Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Sabrina Crispo Smith (510) 540-2019DTSC Staff
 Sabrina Escobar (916) 323-8325DTSC Staff
 Sabrina Gruner Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Sabrina Ramirez (916) 255-3799DTSC Not Available
 Sabrina Smith (510) 540-2019DTSC Not Available
 Safouh Sayed (714) 484-5478DTSC Staff
 Sagar Bhatt (510) 540-3844DTSC Staff
 Sallymog Lee (916) 323-3547DTSC Staff
 Salvin Verma (916) 324-1779DTSC Staff
 Sam Coe (916) 255-3587DTSC Staff
 Sam V. Martinez (916) 322-6920DTSC Staff
 Samantha Lawler (916) 324-0092DTSC Staff
 Samuel Badillo Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Sandra Kachadoorian (559) 297-3903DTSC Staff
 Sandra Karinen (916) 323-9617DTSC Not Available
 Sandra Poindexter (916) 324-5782DTSC Chief
 Sanford Nax (916) 416-4309DTSC Staff
 Sara Michael (714) 816-1983DTSC Staff
 Sara Murillo (916) 322-6756DTSC Not Available
 Sara A. Vela (818) 717-6618DTSC Staff
 Sarah Berry (916) 255-6630DTSC Staff
 Sarah Freihon Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Sarah Nguyen (916) 324-3115DTSC Not Available
 Sarojini Balachandra (916) 255-3613DTSC Staff
 Sayaka Takaku-Pugh (510) 540-3605DTSC Staff
 Scott Giatpaiboon (626) 639-0286DTSC Not Available
 Scott Howard Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Scott Ward (916) 255-3581DTSC Staff
 Scott Warren (714) 484-5462DTSC Staff
 Sehrish Khan Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Sergio Chavez (559) 297-3908DTSC Staff
 Sergio Gutierrez (916) 322-1620DTSC Staff
 Sevana Ambarchyan (818) 717-6506DTSC Staff
 Shahid Mahmood (916) 255-3592DTSC Staff
 Shahir Haddad (714) 484-5368DTSC Staff
 Shannon Foss (916) 324-8295DTSC Not Available
 Shannon Garrett (916) 255-3631DTSC Staff
 Shannon White (916) 327-4039DTSC Not Available
 Sharon Nicholson (916) 445-9544DTSC Not Available
 Shawn Browning (916) 255-3742DTSC Not Available
 Shawn Cox (916) 322-7527DTSC Not Available
 Sheetal Sharma (916) 324-6545DTSC Not Available
 Sheri Kloth-Blecha Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Sheri Rutter (916) 255-3556DTSC Staff
 Shilpa Jain (916) 322-1313DTSC Staff
 Shirley Cao (510) 540-3941DTSC Contract Personnel
 Shukla Roy-Semmen (714) 484-5448DTSC Staff
 Silvia Gonzalez (714) 484-5310DTSC Contract Personnel
 Simona Balan (510) 540-3888DTSC Not Available
 Simranpreet Supra Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Sina Kahsai (916) 327-1199DTSC Not Available
 Sina Vaghefi Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Songmei Gao (510) 540-3941DTSC Not Available
 Sonia Feldstein (510) 540-3916DTSC Staff
 Sonia N. Wills (916) 823-6137DTSC Staff
 Souvanny Daranykone (916) 327-9252DTSC Not Available
 Sowmya Venkatasubramanian (323) 803-2504DTSC Staff
 Spencer Mendez Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Stacey Lear (714) 484-5354DTSC Staff
 Stacie Kenner (916) 255-3624DTSC Staff
 Stacy M. Weckesser Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Stephanie Lewis (818) 717-6616DTSC Staff
 Stephanie A. Miura (916) 255-3730DTSC Staff
 Stephen McArdle (818) 717-6564DTSC Staff
 Stephen Niou (714) 484-5458DTSC Staff
 Stephen Pay (916) 255-6403DTSC Staff
 Stephen Sterling (916) 255-3739DTSC Supervisor
 Steve Brand (818) 717-6655DTSC Not Available
 Steve Ross (916) 255-3694DTSC Staff
 Steve Touchi (916) 255-6551DTSC Staff
 Steven Becker (916) 255-3586DTSC Supervisor
 Steven Friesen (559) 297-3934DTSC Staff
 Steven Gailey (760) 339-2771DTSC Staff
 Steven Quiroz Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Steven Rounds (818) 717-6602DTSC Staff
 Steven S. Hariri (714) 484-5332DTSC Staff
 Stevie Asao (818) 717-6532DTSC Staff
 Stewart Black (916) 324-3148DTSC Deputy Director
 SueEllen Hoover (916) 324-3131DTSC Staff
 Suhasini Patel (916) 255-6600DTSC Not Available
 Susan Castro-Valenzuela (818) 717-6691DTSC Not Available
 Susan Houghton (510) 540-3919DTSC Staff
 Susan Ma (916) 445-2124DTSC Not Available
 Susanna Tator (916) 255-3574DTSC Not Available
 Susie Flowers-Williams (916) 255-3687DTSC Staff
 Suzanne Blihovde (916) 324-5192DTSC Staff
 Suzanne Davis (916) 327-4206DTSC Not Available
 Suzanne Uppinghouse (916) 323-4937DTSC Not Available
 Swai Bruce Ratsamythong (916) 323-3511DTSC Not Available
 Sylvia Fowler (916) 255-6405DTSC Not Available

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