655SWRCB Staff
 Sharkey, Lucas (805) 594-6144Water/R3 Staff
 Shay, Eric (530) 542-5428Water/R6 Supervisor
 Sheehan, Caryl (916) 341-5742SWRCB Supervisor
 Shelton, Brad (916) 464-1588Water/R5 Supervisor
 Shelton, Kristin (916) 464-4819Water/R5 Staff
 Shibberu, Doug (951) 782-7959Water/R8 Staff
 Shih, Minliang (714) 547-0430SWRCB Staff
 Shimizu, Audrey (916) 341-5529SWRCB Staff
 Shimizu, Matthew (916) 341-5539SWRCB Staff
 Shin, Robin Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Shipsey, Lynette (707) 576-2460Water/R1 Staff
 Shironaka, Scott (916) 322-9255SWRCB Staff
 Sholes, David (599) 445-6279Water/R5 Supervisor
 Shook, Laura (916) 322-9444SWRCB Staff
 Shukry-Zeywar, Nadim (760) 776-8942Water/R7 Supervisor
 Shurbaji, Abdel (661) 335-7317SWRCB Staff
 SiclariMelchor, Alessia (916) 341-5376SWRCB Staff
 Siddiqui, Adnan (213) 576-6812Water/R4 Specialist
 Siddiqui, Mehreen (916) 322-9683SWRCB Staff
 Siebal, Danielle (916) 464-4843Water/R5 Staff
 Siebal, Michelle (916) 322-8465SWRCB Staff
 Siebels, Thomas J. (213) 576-6671Water/R4 Staff
 Sieu, Vivian Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Siev, Vinty (619) 521-3360SWRCB Staff
 Silken, Christine (951) 782-7961Water/R8 Staff
 Silva, Tammy (916) 341-5089SWRCB Staff
 Silverhame, Cabe (916) 323-0879SWRCB Staff
 Simi, Jay (Joseph) (916) 464-4833Water/R5 Staff
 Simpson, Sara (760) 346-7491Water/R7 Staff
 Singer, Teagan (805) 566-9767SWRCB Staff
 Singh, Kulvinder (559) 445-5582Water/R5 Staff
 Singh, Lovdeep (559) 445-6186Water/R5 Staff
 Singh, Sanjeet (916) 323-0362SWRCB Staff
 Singletary, Lucy (916) 341-5021SWRCB Manager
 Singrasabout, Jack Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Sisk, Joey (559) 445-5975Water/R5 Staff
 Sjoberg, Kate (530) 224-4850Water/R5 Staff
 Sjostrand, Mariya (916) 341-5055SWRCB Supervisor
 Skoropad, Sergey (916) 341-5096SWRCB Staff
 Slaga, Jane (510) 620-3159SWRCB Staff
 Smaira, Nicholas (805) 549-3467Water/R3 Staff
 Smith, Abigail (510) 622-2413Water/R2 Staff
 Smith, Bryan (530) 226-3425Water/R5 Manager
 Smith, James (619) 521-3006Water/R9 Asst. Executive Officer
 Smith, Jordan (916) 323-3645SWRCB Staff
 Smith, Keenan (916) 327-3115SWRCB Staff
 Smith, Kira (916) 319-8257SWRCB Staff
 Smith, Tranecia (916) 341-5713SWRCB Staff
 Smith-Gilchrist, Chakeina (916) 341-5084SWRCB Staff
 Smitherman, Lauren (916) 464-4668Water/R5 Supervisor
 Smythe, Hope (951) 782-4493Water/R8 Executive Officer
 Smythe, Mark (951) 782-4998Water/R8 Manager
 Snapp, Michelle (916) 464-4824Water/R5 Staff
 Snyder, Clint (530) 224-3213Water/R5 Asst. Executive Officer
 Snyder, Jennie (760) 776-8936Water/R7 Staff
 Sobeck, Eileen (916) 341-5599SWRCB Executive Director
 Soderberg, Sheila (805) 549-3592Water/R3 Supervisor
 Sohrabi, Mohammad (916) 327-8513SWRCB Staff
 Sohrabyan, Karmen (818) 551-2011SWRCB Staff
 Sokol, Kevin (916) 323-0592SWRCB Staff
 Solecki, Robert (916) 319-0276SWRCB Staff
 Solin, Amanda Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Solin, Garrett (916) 341-5537SWRCB Staff
 Solis-Thompson, Elda (916) 341-5281SWRCB Staff
 Solorzano, Elizabeth (707) 576-2046SWRCB Staff
