Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 C'Dealva-Lenik, Jordan Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Cabangon, Nancy (916) 322-0586DTSC Staff
 Calvert, Kathleen (916) 324-2958DTSC Staff
 Calvillo-Cain, Adam (916) 323-3395DTSC Staff
 Camarillo, Jesse (916) 445-5720DTSC Staff
 Campbell, Alice (818) 717-6623DTSC Staff
 Campos, Cesar (323) 803-2520DTSC Staff
 Campos, Rocio (510) 540-2628DTSC Not Available
 Cano, Andy (818) 717-6620DTSC Staff
 Cao, Jiong (510) 540-3633DTSC Staff
 Cao, Shirley (510) 540-3941DTSC Contract Personnel
 Carberry, Ann (916) 255-3644DTSC Not Available
 Cardenas, Lazaro (916) 323-8749DTSC Not Available
 Carder, Nancy (818) 717-6654DTSC Staff
 Cardona, Nancy (323) 803-2503DTSC Staff
 Carichoff, Kristi (916) 323-4915DTSC Not Available
 Carleson, Premila (916) 445-9529DTSC Not Available
 Carley, Amanda (714) 484-5378DTSC Staff
 Carpenter, Paul (916) 255-3691DTSC Staff
 Carr, Nicole (916) 322-1515DTSC Staff
 Carrera, Fatima (818) 717-6545DTSC Not Available
 Carruthers, Kathryn (916) 327-4031DTSC Staff
 Carvalho, Moises (510) 540-3757DTSC Staff
 Castillo, Glenn (818) 717-6522DTSC Staff
 Castor, Katherine (626) 304-2692DTSC Not Available
 Castro-Valenzuela, Susan (818) 717-6691DTSC Not Available
 Cayabyab, Ruth (916) 255-3601DTSC Staff
 Cazares, Mario A. (714) 484-5431DTSC Staff
 Chain-Britton, Cindy (916) 255-3851DTSC Staff
 Chakrabarti, Manjulika (714) 484-5345DTSC Staff
 Chamberlain, Jordan (916) 322-0245DTSC Contract Personnel
 Chandler, Philip (818) 717-6608DTSC Supervisor
 Chang, Andrew Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Chang, Nicholas (510) 540-3851DTSC Not Available
 Chang, Ning-Wu (714) 484-5485DTSC Staff
 Chanthavong, Mary (916) 327-4373DTSC Contract Personnel
 Chau, Chhing (916) 322-8669DTSC Not Available
 Chauvel, Timothy (714) 484-5487DTSC Staff
 Chavez, Sergio (559) 297-3908DTSC Staff
 Chavez, Tiffany (916) 255-3623DTSC Staff
 Chen, Gwen (916) 324-5898DTSC Staff
 Chen, Jianping (916) 327-6110DTSC Staff
 Chen, Yishi (510) 540-3613DTSC Not Available
 Chenoweth-Brown, Valerie (916) 255-3784DTSC Staff
 Chesney, Triss (714) 484-5447DTSC Staff
 Cheung, Wai-Fung (510) 540-3260DTSC Contract Personnel
 Chiang, Anthony (510) 540-3770DTSC Student
 Childs, John (916) 255-6530DTSC Staff
 Chiu, Christine (714) 484-5340DTSC Staff
 Cho, Chris (916) 322-4060DTSC Not Available
 Chodoroff, Eric (510) 540-3777DTSC Staff
 Choe, Michael (916) 322-5308DTSC Staff
 Chong, H.W. Priscillia (916) 255-6537DTSC Staff
 Christmann, Craig (818) 717-6624DTSC Supervisor
 Christoffersen, Darcy (916) 323-0245DTSC Not Available
 Chui, Henry (510) 540-3759DTSC Staff
 Chung, Karyn (916) 255-3837DTSC Staff
 Chung-Huynh, Elizabeth (510) 540-3842DTSC Staff
 Cisneros, Melissa (916) 322-3913DTSC Staff
 Clark, Dylan (916) 255-3731DTSC Staff
 Clark, Jerry (916) 324-3094DTSC Manager
 Cleaves, Roger (916) 322-1210DTSC Staff
 Clow, Larita (916) 324-3159DTSC Student
 Coe, Sam (916) 255-3587DTSC Staff
 Colburn, Ross (916) 322-4802DTSC Not Available
 Collada, Andrew (916) 327-1192DTSC Not Available
 Colon, Michelle Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Commandatore, Katherina (916) 324-3102DTSC Staff
 Connor, Jennifer (916) 327-7587DTSC Staff
 Conti, Gloria (714) 484-5400DTSC Staff
 Cooke, Pete (818) 717-6555DTSC Staff
 Cope, Grant (916) 324-0845DTSC Not Available
 Cope, Roselyn (916) 322-4661DTSC Staff
 Cordero, Antonette (818) 885-3307DTSC Not Available
 Cordero, Daniel (714) 484-5428DTSC Staff
 Cordova, Jon (916) 324-7193DTSC Staff
 Corpuz, Rosilyn (916) 255-3899DTSC Staff
 Corry, Virginia (916) 327-4486DTSC Staff
 Cortez, Patricia (818) 717-6664DTSC Staff
 Costa, Evan (916) 327-6107DTSC Staff
 Cotton, Merrian (916) 322-8676DTSC Staff
 Cox, Shawn (916) 322-7527DTSC Not Available
 Coyle, Andy Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Crick, Tim (916) 255-6405DTSC Staff
 Crispo Smith, Sabrina (510) 540-2019DTSC Staff
 Cross, Jay (916) 322-2861DTSC Staff
 Crozier, Carrie Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Cruz, Karen (626) 639-0507DTSC Staff
 Cruz, Kyra Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Culbert, Julianne R. (916) 327-0979DTSC Staff
 Cully, Joseph (714) 484-5473DTSC Staff
 Cummings, Matthew (916) 324-3094DTSC Not Available

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