Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Sabina Wiley (916) 322-2384ARB Staff
 Sahayarani Jessudass Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Saif Ali (916) 322-6731ARB Staff
 Sailesh Pallapothu Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Salvador Alatorre (626) 350-6566ARB Staff
 Sam Gregor (916) 323-0005ARB Manager
 Sam Lerman (916) 322-3123ARB Staff
 Sam Pournazeri (916) 322-2022ARB Branch Manager
 Samantha Aguila (916) 229-0868ARB Staff
 Samantha Felt (916) 229-0970ARB Staff
 Samantha Scola (916) 322-0220ARB Staff
 Samar Lichtenstein (916) 440-8274ARB Staff
 Samir Rahbari (916) 322-4620ARB Staff
 Samir Sleiman (916) 327-2965ARB Staff
 Samuel Bailey (916) 440-8218ARB Staff
 Samuel DaMassa (916) 327-1006ARB Staff
 Samuel Vogt (916) 322-8922ARB Staff
 Sandhya Mattipalli (916) 440-8253ARB Staff
 Sara Dastoum (916) 323-1696ARB Staff
 Sara Forestieri (916) 323-6627ARB Staff
 Sara Gutierrez (916) 229-0950ARB Staff
 Sara Martinez (916) 229-0874ARB Staff
 Sara Tamber (916) 229-0379ARB Staff
 Sarah Carter (626) 575-6845ARB Staff
 Sarah Le (916) 229-0970ARB Staff
 Sarah Penfield (916) 324-8182ARB Staff
 Sarah Pittiglio (916) 324-0627ARB Staff
 Sarah Szepesi (916) 327-1256ARB Staff
 Sarika Kulkarni (916) 324-0594ARB Staff
 Sarrah Sherer (916) 322-1282ARB Staff
 Satapana Buthken (916) 229-0337ARB Staff
 Satia Ahmed (916) 440-8272ARB Staff
 Satya Sardar (916) 323-1520ARB Manager
 Sau Xu (916) 445-3606ARB Staff
 Saul Ortega (626) 575-6854ARB Staff
 Scott Bacon (916) 322-8949ARB Supervisor
 Scott Boyd Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Scott King (916) 322-2832ARB Staff
 Scott Monday (916) 445-9319ARB Staff
 Scott Oblizalo (916) 323-2803ARB Staff
 Scott Rowland (626) 350-6518ARB Branch Chief
 Scott Scheller (559) 228-0854ARB Staff
 Scott Underhill (626) 350-6409ARB Staff
 Sean May (916) 324-0668ARB Staff
 Sean Pinnell (916) 323-1527ARB Staff
 Sen Kitazumi (626) 439-4350ARB Staff
 Seng Thor (916) 322-8209ARB Staff
 Seong Kim (626) 450-6164ARB Staff
 Serge Stasik (916) 229-0965ARB Staff
 Seth Yund (916) 327-7211ARB Staff
 Seung Yang (626) 450-6284ARB Staff
 Seungju Yoon (916) 324-5606ARB Manager
 Seyedehsan Hosseini (626) 459-4318ARB Staff
 Seyedmorteza Amini (916) 323-2537ARB Staff
 Seyyed Davari (916) 440-8207ARB Staff
 Sha-Juana Proctor (916) 322-6134ARB Staff
 Shabnam Dilmaghani (626) 575-6752ARB Staff
 Shahbanou Cashkouli (916) 324-9238ARB Staff
 Shaheena Soroya (916) 324-5289ARB Manager
 Shailendra Pratab (916) 229-0403ARB Staff
 Shang Liu (916) 440-8237ARB Staff
 Shannon Dilley (916) 322-3940ARB Counsel
 Shannon Downey (916) 322-3303ARB Staff
 Shannon Hatcher (916) 322-9453ARB Staff
 Shannon Stewart (916) 322-5840ARB Administrative Assistant
 Shannon Turner (916) 322-8154ARB Staff
 Shaohua Hu (916) 229-0911ARB Staff
 Sharlene Chaffin (916) 327-9871ARB Staff
 Sharon Flores (916) 323-2238ARB Staff
 Sharon Lemieux (626) 575-7067ARB Branch Chief
 Shawn Daley (626) 575-6972ARB Manager
 Shelby Livingston (916) 324-0666ARB Staff
 Shelly Sabate (626) 450-6144ARB Staff
 Shengping Qin (916) 322-1722ARB Staff
 Sherrie Sala-Moore (916) 322-0343ARB Staff
 Sherry Bercu (916) 229-0343ARB Staff
 Sherwine Abellana (916) 327-8220ARB Staff
 Shih-Hao(James) Pang (626) 450-6127ARB Staff
 Shiou-Mei Huang (626) 575-6875ARB Staff
 Shirin Barfjani (916) 445-6017ARB Staff
 Shishan Hu (626) 450-6105ARB Staff
 Shiuh-Lin Lee (916) 324-3974ARB Supervisor
 Shiyan Chen (626) 350-6529ARB Manager
 Shobna Sahni (626) 450-6104ARB Manager
 Shuming Du (916) 327-5768ARB Staff
