Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Rachel Pungan (916) 445-5546DTSC Staff
 Rafat Abbasi (714) 484-5449DTSC Staff
 Rafiq Ahmed (714) 484-5491DTSC Not Available
 Rameen Saeed (916) 445-4413DTSC Contract Personnel
 Ramesh Vasu Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Rameshwor Kaphle (818) 717-6699DTSC Not Available
 Raminder Bola (916) 255-3644DTSC Not Available
 Rana Georges (714) 484-5320DTSC Staff
 Randall Bleichner (916) 255-3704DTSC Staff
 Randall Taylor (916) 324-5772DTSC Staff
 Randi Jorgensen (818) 717-6572DTSC Supervisor
 Randy Snapp (916) 255-3711DTSC Not Available
 Rania Zabaneh (714) 484-5479DTSC Staff
 Ranjit Gill (510) 540-3499DTSC Staff
 Rao Akula (818) 717-6684DTSC Staff
 Raquel Fimbres (760) 336-8917DTSC Not Available
 Ravinderjeet S. Gill (916) 255-3626DTSC Staff
 Ray Judson Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Raymond Grutzmacher (818) 717-6621DTSC Staff
 Razel Trigilio (818) 717-6669DTSC Staff
 Rebecca De Pont (916) 255-3638DTSC Staff
 Rebecca Gray (916) 255-3546DTSC Staff
 Rebecca Trapp (916) 327-8720DTSC Staff
 Regina Rubio (714) 484-5307DTSC Not Available
 Reina Lopez (510) 540-3799DTSC Not Available
 Relly Briones (916) 323-3388DTSC Not Available
 Renato Medrano, Jr. (510) 540-3947DTSC Staff
 Renee Derobertis (916) 323-9560DTSC Staff
 Renee Elsberry (916) 322-3811DTSC Staff
 Renee Richardson (916) 322-4882DTSC Not Available
 Renee Roberts (916) 324-8192DTSC Not Available
 Renu Singh (916) 324-9822DTSC Not Available
 Ricardo Gonzales (818) 717-6693DTSC Staff
 Ricardo Rivera (916) 327-4061DTSC Not Available
 Richard Allen (818) 717-6607DTSC Staff
 Richard Driscoll (916) 323-2942DTSC Staff
 Richard Flores (916) 324-3165DTSC Staff
 Richard Hubbell (714) 816-1979DTSC Staff
 Richard Hume (916) 255-6450DTSC Supervisor
 Richard Stultz (818) 717-6519DTSC Not Available
 Rick Brausch (916) 327-1186DTSC Not Available
 Rick Donaldson (916) 324-8579DTSC Staff
 Rick Jones (818) 717-6675DTSC Staff
 Rick Robison (510) 540-3859DTSC Supervisor
 Rissa Zaragoza-ito (916) 255-3570DTSC Staff
 Rita Hypnarowski (916) 255-3699DTSC Staff
 Rizgar Ghazi (916) 323-3847DTSC Not Available
 Robert Boggs Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Robert Bonnevier Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Robert Brushia (916) 324-0805DTSC Staff
 Robert Easley (510) 540-3891DTSC Staff
 Robert Hardison II (818) 717-6521DTSC Staff
 Robert Irving (916) 255-3988DTSC Staff
 Robert Krug (760) 336-8919DTSC Staff
 Robert Lira (714) 816-1987DTSC Staff
 Robert Ramage (510) 540-3468DTSC Not Available
 Robert Romero (714) 484-5316DTSC Staff
 Robert Ross (916) 255-3715DTSC Staff
 Robert Senga (714) 484-5436DTSC Staff
 Robert Sullivan (916) 323-8127DTSC Not Available
 Robin Frank (714) 484-5409DTSC Staff
 Robin McGinnis (916) 322-4890DTSC Staff
 Rocio Campos (510) 540-2628DTSC Not Available
 Roger Cleaves (916) 322-1210DTSC Staff
 Roger Kintz (818) 717-6617DTSC Staff
 Roger Paulson (916) 255-6663DTSC Staff
 Roger Vintze (760) 339-2777DTSC Staff
 Roman Racca (916) 255-6407DTSC Staff
 Ronald Prasad (916) 323-8809DTSC Not Available
 Rosa Boyer (916) 255-3662DTSC Staff
 Roselyn Cope (916) 322-4661DTSC Staff
 Roshni Sarala (510) 540-3608DTSC Staff
 Rosilyn Corpuz (916) 255-3899DTSC Staff
 Ross Colburn (916) 322-4802DTSC Not Available
 Roy Yeaman (818) 717-6677DTSC Staff
 Ru Hogan (916) 323-6558DTSC Not Available
 Russ Edmondson (916) 323-3372DTSC Staff
 Ruth Cayabyab (916) 255-3601DTSC Staff
 Ruth Saroian (916) 255-6449DTSC Not Available
 Ruth Williams-Morehead (818) 717-6578DTSC Staff
 Ryan Batty (916) 255-3644DTSC Staff
 Ryan Dominguez (916) 255-3796DTSC Staff
 Ryan Kinsella (818) 717-6590DTSC Staff
 Ryan Mitchum (559) 297-3958DTSC Staff
 Ryan Miya (510) 540-3775DTSC Staff
 Ryan Robinson (916) 324-3159DTSC Staff
 Ryan Tornai (510) 540-2735DTSC Not Available
 Ryan D. Ahrling (510) 540-3817DTSC Staff

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