 Soria, Denise (559) 444-2488Water/R5 Staff
 Sotelo, Christine (916) 341-5175SWRCB Manager
 Soto, Angelica (760) 241-6467Water/R6 Staff
 Soto, Bethany (559) 445-6077Water/R5 Staff
 Southwood, Anthony (916) 323-0593SWRCB Staff
 Souza, Kurt (805) 566-4745SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Spath, Dave (510) 325-1401SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Spector, Juliana (916) 323-3649SWRCB Staff
 Spencer, Alex (530) 542-5488Water/R6 Staff
 Speth, Will (916) 324-8408SWRCB Staff
 Spratt, Kayla (530) 224-4994Water/R5 Staff
 Springborn, Robert (916) 449-5572SWRCB Staff
 St. John, Jordan (707) 576-2145SWRCB Staff
 St. John, Matt (707) 570-3762Water/R1 Executive Officer
 St. Mary, Valaree (916) 319-8576SWRCB Staff
 St.Pierre, Brianna (916) 341-5810SWRCB Supervisor
 Stamas, Pete (916) 552-9983SWRCB Staff
 Standfeldt, Asa (916) 323-0599SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Stanley, Todd (805) 542-4769Water/R3 Staff
 Starkey, Carolyn (805) 566-1326SWRCB Staff
 Stavarek, David (916) 464-4673Water/R5 Staff
 Stebbins, Michele (916) 319-9069SWRCB Staff
 Steckling, Karyn (805) 549-3465Water/R3 Staff
 Steenson, Ross (510) 622-2445Water/R2 Specialist
 Steinert, Tiffany (760) 241-7305Water/R6 Staff
 Stepek, Jan (916) 341-5777SWRCB Staff
 Sterchi, Sean (619) 525-4159SWRCB Supervisor
 Stetler, Chris (530) 542-5572Water/R6 Specialist
 Steude, John (530) 542-5571Water/R6 Staff
 Stevens, Brandon (707) 576-2377Water/R1 Staff
 Stevens, Christopher (916) 341-5698SWRCB Manager
 Stevens, Taylor (916) 323-4720SWRCB Staff
 Stewart, Rebecca (619) 516-1977Water/R9 Staff
 Stewart, Susan (707) 576-2657Water/R1 Staff
 Stieringer, Franklin (818) 551-2055SWRCB Staff
 Stieringer, Wes (818) 551-2055SWRCB Staff
 Stoltenberg, Andrew (916) 341-5686SWRCB Staff
 Stone, Linda (530) 542-5471Water/R6 Staff
 Stork, Natalie (916) 341-5336SWRCB Supervisor
 Stormo, Scot Not AvailableWater/R7 Staff
 Stout, Sean (916) 341-5483SWRCB Staff
 Striplen, Charles (707) 576-2689Water/R1 Staff
 Strong, Shannon (707) 576-2499Water/R1 Staff
 Strutzel, Jon (916) 319-9063SWRCB Specialist
 Sturdivant, Ann (951) 782-4904Water/R8 Manager
 Sturdivant, Tavish (951) 320-2053Water/R8 Staff
 Sturdivant, Victor (951) 782-3258Water/R8 Staff
 Sturgis, Tahsa (510) 622-2316Water/R2 Staff
 Sugar, Sarah (916) 341-5894SWRCB Specialist
 Suglian, Michael (530) 542-5447Water/R6 Staff
 Sun, Xiayi (213) 576-6617Water/R4 Staff
 Sunahara, Amy (916) 319-9216SWRCB Staff
 Sundareswaran, Ramesh (916) 341-5670SWRCB Staff
 Sussman, Daniel (530) 542-5466Water/R6 Supervisor
 Sutherland, Bonnie (916) 449-5629SWRCB Staff
 Sutter, Barry (530) 224-4875SWRCB Supervisor
 Sutton, Lorin (559) 445-6086Water/R5 Staff
 Swain, Allyson (805) 542-4787Water/R3 Staff
 Sweat, Alexander (916) 319-0724SWRCB Staff
 Sweigert, Jan (831) 655-6934SWRCB Supervisor
 Swing, Eric (510) 620-3604SWRCB Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
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ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
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   Water: State/Regional Water Boards