Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Cabal, Rosalie (626) 459-4367ARB Staff
 Cabanayan, Ronnie (916) 323-0322ARB Staff
 Cabrera, Ramon (626) 450-6177ARB Staff
 Caesar, Karen A. (626) 575-6728ARB Staff
 Cai, Chenxia (626) 459-4307ARB Manager
 Calavita, Joe (916) 445-4586ARB Supervisor
 Caldwell, Kathryn (916) 445-7578ARB Staff
 Cam, Hau (916) 322-7202ARB Staff
 Camp, Carl (209) 576-6253ARB Staff
 Campbell, Cole (916) 229-0326ARB Volunteer
 Campbell, Skip (916) 322-6201ARB Manager
 Campos, Carina (916) 324-8641ARB Staff
 Campos-Manzo, Juan Not AvailableARB Student Assistant E A
 Canepa, Kathryn (916) 324-0202ARB Staff
 Cao, Hui (626) 459-4399ARB Staff
 Cao, Jim (916) 322-7078ARB Staff
 Capistrano, Mel (626) 350-6568ARB Staff
 Carlson, Carol M. (916) 229-0591ARB Staff
 Carmichael, Lynsay (916) 327-5784ARB Staff
 Carnes, Derek (916) 322-2466ARB Staff
 Carnes, Renee (916) 445-3366ARB Staff
 Carr, Laura (916) 324-5931ARB Staff
 Carranza, Richard (626) 450-6111ARB Staff
 Carrari, Louis (916) 327-5626ARB Staff
 Carrier, Ben (916) 327-5986ARB Staff
 Carrillo, Cesario (626) 575-6881ARB Staff
 Carrillo, Johann (916) 323-2966ARB Staff
 Carroux, Courtney Not AvailableARB Staff
 Carstensen, Mary Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Carter, Michael (626) 575-6632ARB Asst. Division Chief
 Carter, Sarah (626) 575-6845ARB Staff
 Casarubbia, Milan (916) 322-3870ARB Staff
 Cashkouli, Shahbanou (916) 324-9238ARB Staff
 Casias, Lori (916) 322-7299ARB Retired Annuitant
 Castaneda, Hector (916) 324-0367ARB Staff
 Castaneda, Natalie (626) 459-4368ARB Staff
 Castellano, Katrina (916) 324-8026ARB Staff
 Castillo, Ivan (626) 000-0000ARB Staff
 Catalogo, Marie-Tess (626) 350-6576ARB Staff
 Cattanach, David (916) 327-2565ARB Staff
 Cayabyab, Adrian (916) 327-1515ARB Staff
 Cayabyab, Kirsten (916) 322-3531ARB Staff
 Cecere, Ian (916) 445-5515ARB Staff
 Cedillo, Linda (916) 229-0320ARB Staff
 Cervantes, Alejandra (916) 327-5790ARB Staff
 Chaffin, Sharlene (916) 327-9871ARB Staff
 Chaney, Aldo (626) 350-6577ARB Staff
 Chang, Cliff (626) 450-6145ARB Staff
 Chang, Edie (916) 322-2890ARB Deputy Executive Officer
 Chang, Hung-Li (626) 575-6683ARB Staff
 Chang, Ming Chin (626) 459-4421ARB Manager
 Chang, Wonyong (626) 575-7005ARB Staff
 Chapman, Joseph (916) 322-6048ARB Staff
 Chastain, Stephen (916) 440-8269ARB Staff
 Chau, Daniel (916) 323-9968ARB Staff
 Chau, Wilson (626) 459-4317ARB Staff
 Chavez, Beth (626) 575-6806ARB Staff
 Chavez, Javier (626) 350-6413ARB Staff
 Cheadle, Lucy (916) 323-1513ARB Staff
 Chelini, Denise (916) 322-8842ARB Staff
 Chen, Belinda (916) 323-6068ARB Staff
 Chen, David (626) 350-6579ARB Manager
 Chen, Jianjun (916) 327-2929ARB Staff
 Chen, Jick (626) 575-6794ARB Staff
 Chen, Joseph (626) 575-6852ARB Staff
 Chen, Lin (916) 445-1177ARB Staff
 Chen, Patrick (626) 350-6520ARB Staff
 Chen, Rui (916) 322-4337ARB Staff
 Chen, Shiyan (626) 350-6529ARB Manager
 Chen, Sue (916) 323-1119ARB Staff
 Chen, William (916) 323-0160ARB Staff
 Chen, Yanju (916) 327-8693ARB Staff
 Chen, Yeajer (626) 459-4351ARB Staff
