Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Earle, Vanessa (916) 341-5127SWRCB Staff
 Easley, Micheale (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Easter, Montie Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Ebsen, Jody (619) 521-3965Water/R9 Staff
 Eddy, Sean (916) 327-3918SWRCB Staff
 Edwards, Gabriel (916) 449-5990SWRCB Staff
 Edwards, Mary (951) 782-4130Water/R8 Staff
 Egel, Robert (916) 341-5251SWRCB Legislative Director
 Eggers, Tomas (916) 327-8039SWRCB Staff
 Ehe, Robert (213) 576-6740Water/R4 Staff
 Eid, Patty (916) 341-5724SWRCB Staff
 Ekdahl, Erik (916) 341-5316SWRCB Deputy Director
 Elankovan, Saranya (916) 464-4742Water/R5 Staff
 Elder, Bryan (916) 327-8363SWRCB Supervisor
 Eley, Don (805) 542-4626Water/R3 Staff
 Elias, David (510) 622-2509Water/R2 Supervisor
 Elkins, John (916) 327-2031SWRCB Supervisor
 Elliott, Amanda (916) 341-5108SWRCB Staff
 Elliott, Brittany (916) 464-4612Water/R5 Staff
 Elliott, Keith (951) 782-4925Water/R8 Staff
 Ellis, Daniel (916) 322-7787SWRCB Staff
 Ellison, Kailyn (916) 445-9557SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Ellison, Marcus (559) 445-5565Water/R5 Staff
 Ely, Charlotte (916) 319-8564SWRCB Specialist
 Emanuel, Kenneth (916) 341-5317SWRCB Staff
 Emmerson, Mark (916) 445-6190SWRCB Staff
 Emond, Joe (916) 322-9599SWRCB Staff
 Ennis, Reanna (916) 323-0889SWRCB Staff
 Epp, Jennifer (805) 594-6181Water/R3 Supervisor
 Era, Marites (916) 341-5014SWRCB Staff
 Erekat, Omar (559) 488-4382Water/R5 Staff
 Ersen, Alicia (916) 341-5031SWRCB Staff
 Ertas, Tuba (619) 525-4493SWRCB Staff
 Escobar, Joseph (916) 445-5124SWRCB Supervisor
 Espinoza, Alejandra (916) 464-3291Water/R5 Staff
 Esquivel, E. Joaquin (916) 341-5603SWRCB Board Chair
 Esquivel, Elizabeth (818) 551-2988SWRCB Staff
 Essary, Dale (559) 445-5093Water/R5 Supervisor
 Estasy, Elia (661) 335-7322SWRCB Staff
 Etebari, Behrooz (916) 322-0183SWRCB Staff
 Evans, Leanne (916) 341-5058SWRCB Branch Chief
 Evpak, Jennifer (916) 341-5033SWRCB Staff

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