Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Hachigian, Dana (916) 341-5968CalRecycle Staff
 Hackett, Jeff (916) 341-6413CalRecycle Manager
 Hall, Timothy (916) 341-6175CalRecycle Staff
 Hammerstad, Rob (916) 341-6476CalRecycle Staff
 Hanniff, Richard (310) 342-0521CalRecycle Staff
 Happersberger, Susan (916) 341-6383CalRecycle Supervisor
 Harmon, Wendy (916) 341-6607CalRecycle Supervisor
 Harper, Marla (916) 323-2558CalRecycle Staff
 Harper, Tracey (916) 341-6531CalRecycle Staff
 Harris, David (916) 324-0383CalRecycle Staff
 Harrison, Tonya (916) 323-6053CalRecycle Staff
 Hart, Courtney (916) 341-6727CalRecycle Staff
 Haworth, Becky (916) 324-0995CalRecycle Staff
 Hayashida, Jill (916) 341-6814CalRecycle Staff
 Haynes, Ronnie (916) 341-6437CalRecycle Student
 Haynes White, Jennifer (916) 341-6456CalRecycle Staff
 Hazlett, Summer (916) 341-6528CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Healy, Robert (916) 341-6132CalRecycle Supervisor
 Heinzler, Janelle (916) 341-6455CalRecycle Staff
 Heller, Zoe (916) 341-6075CalRecycle Deputy Director
 Helmowski, Brian (916) 341-6819CalRecycle Staff
 Henderson, Christopher (916) 341-6462CalRecycle Staff
 Henderson, Reshay (310) 342-1242CalRecycle Staff
 Heng, Jeffery (916) 322-0617CalRecycle Staff
 Henigan, Matt (916) 322-2969CalRecycle Deputy Director
 Henry, Anissa (916) 341-6292CalRecycle Staff
 Hensley, Okla (916) 323-1822CalRecycle Supervisor
 Her, Danny (916) 341-6133CalRecycle Staff
 Hereth, Bill (916) 341-6284CalRecycle Staff
 Herman, Shauna (916) 341-6058CalRecycle Staff
 Hernandez, Alejandro (951) 782-4121CalRecycle Supervisor
 Hernandez, Eloisa (916) 327-2781CalRecycle Manager
 Heung, William (916) 341-6073CalRecycle Supervisor
 Hill, David (916) 341-6731CalRecycle Staff
 Hill, Matt (916) 341-6578CalRecycle Consultant
 Hinh, Andrew (916) 324-0373CalRecycle Staff
 Hoang, Matthew (916) 341-6161CalRecycle Staff
 Hocheimi, Ali (951) 782-7129CalRecycle Staff
 Hoffman, Elisia (916) 341-6326CalRecycle Staff
 Holler, Carrie (916) 445-0815CalRecycle Supervisor
 Holt, Aaron (916) 324-1374CalRecycle Staff
 Hom, Shirley (916) 341-6751CalRecycle Staff
 Hoover-Hartwick, Melissa (916) 341-6813CalRecycle Staff
 Hormazdi, Farrokh (916) 341-6515CalRecycle Staff
 Houghton, Candice (916) 341-6193CalRecycle Staff
 Houlemard, Chris (916) 341-6375CalRecycle Staff
 Howell, Jacob (916) 341-6093CalRecycle Staff
 Huck, Jim (916) 341-6391CalRecycle Staff
 Hul, Sotheary (310) 342-1229CalRecycle Staff
 Hunt, Heather (916) 341-6068CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Hunt, Mia (562) 595-8939CalRecycle Staff
 Hurst, Andrew (916) 323-2872CalRecycle Supervisor
 Huynh, Jaimie (916) 341-6419CalRecycle Staff
 Hydeman, Dale (916) 341-6198CalRecycle Staff

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