Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Paddock, Chase (714) 484-5378DTSC Not Available
 Padilla, Carlos (619) 516-1987DTSC Staff
 Palmer, Adam (916) 322-2844DTSC Supervisor
 Palmer, Karl (916) 445-2625DTSC Not Available
 Pandey, Pragya (510) 540-3932DTSC Not Available
 Pang, Hansen (916) 324-2810DTSC Not Available
 Pangilinan, Francis (714) 484-5322DTSC Not Available
 Papagni, Christine (818) 717-6541DTSC Staff
 Pappas, James (916) 255-6509DTSC Not Available
 Parent, Christine (916) 255-3707DTSC Staff
 Park, June-soo (510) 540-2925DTSC Staff
 Parnass, Lori (818) 717-6546DTSC Staff
 Parr, Frank (818) 717-6592DTSC Supervisor
 Parry, Emily (510) 540-3607DTSC Contract Personnel
 Partow-Navid, Guilan (626) 304-2723DTSC Staff
 Patel, Suhasini (916) 255-6600DTSC Not Available
 Pates, Ellen (818) 717-6664DTSC Staff
 Pathak, Amit (714) 484-5468DTSC Staff
 Patrick, Omoruyi (714) 484-5452DTSC Staff
 Paulson, Roger (916) 255-6663DTSC Staff
 Pay, Stephen (916) 255-6403DTSC Staff
 Pecci, Mary (916) 324-7196DTSC Staff
 Peddada, Anantaramam (714) 484-5418DTSC Staff
 Peebler, Diana (510) 540-3866DTSC Staff
 Pekke, Milly (916) 255-3579DTSC Not Available
 Peng, Juan (916) 255-3802DTSC Not Available
 Peng, Ted (714) 484-5410DTSC Staff
 Penton, Paulette (818) 717-6577DTSC Staff
 Pequinot, William (916) 324-5782DTSC Not Available
 Perez, Marina (818) 551-2875DTSC Staff
 Perez, Martha (916) 255-6672DTSC Not Available
 Perez, Thelmy (323) 803-2517DTSC Not Available
 Peters, Karri (916) 255-3614DTSC Not Available
 Peterson, Matt (916) 255-3626DTSC Staff
 Pettigrew, Nicholas (818) 717-6681DTSC Not Available
 Pettijohn, Julie (510) 540-3843DTSC Not Available
 Pfister, Michael (559) 297-3958DTSC Staff
 Pham, Amy T. (916) 324-3125DTSC Staff
 Pham, Duy L. (916) 322-0462DTSC Staff
 Pham, Kevin (916) 324-3124DTSC Not Available
 Phelps, Diana (916) 445-6130DTSC Not Available
 Pickens, Tammy (916) 255-3594DTSC Not Available
 Pimentel, Angela (916) 327-4500DTSC Not Available
 Pinasco, James (916) 255-3719DTSC Staff
 Pineschi, Dan (916) 255-6607DTSC Not Available
 Pinon, Charito (818) 717-6667DTSC Staff
 Piros, Mark (510) 540-3832DTSC Staff
 Pitts, Catherine (916) 322-5227DTSC Not Available
 Pixton, Michael (510) 540-3937DTSC Staff
 Placencia, Josie (916) 322-4233DTSC Not Available
 Plaza, Allan (818) 717-6609DTSC Supervisor
 Poelma, Tamara L. (916) 217-9839DTSC Staff
 Poh, Kim (916) 323-3513DTSC Manager
 Poindexter, Sandra (916) 324-5782DTSC Chief
 Poindexter, Zenzi (818) 717-6568DTSC Not Available
 Polisini, Jim (818) 717-6593DTSC Staff
 Pongetti, Paul (714) 484-5481DTSC Staff
 Pool, Catherine (510) 540-3881DTSC Staff
 Prakash, Arishma (916) 324-5845DTSC Not Available
 Prasad, Ronald (916) 323-8809DTSC Not Available
 Pratt, Trevor (916) 255-3792DTSC Not Available
 Price, Thomas (510) 540-3811DTSC Staff
 Priest, Amanda (916) 323-3506DTSC Contract Personnel
 Propes, Julie (818) 717-6539DTSC Staff
 Prowell, Cheryl L. Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Pungan, Rachel (916) 445-5546DTSC Staff
 Purvis, Tamara (916) 255-3857DTSC Not Available

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