Department of Pesticide Regulation Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Sanchez, Juan (916) 445-5393DPR Staff
 Sanchez, Martha (916) 323-2677DPR Staff
 Sanders, John (916) 445-4241DPR Special Advisor
 Sanders, Tim (916) 324-2990DPR Staff
 Santos, Blanca (916) 324-3463DPR Support Staff
 Sarracino, Regina (916) 603-7755DPR Supervisor
 Sarrafzadeh, Nima (916) 322-0829DPR Staff
 Sartori, Fabio (916) 327-7479DPR Staff
 Saruwatari, Drew (916) 324-2666DPR Staff Counsel
 Scanlan, Leona (916) 445-4207DPR Staff
 Schaffner, Ann (916) 445-0111DPR Supervisor
 Schmalz, Laurel (916) 324-3526DPR Staff
 Schneider, Emilie (916) 603-7818DPR Staff
 Scott, Alicia (916) 603-7712DPR Staff
 Segawa, Randy Not AvailableDPR Retired Annuitant
 Serrato, Kathy (559) 297-5411DPR Support Staff
 Severns, Anise (916) 650-6957DPR Assistant Director
 Shaw, Ryan (916) 445-4390DPR Staff
 Shelor, Dwight (916) 324-5887DPR Manager
 Shi, Lan-Xin (916) 445-4419DPR Staff
 Shibata, Erin (916) 603-7725DPR Supervisor
 Shih, Alex (714) 957-3511DPR Staff
 Shimizu, Eryn (916) 445-7230DPR Staff
 Silva, Anthony (916) 445-3793DPR Staff
 Silva, Samuel (916) 445-4110DPR Branch Chief
 Singh, Gurjeet (916) 341-7310DPR Supervisor
 Singhasemanon, Nan (916) 445-3984DPR Assistant Director
 Slagle, Scott (916) 341-7316DPR Staff
 Sok, Christopher (916) 445-4130DPR Staff
 Solari, Kevin (916) 323-7614DPR Supervisor
 Spas, Richard (916) 322-9522DPR Supervisor
 Spatz, Mitzi (916) 445-2510DPR Staff
 Steinmann, Kimberly (916) 445-7929DPR Staff
 Stillwell, Sheryl (916) 445-2508DPR Staff
 Stonum, Christopher (916) 445-4261DPR Staff
 Sullivan, Jonathan (916) 322-6767DPR Staff
 Surprenant, Kayla (916) 603-7792DPR Staff
 Sutherland, Susan (916) 322-9525DPR Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards