Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Saelee, Sara (916) 341-6153CalRecycle Staff
 Safayipour, Farshid (916) 341-6237CalRecycle Staff
 Saldana, Paul (916) 322-2194CalRecycle Supervisor
 Salim, Mohammed (310) 342-1244CalRecycle Staff
 Salinas, Maria (916) 341-6285CalRecycle Staff
 Saliot, Adrianna (916) 324-4437CalRecycle Staff
 Samra, Harnak (916) 341-6453CalRecycle Staff
 Sander, Steven (916) 323-4376CalRecycle Staff
 Sanders, Amanda (916) 323-1692CalRecycle Staff
 Sanders, Sarah (916) 341-6804CalRecycle Staff
 Sanford, Melissa (916) 341-6104CalRecycle Staff
 Sankare, Ibrahima (310) 342-0525CalRecycle Staff
 Santa Croce, Steve (916) 341-6688CalRecycle Supervisor
 Santillano, Marcus (916) 341-6328CalRecycle Staff
 Sasu, Samuel (562) 981-9095CalRecycle Staff
 Satter, Jeni (916) 341-6096CalRecycle Staff
 Scherer, Walt (916) 322-8186CalRecycle Retired Annuitant
 Schiavo, Dustin (916) 341-6485CalRecycle Staff
 Schmidt, Jonathan (916) 341-6475CalRecycle Staff
 Schubert, Brent (916) 341-6471CalRecycle Staff
 Sciolini, Daniel (310) 342-6110CalRecycle Staff
 Scott, Desiree (916) 341-6508CalRecycle Supervisor
 Scott, Ken (916) 327-2779CalRecycle Staff
 Selim, Joanna (916) 322-4101CalRecycle Staff
 Sellards, Kim (916) 341-6150CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Severson, Frank (916) 341-6259CalRecycle Staff
 Shafer, MaryKay (916) 445-0545CalRecycle Supervisor
 Shaffer, Donna (619) 525-4272CalRecycle Support Staff
 Sheehan, Jennifer (916) 322-1826CalRecycle Staff
 Sheehan, Matt (916) 341-6344CalRecycle Staff
 Shelton, Ben (916) 324-1975CalRecycle Acting Branch Chief
 Sherbert, Rochelle (916) 341-6257CalRecycle Staff
 Silva, Alonso (310) 342-1230CalRecycle Staff
 Silva, Brittany (916) 341-6148CalRecycle Staff
 Siozon, Sharon (916) 322-1760CalRecycle Staff
 Sitts, John (916) 341-6232CalRecycle Staff
 Siu, Helga (916) 341-6173CalRecycle Staff
 Slaven, Susan (916) 341-6599CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Slocombe, Michelle (916) 341-6794CalRecycle Staff
 Smith, Heather (916) 341-6371CalRecycle Support Staff
 Smith, Kimberly (916) 341-6615CalRecycle Staff
 Smith, Lynn (916) 341-6378CalRecycle Staff
 Smith, Monte (916) 327-4401CalRecycle Staff
 Smyth, Andrew (916) 341-6526CalRecycle Staff
 Smyth, Jason (916) 341-6676CalRecycle Supervisor
 Snider, Anne (916) 341-6629CalRecycle Staff
 Snider, Patrick (916) 324-3753CalRecycle Supervisor
 Souza, Alex (916) 341-6537CalRecycle Staff
 Soza, Jacob (951) 782-4989CalRecycle Staff
 Spencer, Tiffany (916) 341-6400CalRecycle Staff
 Spiller, Omar (916) 341-6090CalRecycle Student
 Sprecher, Darin (916) 341-6591CalRecycle Staff
 Sprogis, Joann (916) 322-0613CalRecycle Support Staff
 St. Clair, Adam (916) 341-6469CalRecycle Staff
 St. Clair, Kelley (916) 341-6287CalRecycle Staff
 Staklis, Peter (916) 341-6230CalRecycle Staff
 Stalker, Brian (916) 323-3416CalRecycle Staff
 Stanford, Cortney (916) 322-1914CalRecycle Staff
 Stanley, Lisa (916) 341-6766CalRecycle Staff
 Staten, Jamal (916) 341-6885CalRecycle Staff
 Steel, Tom (916) 341-6693CalRecycle Volunteer
 Stephens, Larry (916) 341-6241CalRecycle Staff
 Stoian-Chu, Ana-Maria (916) 341-6368CalRecycle Manager
 Strickley, Kathleen (916) 322-1848CalRecycle Staff
 Suarez-Arguelles, Diana (916) 341-6680CalRecycle Staff
 Subia, Jermaine (310) 342-1246CalRecycle Staff
 Suh, Luna (916) 445-0505CalRecycle Staff
 Suleymanov, Natalya (916) 322-2581CalRecycle Support Staff
 Swanson, Jeanette (916) 322-4164CalRecycle Staff
 Swinko, Cameron (916) 322-4867CalRecycle Supervisor
 Sylve, Loretta (916) 445-0693CalRecycle Supervisor

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