Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Ma, Susan (916) 445-2124DTSC Not Available
 Ma, Xiaomei (916) 255-6645DTSC Staff
 Macey, Craig (916) 324-1234DTSC Staff
 MacNicholl, Peter (916) 255-3713DTSC Staff
 Magnuson, Kristen (916) 324-2998DTSC Contract Personnel
 Mahmood, Shahid (916) 255-3592DTSC Staff
 Mahoney, Cheryl (916) 255-3786DTSC Staff
 Maldonado, Briana (916) 322-4885DTSC Not Available
 Malinowski, Mark (916) 255-3717DTSC Supervisor
 Mamangun, Joel (818) 717-6653DTSC Staff
 Mananian, Eileen (714) 484-5349DTSC Staff
 Mantey, Jane (916) 322-4891DTSC Not Available
 Marcos, Jose (714) 484-5492DTSC Staff
 Mark, Franklin (916) 255-3584DTSC Staff
 Marks, Jason (916) 327-7942DTSC Staff
 Marlow, Linnah (916) 323-7918DTSC Staff
 Marsh-perla, Cameron (916) 323-4911DTSC Staff
 Martin, Cristian (916) 255-3701DTSC Staff
 Martinez, Andres (323) 803-2506DTSC Not Available
 Martinez, Monica (916) 255-3724DTSC Staff
 Martinez, Patricia (916) 255-6584DTSC Not Available
 Martinez, Sam V. (916) 322-6920DTSC Staff
 Martinez, William T. (916) 255-3593DTSC Staff
 Martinez, Xochiyotl K. (510) 540-3841DTSC Staff
 Marxen, Jim (916) 324-6544DTSC Division Chief
 Mascarenas, Ana (916) 956-1896DTSC Staff
 Mason, Casey (916) 255-3664DTSC Staff
 Mathias, Mindy (916) 255-6650DTSC Staff
 Mathis, Eugene (760) 336-8918DTSC Staff
 Mathrani, Vivek (510) 540-3737DTSC Staff
 Maurer, Allissa (916) 322-8669DTSC Staff
 Mayer, Alexander (916) 445-2966DTSC Staff
 Mazzoli, Theodore (510) 540-3950DTSC Staff
 McArdle, Stephen (818) 717-6564DTSC Staff
 McCarron, Matthew (510) 540-3828DTSC Staff
 McCreary, Gavin (916) 255-3710DTSC Staff
 McCully, Nancy (916) 327-6097DTSC Student
 McDaniel, Larry (916) 323-3419DTSC Staff
 McElroy, Elizabeth (510) 540-3898DTSC Staff
 Mcfarland, Bridgette (916) 255-6534DTSC Staff
 McGee, Nancy (916) 255-6585DTSC Staff
 McGinnis, Robin (916) 322-4890DTSC Staff
 Mcginty, Karen (916) 445-5907DTSC Staff
 McKee, Allison (916) 445-0424DTSC Not Available
 McMahan, Lance (916) 255-3674DTSC Staff
 Mcphaul, Philip (714) 484-5488DTSC Not Available
 Medrano, Jr., Renato (510) 540-3947DTSC Staff
 Men, Yue-dong (213) 250-3370DTSC Staff
 Menardo, Vinke (916) 255-6668DTSC Staff
 Mendez, Denise (916) 255-3772DTSC Staff
 Mendez, Spencer Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Meng, Qingyu (916) 255-6628DTSC Not Available
 Merin, Fernando (916) 327-1190DTSC Contract Personnel
 Michael, Sara (714) 816-1983DTSC Staff
 Miller, Daniel (916) 324-9821DTSC Staff
 Miller, David (916) 322-2712DTSC Staff
 Minassian, Armen (818) 717-6585DTSC Staff
 Mincks, Erin (916) 324-0912DTSC Staff
 Minshew, Kaitlin (916) 323-3719DTSC Not Available
 Miranda, Katie (916) 322-2480DTSC Staff
 Mislang, Violeta (714) 484-5387DTSC Staff
 Missakian, Paulette (818) 717-6505DTSC Staff
 Mitchell, Valerie (916) 255-6440DTSC Staff
 Mitchum, Ryan (559) 297-3958DTSC Staff
 Miura, Stephanie A. (916) 255-3730DTSC Staff
 Miya, Ryan (510) 540-3775DTSC Staff
 Molin, Daphne (916) 445-0572DTSC Not Available
 Molina, Victor Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Molinar, Luke (510) 540-2607DTSC Staff
 Monahan, Denise (916) 255-6634DTSC Staff
 Montalvan, Francisco (510) 540-2189DTSC Staff
 Montevideo, Kevin (818) 717-6671DTSC Staff
 Montez, Angela (916) 322-1295DTSC Staff
 Moore, Jeff G. (916) 445-9529DTSC Staff
 Moran, Patricia (916) 323-8749DTSC Staff
 Moratti, Ellen (916) 322-6756DTSC Not Available
 Morelan II, Alexander E. (714) 484-5440DTSC Staff
 Movlay, Patrick (714) 484-5378DTSC Staff
 Muegge, John (916) 322-0471DTSC Staff
 Muller, Jeffrey J. (323) 803-2497DTSC Staff
 Mullin, Laetitia (510) 540-3856DTSC Staff
 Mullinax, Matthew (916) 324-1808DTSC Staff
 Mullins, Julie (916) 255-3678DTSC Staff
 Muniz, Hortensia (916) 255-6632DTSC Staff
 Munson, Jan (916) 324-2992DTSC Staff
 Murai, Vivian (916) 327-4488DTSC Staff Counsel
 Murillo, Sara (916) 322-6756DTSC Not Available
 Murphy, Daniel E. (510) 540-3772DTSC Staff
 Mustafa, Ziad (916) 323-3236DTSC Staff
 Myers, Lee (916) 255-3605DTSC Staff
 Myers, Perry (916) 255-3708DTSC Staff

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