Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Rachel Connors (916) 322-3935ARB Supervisor
 Rachel Gold (916) 327-1517ARB Staff
 Rachel Golston (916) 323-0857ARB Staff
 Rachel Kirlis (916) 327-6181ARB Staff
 Radhika Majhail (916) 322-6922ARB Manager
 Raed Mahdi (916) 322-8917ARB Staff
 Raiford Hann (916) 323-7560ARB Staff
 Rajeev Aggarwal (916) 327-8543ARB Contract Personnel
 Rajinder Sahota (916) 323-8503ARB Division Chief
 Rajmir Rai (916) 327-5614ARB Staff
 Rajvir Nijjar (916) 322-0885ARB Staff
 Raksha Singh (916) 327-0005ARB Staff
 Ralph Rodas (626) 459-4457ARB Staff
 Ramesh Gadamsetty Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Ramon Cabrera (626) 450-6177ARB Staff
 Ramon Rangel Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Randall Ortiz (916) 322-3637ARB Staff
 Randy Opfer (916) 322-8049ARB Staff
 Randy Reck (916) 324-3013ARB Staff
 Randy Rhondeau (916) 229-0446ARB Staff
 Randy Warner (916) 324-9977ARB Staff
 Rania Heider (916) 327-5615ARB Staff
 Ranjit Bhullar (916) 322-0223ARB Manager
 Rapheal Booker (916) 327-0884ARB Staff
 Raquel Leon (916) 323-7046ARB Staff
 Raquel Solomon (916) 440-8219ARB Staff
 Ravi Ramalingam (916) 322-2085ARB Branch Manager
 Ray Narayan (916) 327-0631ARB Supervisor
 Raymond Hernandez (916) 322-8916ARB Staff
 Raymund Ding (916) 322-5439ARB Staff
 Rebecca Elizondo (916) 322-6964ARB Staff
 Rebecca Fancher (916) 324-1550ARB Staff
 Rebecca Geyer (916) 229-0438ARB Staff
 Rebecca Griffin (916) 322-2624ARB Staff
 Rebecca Holven (916) 445-9697ARB Staff
 Rebecca Icelow (916) 323-8711ARB Manager
 Rebecca Neumann (916) 324-1145ARB Staff
 Reddy Yatavelli (626) 575-6620ARB Staff
 Regina McDoniels (916) 229-0556ARB Staff
 Reginald Guanlao (916) 324-9653ARB Staff
 Reginald Smith (916) 327-1238ARB Manager
 Ren Wang Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Renato Pereira-Castillo (916) 323-1683ARB Staff
 Renee Carnes (916) 445-3366ARB Staff
 Renee Coad (916) 327-5982ARB Staff
 Renee Lawver (916) 322-7062ARB Supervisor
 Reza Lorestany (916) 324-5402ARB Staff
 Reza Mahdavi (916) 323-8704ARB Staff
 Rhead Enion (916) 322-2467ARB Staff
 Rhonda Runyon (626) 350-6551ARB Staff
 Richard Boyd (916) 322-8285ARB Branch Chief
 Richard Brookins (916) 324-1969ARB Staff
 Richard Carranza (626) 450-6111ARB Staff
 Richard Corey (916) 322-7077ARB Executive Officer
 Richard Do (626) 350-6406ARB Staff
 Richard Ling (626) 575-6898ARB Manager
 Richard Melnyk (626) 575-6955ARB Staff
 Richard Miller (916) 229-0962ARB Staff
 Richard Muradliyan (626) 575-6798ARB Staff
 Richard Ong (626) 350-6464ARB Staff
 Richard Uyehara (626) 450-6265ARB Staff
 Richard (Rick) Martin (916) 322-6047ARB Staff
 Richelle Bishop (916) 229-0753ARB Manager
 Richie Kaur (916) 323-1506ARB Staff
 Robbie Morris (916) 327-0006ARB Staff
 Robert Barrera (916) 324-9549ARB Staff
 Robert Chester (916) 324-8893ARB Staff
 Robert Gammariello (626) 450-6138ARB Branch Chief
 Robert Krieger (916) 323-1202ARB Supervisor
 Robert Penagos (916) 323-1346ARB Staff
 Robert Roots (916) 229-0392ARB Staff
 Robert Shields (626) 575-6750ARB Staff
 Robert Weller (916) 322-6158ARB Staff
 Roberta Ruch (916) 324-3333ARB Staff
 Robin Cheng (916) 440-8226ARB Student Assistant E A
 Robin Lang (626) 575-6827ARB Supervisor
 Robin Neese (916) 322-2896ARB Executive Assistant
 Robin Williams (916) 440-8205ARB Staff
 Roger Blake Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Roger (Hiu Fung Kwok (916) 323-8374ARB Staff
 Ron Barros (916) 322-1775ARB Staff
 Ron Ohta (916) 327-4723ARB Staff
 Ronald Haste (626) 575-6676ARB Manager
 Ronald Oineza (916) 229-0513ARB Staff
 Ronnie Cabanayan (916) 323-0322ARB Staff
 Ronnie Wong (626) 350-6405ARB Staff
 Rosalie Cabal (626) 459-4367ARB Staff
 Rosalva Lopez (916) 327-5978ARB Staff
 Ruby Jarvis (916) 229-0867ARB Staff
 Rui Chen (916) 322-4337ARB Staff
 Russell Furey (916) 327-8399ARB Staff
 Ruth Grange (626) 575-6858ARB Staff
 Ryan Atencio (626) 450-6109ARB Staff
 Ryan Hart (916) 323-2060ARB Staff
 Ryan Huft (916) 322-6710ARB Staff
 Ryan Knight-Reigns (916) 324-1438ARB Staff
 Ryan Moore (916) 323-2308ARB Staff
 Ryan Murano (916) 322-2383ARB Staff
 Ryan Sakazaki (916) 322-6070ARB Staff
 Ryan Schauland (916) 324-1847ARB Supervisor
 Ryan Thalken (916) 319-7102ARB Staff
 Ryman Simangan (916) 229-0395ARB Staff

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