Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Madiha Jamal (323) 803-2518DTSC Staff
 Mai Ngo (916) 255-6625DTSC Not Available
 Manjul Bose (818) 717-6560DTSC Staff
 Manjulika Chakrabarti (714) 484-5345DTSC Staff
 Manpreet Kaur (916) 324-1800DTSC Staff
 Manuel Lopez (818) 717-6572DTSC Staff
 Mara Bouvier (916) 322-5225DTSC Staff
 Marcia Rubin (818) 717-6565DTSC Not Available
 Marco Salas (916) 255-3762DTSC Not Available
 Marcus Simpson (916) 255-6683DTSC Staff
 Margaret Haesloop (916) 324-3149DTSC Staff
 Maria Durand (714) 484-5364DTSC Staff
 Maria Fabella (818) 717-6598DTSC Staff
 Maria Rios (714) 484-5328DTSC Staff
 Maria Salomon (916) 322-5919DTSC Not Available
 Maria Soria (510) 540-3891DTSC Supervisor
 Mariacecilia Rosario (916) 327-1077DTSC Staff
 Marie Buckman Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Marikka Hughes (510) 540-3926DTSC Not Available
 Marina Perez (818) 551-2875DTSC Staff
 Mario Vinoya (213) 482-9739DTSC Staff
 Mario A. Cazares (714) 484-5431DTSC Staff
 Marisa Johnson (916) 324-4841DTSC Staff
 Maritza Tapia (916) 255-3686DTSC Not Available
 Mark Edwards (916) 255-3743DTSC Not Available
 Mark Heilman (916) 324-5192DTSC Staff
 Mark Malinowski (916) 255-3717DTSC Supervisor
 Mark Piros (510) 540-3832DTSC Staff
 Mark Stomsvik (916) 255-3639DTSC Not Available
 Marlicia Jauregui (916) 322-3814DTSC Staff
 Marlyn Barragan (916) 255-3606DTSC Staff
 Marshall Gill Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Martha Gustavson (916) 324-0706DTSC Staff
 Martha Perez (916) 255-6672DTSC Not Available
 Martin Rodriguez (916) 327-4029DTSC Not Available
 Mary Chanthavong (916) 327-4373DTSC Contract Personnel
 Mary Gaspari (916) 255-6423DTSC Staff
 Mary Pecci (916) 324-7196DTSC Staff
 Mary Reyes (916) 322-5293DTSC Not Available
 Mary Torres (818) 717-6651DTSC Staff
 Mary Kay Valle (916) 322-0489DTSC Not Available
 Maryam Tasnif-abbasi (714) 484-5489DTSC Staff
 Mathias Lallas (510) 540-3933DTSC Staff
 Matt Peterson (916) 255-3626DTSC Staff
 Matthew Cummings (916) 324-3094DTSC Not Available
 Matthew Jones (916) 327-2516DTSC Staff
 Matthew McCarron (510) 540-3828DTSC Staff
 Matthew Mullinax (916) 324-1808DTSC Staff
 Matthew Shaffer (916) 255-3740DTSC Not Available
 Matthew Victoria (916) 255-6637DTSC Staff
 Matthew Wetter (916) 255-6629DTSC Staff
 Matthew Wood (916) 255-3632DTSC Staff
 Maya Akula (818) 717-6566DTSC Staff
 Mckinley Lewis (916) 255-3625DTSC Staff
 Megan Hall (916) 324-3754DTSC Staff
 Megan R. Indermill (510) 540-3972DTSC Staff
 Meghan Tucker (916) 255-6582DTSC Not Available
 Mehdi Bettahar (323) 803-2515DTSC Staff
 Mehdi Nikbakht (510) 540-2680DTSC Staff
 Mehdi Nobari (818) 717-6582DTSC Not Available
 Mei Yee Ho Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Meihong Guan (916) 324-1827DTSC Not Available
 Melanie Ahrens (916) 255-6511DTSC Staff
 Melessia Downham (916) 255-3745DTSC Staff
 Melissa Cisneros (916) 322-3913DTSC Staff
 Melissa Lee (916) 327-8514DTSC Contract Personnel
 Melissa Salinas (916) 322-7636DTSC Not Available
 Mellan Songco (916) 255-3590DTSC Staff
 Mendi Julien Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Mera S. Golo (916) 255-3585DTSC Staff
 Meredith Williams (916) 322-0504DTSC Director
 Merrian Cotton (916) 322-8676DTSC Staff
 Mia Goings (916) 255-3736DTSC Staff
 Mia Huynh (818) 717-6611DTSC Staff
 Miao Zhang (916) 324-3150DTSC Staff
 Miaomiao Wang (510) 540-2925DTSC Staff
 Michael Bobenko (714) 484-5435DTSC Staff
 Michael Choe (916) 322-5308DTSC Staff
 Michael Darrett (916) 255-6554DTSC Staff
 Michael Ernst (916) 322-3385DTSC Not Available
 Michael Kawasaki (916) 445-3323DTSC Not Available
 Michael Pfister (559) 297-3958DTSC Staff
 Michael Pixton (510) 540-3937DTSC Staff
 Michael Robertson (818) 717-6645DTSC Not Available
 Michael Siembab (916) 255-6579DTSC Not Available
 Michael Thorn Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Michael Wade (916) 255-3608DTSC Staff
 Michael Zamudio (916) 255-6535DTSC Staff
 Michele Oulrey (916) 255-6671DTSC Staff
 Michele Sanders (916) 255-3760DTSC Staff
 Michelle Colon Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Michelle Romero-Fishback (916) 324-8304DTSC Not Available
 Michelle M. Banks-Ordone (818) 717-6573DTSC Staff
 Mike Bruno Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Mike Eshaghian (818) 717-6679DTSC Staff
 Mike O'Docharty (916) 255-3663DTSC Not Available
 Milan Baucham Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Milly Pekke (916) 255-3579DTSC Not Available
 Min Sun (916) 324-1798DTSC Staff
 Min Wu (916) 255-3621DTSC Not Available
 Mindy Mathias (916) 255-6650DTSC Staff
 Minoo Safai-Amini (916) 323-0288DTSC Not Available
 Mohammed Omer (916) 322-2505DTSC Not Available
 Moises Carvalho (510) 540-3757DTSC Staff
 Molly Daniels (916) 323-3706DTSC Not Available
 Monica Martinez (916) 255-3724DTSC Staff
 Monica Villa (714) 484-5467DTSC Staff
 Mui Koltunov (626) 304-9802DTSC Staff
 Mui Sam (213) 977-7928DTSC Staff
 Mustapha Guerbaz (714) 484-5430DTSC Staff
 Muzhda Ferouz (916) 255-3883DTSC Staff

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