 Shyam Gumudavelly Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Siamak Asnaashari (916) 322-4748ARB Staff
 Sidd Futaba (626) 459-4386ARB Staff
 Sidney Bennett (916) 324-1149ARB Staff
 Sidney Lau (916) 229-0396ARB Staff
 Sierra Dawson (916) 322-0428ARB Staff
 Sifti Duhra-Gill (916) 445-8811ARB Staff
 Sifti Gill (916) 445-8811ARB Staff
 Silvia Tunnell (916) 440-8255ARB Staff
 Simeon Haynes (626) 350-6418ARB Staff
 Sinan Yatkin (916) 440-8251ARB Staff
 Sindhuja Ranganathan (626) 450-6277ARB Staff
 Skip Campbell (916) 322-6201ARB Manager
 Skott Wall (916) 323-0787ARB Staff
 Smadar Levy (916) 324-0230ARB Staff
 Son Manh (916) 440-8229ARB Staff
 Sondra Sala (916) 323-2738ARB Staff
 Sonya Collier (916) 323-1533ARB Staff
 Sophia Mahmood (626) 350-6435ARB Staff
 Sophia Munoz (916) 440-8211ARB Manager
 Sophia S. Salim (916) 327-1507ARB Staff
 Sree Gaddam Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Sreerangam Goddam Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Staci Bates (916) 322-1166ARB Staff
 Stacy Gray (916) 323-2765ARB Staff
 Stan Ketchum Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Stanley Armstrong (916) 440-8242ARB Staff
 Stanley Young (916) 322-1309ARB Director
 Stella Ling-Taylor (916) 322-6369ARB Staff
 Stephan Lemieux (626) 450-6162ARB Manager
 Stephanie Huber (916) 323-2664ARB Manager
 Stephanie Kato (916) 324-1840ARB Staff
 Stephanie Maalouf (626) 350-6534ARB Staff
 Stephanie Murillo (626) 575-6858ARB Staff
 Stephanie Palmer (916) 322-7620ARB Staff
 Stephanie Parent (916) 324-0551ARB Staff
 Stephanie Seymour (916) 324-1278ARB Staff
 Stephen Berdahl (626) 350-6581ARB Staff
 Stephen Binning (916) 229-0542ARB Staff
 Stephen Boggs Not AvailableARB Student
 Stephen Chastain (916) 440-8269ARB Staff
 Stephen Cutts (916) 323-1603ARB Staff
 Stephen D' Esterhazy (916) 323-7227ARB Staff
 Stephen Shelby (916) 327-8228ARB Staff
 Stephen Zelinka (916) 445-2199ARB Staff
 Stephen (Dan) Weller (916) 327-0481ARB Staff
 Steve Adams Not AvailableARB Retired Annuitant
 Steve Aston (916) 327-4724ARB Staff
 Steve Brisby (916) 229-0757ARB Branch Chief
 Steve Grogan (916) 323-8482ARB Division Chief
 Steve Otten (916) 322-4761ARB Staff
 Steve Rimar (916) 440-8233ARB Contract Personnel
 Steve Trumbly (916) 322-2297ARB Staff
 Steven Cliff (916) 322-2892ARB Deputy Executive Officer
 Steven Dang (626) 575-6607ARB Manager
 Steven Hada (626) 575-6641ARB Staff
 Steven Kuns (916) 323-1050ARB Staff
 Steven Magbuhat (626) 450-6142ARB Staff
 Steven Mara (916) 323-3920ARB Staff
 Steven Theantanoo (626) 575-6992ARB Staff
 Steven Toft (916) 322-6154ARB Staff
 Steven Yee (916) 327-5635ARB Staff
 Subhasis Biswas (626) 575-6622ARB Staff
 Sudesh Silva (626) 575-6852ARB Staff
 Sue Chen (916) 323-1119ARB Staff
 Sue Dalrymple (916) 445-0071ARB Staff
 Suiyun (Sherry) Zhang (626) 350-6400ARB Manager
 Sumeet Bali (916) 322-3486ARB Staff
 Sumera Kandhro (916) 229-0394ARB Staff
 Sunghoon Yoon (916) 323-8543ARB Staff
 Supriya Francis (916) 323-6501ARB Staff
 Surend Singh (916) 445-8813ARB Staff
 Susan O'Connor (626) 575-7050ARB Staff
 Susan Rath (626) 575-7099ARB Staff
 Susan Reed (626) 575-6847ARB Staff
 Susie Chung (916) 327-0647ARB Staff
 Suzanne Hague Not AvailableARB Staff
 Svetlana Bazyura (916) 322-3773ARB Staff
 Svetlana Espinosa (626) 575-7006ARB Staff
 Swetha Dhanagari (916) 324-1766ARB Contract Personnel
 Syd Partridge (916) 445-4292ARB Supervisor
 Sydney Masuda (916) 323-4916ARB Staff
 Sydney Vergis (916) 322-3851ARB Asst. Division Chief
 Sylvia Vanderspek (916) 324-7163ARB Branch Manager

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards