Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Racca, Roman (916) 255-6407DTSC Staff
 Radke, Laura (818) 717-6562DTSC Not Available
 Raez, Blanca (818) 717-6518DTSC Staff
 Rainey, Laura (714) 484-5434DTSC Not Available
 Raley, Jason (818) 717-6511DTSC Not Available
 Ramadan, Khaled (714) 484-5376DTSC Staff
 Ramage, Robert (510) 540-3468DTSC Not Available
 Ramirez, Abbe (916) 323-2666DTSC Staff
 Ramirez, Sabrina (916) 255-3799DTSC Not Available
 Randeni, Jayantha (510) 540-3806DTSC Staff
 Ranney, April (559) 297-3943DTSC Not Available
 Ranney, Derek (323) 803-2501DTSC Not Available
 Rasmussen, David (818) 717-6678DTSC Supervisor
 Rasmussen, Kerry (916) 255-3650DTSC Not Available
 Rasmussen, Kim (916) 327-8514DTSC Not Available
 Ratsamythong, Swai Bruce (916) 323-3511DTSC Not Available
 Rayas, Evelina (818) 717-6674DTSC Staff
 Redes, Octavian (916) 323-3391DTSC Not Available
 Reeser, Ann (510) 540-2735DTSC Not Available
 Reimanis, Andrew (916) 255-4976DTSC Staff
 Renzi, Barbara (916) 255-6649DTSC Staff
 Reyes, Gloria (916) 322-3823DTSC Not Available
 Reyes, Johaira (916) 327-8514DTSC Contract Personnel
 Reyes, Mary (916) 322-5293DTSC Not Available
 Reynolds, Edward (916) 445-9519DTSC Not Available
 Rich, Jennifer (714) 484-5415DTSC Staff
 Richardson, Karyn (510) 540-3975DTSC Not Available
 Richardson, Renee (916) 322-4882DTSC Not Available
 Ridenour, Charles (916) 255-3571DTSC Supervisor
 Riley, Cindy (916) 327-4486DTSC Not Available
 Riley, Erin (916) 324-6799DTSC Contract Personnel
 Rios, Alfredo (858) 637-5538DTSC Supervisor
 Rios, Maria (714) 484-5328DTSC Staff
 Rist, David (510) 540-3763DTSC Not Available
 Ritson, Amanda (916) 324-1819DTSC Not Available
 Rivera, Alejandra (714) 484-5324DTSC Not Available
 Rivera, Ricardo (916) 327-4061DTSC Not Available
 Rivera-medina, Brandie (916) 322-5264DTSC Staff
 Rizzardo, Teresa (916) 323-3624DTSC Not Available
 Robb, Carolyn (916) 255-3755DTSC Staff
 Roberson, Tina (818) 717-6579DTSC Staff
 Roberts, Colin (916) 445-9547DTSC Not Available
 Roberts, Renee (916) 324-8192DTSC Not Available
 Robertson, Michael (818) 717-6645DTSC Not Available
 Robinson, J (714) 484-5388DTSC Not Available
 Robinson, Ryan (916) 324-3159DTSC Staff
 Robison, Rick (510) 540-3859DTSC Supervisor
 Rodriguez, Carlo (858) 637-5541DTSC Staff
 Rodriguez, Evelia (916) 327-6104DTSC Staff
 Rodriguez, Ivan (916) 255-6591DTSC Staff
 Rodriguez, Jessica (818) 717-6666DTSC Staff
 Rodriguez, Laiza (714) 484-5355DTSC Not Available
 Rodriguez, Martin (916) 327-4029DTSC Not Available
 Rogado, Camille (916) 255-3602DTSC Not Available
 Rohlfes, Larry (916) 322-4068DTSC Not Available
 Rohrer, James (916) 255-3709DTSC Staff
 Roman, Isabella (510) 540-3879DTSC Not Available
 Romero, Robert (714) 484-5316DTSC Staff
 Romero-Fishback, Michelle (916) 324-8304DTSC Not Available
 Romo, Esperanza (916) 255-3597DTSC Staff
 Rosander, Kathryn (916) 324-2999DTSC Contract Personnel
 Rosario, Mariacecilia (916) 327-1077DTSC Staff
 Rose, Carl (510) 540-2591DTSC Not Available
 Rosen, Geraldine (510) 540-2685DTSC Not Available
 Ross, John (916) 255-6624DTSC Not Available
 Ross, Robert (916) 255-3715DTSC Staff
 Ross, Steve (916) 255-3694DTSC Staff
 Rounds, Steven (818) 717-6602DTSC Staff
 Rouse, Victoria (916) 323-3388DTSC Not Available
 Roy-Semmen, Shukla (714) 484-5448DTSC Staff
 Rubin, Marcia (818) 717-6565DTSC Not Available
 Rubio, Regina (714) 484-5307DTSC Not Available
 Ruffin, Paul (916) 255-6677DTSC Staff
 Ruiz, Gregory (916) 255-3694DTSC Not Available
 Ruiz Lopez, Erica (916) 322-5227DTSC Not Available
 Ruttan, Peter (916) 255-3630DTSC Staff
 Rutter, Sheri (916) 255-3556DTSC Staff
 Ruvalcaba, Valerie (916) 445-2922DTSC Not Available
 Ryan, David (916) 322-5264DTSC Not Available

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