Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Gabler, Jim (916) 327-9029DTSC Staff
 Gage, Ashley (510) 540-3906DTSC Not Available
 Gailey, Steven (760) 339-2771DTSC Staff
 Gaither, Jaren Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Galdamez, Alejandro (510) 540-3933DTSC Staff
 Gallagher, Dan (916) 255-6536DTSC Staff
 Gallardo, Catherine (510) 540-3748DTSC Staff
 Galyen, Stephanie (916) 322-7650DTSC Not Available
 Gamino, Gloria (714) 484-5391DTSC Not Available
 Gamon, Daniel A. (916) 255-3630DTSC Staff
 Gao, Songmei (510) 540-3941DTSC Not Available
 Gao, Wenyu (916) 323-6428DTSC Not Available
 Garbaccio, Bruce (818) 717-6627DTSC Staff
 Garcia, Angela (714) 484-5463DTSC Staff
 Garcia, Angelina (916) 445-5640DTSC Not Available
 Garcia, Cesar (626) 304-2658DTSC Staff
 Garcia, Deanna (916) 255-6565DTSC Staff
 Garcia, Eriberto (818) 717-6559DTSC Not Available
 Garcia, Erick (999) 999-9999DTSC Staff
 Garcia, Hector Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Garcia, Jessica (714) 484-5451DTSC Not Available
 Garcia, Luis (818) 717-6611DTSC Staff
 Garcia, Peter (714) 484-5310DTSC Supervisor
 Garcia, Teresa (323) 803-2513DTSC Staff
 Garrett, Shannon (916) 255-3631DTSC Staff
 Garrett, Willard (714) 484-5352DTSC Staff
 Garza, Yolanda (818) 717-6571DTSC Division Chief
 Gaspari, Mary (916) 255-6423DTSC Staff
 Gath, Kenneth (916) 255-3643DTSC Staff
 Gathungu, Peter (916) 255-6662DTSC Staff
 Geiger-Taussig, Florian (510) 540-3936DTSC Contract Personnel
 Geisse, Guillermo (916) 255-2646DTSC Staff
 Georges, Rana (714) 484-5320DTSC Staff
 Gettmann, Kimberly (916) 255-6685DTSC Staff
 Ghaleb, Omar (916) 255-3759DTSC Staff
 Gharibian, Arax (818) 717-6540DTSC Staff
 Ghazi, Rizgar (916) 323-3847DTSC Not Available
 Giatpaiboon, Scott (626) 639-0286DTSC Not Available
 Gibson, Nathaniel (916) 324-1816DTSC Contract Personnel
 Gill, Cyndi Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Gill, Marshall Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Gill, Ranjit (510) 540-3499DTSC Staff
 Gill, Ravinderjeet S. (916) 255-3626DTSC Staff
 Gill, Tajinder (818) 717-6586DTSC Staff
 Gipson, Bob (916) 327-4061DTSC Staff
 Gipson, Karlaina (510) 540-3780DTSC Not Available
 Glikman, Amilia (916) 322-5837DTSC Staff
 Goings, Mia (916) 255-3736DTSC Staff
 Golchert, Alyssa R. (916) 255-6584DTSC Staff
 Goldman, Lynn (916) 327-6105DTSC Staff
 Golo, Mera S. (916) 255-3585DTSC Staff
 Gomez, Erglae (323) 803-2509DTSC Not Available
 Gonzales, Kristle (818) 717-6504DTSC Supervisor
 Gonzales, Ricardo (818) 717-6693DTSC Staff
 Gonzalez, Edlin (818) 968-1051DTSC Staff
 Gonzalez, Paulette (818) 717-6577DTSC Staff
 Gonzalez, Silvia (714) 484-5310DTSC Contract Personnel
 Goodson, Breanne (916) 324-6809DTSC Not Available
 Gough, Justin Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Gould, Jennifer (916) 324-3114DTSC Staff
 Gould, Katherine M. (714) 484-5380DTSC Staff
 Graham, Coby (510) 540-3934DTSC Staff
 Grant, Kaytherine (916) 324-2423DTSC Staff
 Grant, Kelly (916) 323-9586DTSC Not Available
 Gray, Rebecca (916) 255-3546DTSC Staff
 Grealish, David (916) 324-3142DTSC Staff
 Green, Kristine (916) 255-6658DTSC Not Available
 Green, Tyler (916) 445-5640DTSC Not Available
 Greenlee, Donald (818) 717-6594DTSC Staff
 Greenlee, Paris (916) 323-2274DTSC Not Available
 Grigoryan, Hayarpi Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Gross, Anna (916) 322-4062DTSC Not Available
 Gruner, Sabrina Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Grutzmacher, Raymond (818) 717-6621DTSC Staff
 Guaglione, Nicole (916) 217-7329DTSC Staff
 Guan, Meihong (916) 324-1827DTSC Not Available
 Gubata, Vicky (916) 255-3576DTSC Staff
 Guerbaz, Mustapha (714) 484-5430DTSC Staff
 Guerre, Christopher (714) 484-5422DTSC Staff
 Guevara, Jesus Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Guevarra, Bernardo (916) 323-6558DTSC Not Available
 Guo, Dennis (916) 327-4494DTSC Staff
 Gustavson, Martha (916) 324-0706DTSC Staff
 Gutierrez, Sergio (916) 322-1620DTSC Staff
 Guyton, Heidi (916) 324-3148DTSC Staff

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