 Cheng, Paul (916) 445-6243ARB Staff
 Cheng, Robin (916) 440-8226ARB Student Assistant E A
 Chernich, Donald (916) 229-0366ARB Manager
 Chester, Robert (916) 324-8893ARB Staff
 Cheung, Henry (626) 575-6673ARB Staff
 Cheung, Ka (916) 229-0955ARB Staff
 Cheung, Yuk (916) 322-6083ARB Staff
 Chew, Lauren (916) 445-0617ARB Staff
 Chiladakis, Lisa (916) 327-2932ARB Staff
 Chintamaneni, Ravi Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Chiu, Adriane (626) 350-6453ARB Staff
 Choi, Heather Yvette (916) 322-3893ARB Staff
 Chou, Chia-Yang (626) 450-6136ARB Manager
 Chow, Alan (626) 575-6703ARB Staff
 Chow, Yachun (916) 322-7450ARB Manager
 Chowdhury, Hafizur (916) 322-2275ARB Staff
 Chrakyan, Avedis (626) 575-6813ARB Staff
 Christen, Matthew (916) 445-6426ARB Staff
 Christensen, Peter (916) 322-1520ARB Manager
 Chung, Susie (916) 327-0647ARB Staff
 Chuong, Derek (626) 575-6852ARB Staff
 Ciccarelli, Luz Amanda (916) 229-0523ARB Staff
 Cicero-Fernandez, Pablo (626) 350-6478ARB Staff
 Clawson, Candace (916) 322-6021ARB Staff
 Clayton, Keith Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Clegern, David (916) 322-8286ARB Staff
 Clementi, Christopher (916) 323-5123ARB Staff
 Clerico, Brian (916) 229-0349ARB Staff
 Cleveland, Megan (916) 324-4006ARB Staff
 Cliff, Steven (916) 322-2892ARB Deputy Executive Officer
 Clough, Brian (661) 334-3991ARB Staff
 Coad, Renee (916) 327-5982ARB Staff
 Cobb, Ling Not AvailableARB Staff
 Cobley, LaShaye (916) 324-2986ARB Student
 Cocke, John (916) 322-2662ARB Staff
 Cohan, Judson (626) 575-6792ARB Staff
 Colcord, Mae (626) 459-4338ARB Staff
 Cole, Bradley (916) 322-8959ARB Staff
 Coleman, Erica (916) 324-8167ARB Staff
 Collier, Sonya (916) 323-1533ARB Staff
 Collins, Brian (916) 322-7231ARB Staff
 Condoll, Dione (916) 323-2926ARB Supervisor
 Connors, Rachel (916) 322-3935ARB Supervisor
 Cook, Brian (916) 322-4299ARB Staff
 Cooke, Thomas (916) 323-4658ARB Staff
 Coombs, Mary Jane (916) 322-7554ARB Branch Chief
 Cooper, Amy (916) 324-3335ARB Supervisor
 Cooper, Ashley (916) 322-7053ARB Staff
 Cooper, Julie (916) 323-0018ARB Staff
 Cordero, Manuel (626) 459-4411ARB Staff
 Corey, Richard (916) 322-7077ARB Executive Officer
 Coronado, Jeffery (916) 322-8939ARB Staff
 Cotton, Dalia (916) 322-7305ARB Staff
 Coulombe, Barbara (916) 322-1221ARB Staff
 Covi, Brian (916) 445-4379ARB Staff
 Craig, Kelsey (916) 440-8291ARB Staff
 Cristodore, John (916) 322-6045ARB Staff
 Cronan, Johnathan (916) 323-4944ARB Staff
 Cross, Jeff (626) 450-6226ARB Student
 Crow, Jason (916) 323-7525ARB Staff
 Cruz, Joseph (916) 322-0243ARB Staff
 Cruz, Manuel (626) 575-6880ARB Staff
 Cruz, Mario (916) 319-0125ARB Branch Chief
 Csondes, Angela (916) 323-4882ARB Supervisor
 Cucu, Mihail (916) 327-5608ARB Staff
 Cuevas, Cesar (916) 445-8286ARB Staff
 Cui, Yuyan (916) 323-2999ARB Staff
 Cunkelman, David (916) 323-1168ARB Staff
 Cunningham, Joshua (916) 322-8261ARB Branch Chief
 Cunningham, Nicole (916) 322-5842ARB Staff
 Curtis, Adam (916) 229-0970ARB Staff
 Cutts, Stephen (916) 323-1603ARB Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards