Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Kachadoorian, Sandra (559) 297-3903DTSC Staff
 Kahsai, Sina (916) 327-1199DTSC Not Available
 Kam, Winnie (510) 540-3959DTSC Staff
 Kane, Christopher (916) 323-3375DTSC Staff
 Kang, Hai-yong (916) 324-2958DTSC Staff
 Kaphle, Rameshwor (818) 717-6699DTSC Not Available
 Karachewski, John (510) 540-4121DTSC Staff
 Karaoglanyan, Beatris (818) 717-6661DTSC Staff
 Karinen, Sandra (916) 323-9617DTSC Not Available
 Kaur, Jessica Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Kaur, Manpreet (916) 324-1800DTSC Staff
 Kawasaki, Michael (916) 445-3323DTSC Not Available
 Kaweski, Laura (916) 322-3703DTSC Not Available
 Kay, Julianne Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Kegerreis, Walter R. (714) 715-4103DTSC Staff
 Kelley, Chris Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Kenner, Stacie (916) 255-3624DTSC Staff
 Kereazis, David (916) 255-6446DTSC Staff
 Kessler, Heather (916) 323-3380DTSC Staff
 Kewin, Paul (916) 255-4330DTSC Staff
 Khan, Sehrish Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Khang, Zer (916) 323-3404DTSC Staff
 Khela, Jagroop S. Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Khin, Chosu (916) 324-2428DTSC Not Available
 Khosraviani, Parisa (916) 255-6559DTSC Staff
 Khuu, Lisa (510) 849-5258DTSC Staff
 Kihara, Keith (916) 322-8521DTSC Not Available
 Kim, Taiho (626) 304-2670DTSC Staff
 Kim, Woo Sung Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 King, Buck (510) 540-3955DTSC Staff
 Kinsella, Ryan (818) 717-6590DTSC Staff
 Kintz, Roger (818) 717-6617DTSC Staff
 Klaschen, Janice (916) 255-3574DTSC Staff
 Klein, Kristina (916) 323-3383DTSC Contract Personnel
 Kloth-Blecha, Sheri Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Knight, Daniel (916) 323-7811DTSC Staff
 Knight, David (714) 484-5342DTSC Staff
 Ko-madden, Brennan A. (818) 717-6660DTSC Staff
 Koch, Lori (510) 540-3951DTSC Staff
 Kolbach, Elina (916) 255-6404DTSC Staff
 Kolman, Jon (916) 255-3780DTSC Staff
 Koltunov, Mui (626) 304-9802DTSC Staff
 Kong, Judy (916) 255-6534DTSC Staff
 Kono, Ken (916) 327-9252DTSC Not Available
 Kopecky, Andrea (916) 255-6423DTSC Not Available
 Koponen, Juan (916) 255-6665DTSC Not Available
 Kopp, Vincent (916) 322-7865DTSC Not Available
 Korematsu, Alan (916) 323-3706DTSC Not Available
 Korneyenko, Tatyana (916) 324-3115DTSC Staff
 Kostecki, Piotr (951) 360-6450DTSC Staff
 Kostecki, Ziggy (951) 360-6942DTSC Staff
 Kourda, Dina (714) 484-5408DTSC Staff
 Kowbel, Nelline (510) 540-3937DTSC Not Available
 Krautter, Keith K. Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Krug, Robert (760) 336-8919DTSC Staff
 Kubach, Jennifer (916) 323-9005DTSC Staff
 Kumar, Koshmick (916) 322-5539DTSC Not Available
 Kung, Cato (916) 322-7342DTSC Not Available
 Kwei, Orchid Not AvailableDTSC Not Available
 Kwon, Leilani (714) 484-5335DTSC Staff
 Kwong, Edward (999) 999-9999DTSC Staff

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ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
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