Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 K. Michelle Livsey (916) 324-0556DTSC Staff
 Ka Lor (916) 327-1196DTSC Staff
 Kadie Fischer (510) 540-3938DTSC Not Available
 Kaitlin Minshew (916) 323-3719DTSC Not Available
 Kaiyi Wang (626) 304-9802DTSC Not Available
 Kalim Butt (714) 484-5486DTSC Staff
 Kamili Siglowide (916) 255-6527DTSC Staff
 Kang Xu (916) 324-1827DTSC Staff
 Kareem Taylor (916) 445-9553DTSC Not Available
 Karen Baker (714) 484-5423DTSC Chief
 Karen Cruz (626) 639-0507DTSC Staff
 Karen DiBiasio (916) 255-6633DTSC Staff
 Karen Mcginty (916) 445-5907DTSC Staff
 Karen Ochoa (916) 255-6444DTSC Manager
 Karen Steen (510) 540-3838DTSC Not Available
 Karen Wan (714) 484-5302DTSC Staff
 Karishma Singh (916) 323-3577DTSC Not Available
 Karl Palmer (916) 445-2625DTSC Not Available
 Karlaina Gipson (510) 540-3780DTSC Not Available
 Karri Peters (916) 255-3614DTSC Not Available
 Karyn Chung (916) 255-3837DTSC Staff
 Karyn Richardson (510) 540-3975DTSC Not Available
 Kate Burger (916) 255-6537DTSC Staff
 Katherina Commandatore (916) 324-3102DTSC Staff
 Katherine Castor (626) 304-2692DTSC Not Available
 Katherine M. Gould (714) 484-5380DTSC Staff
 Kathie Schievelbein (916) 255-3988DTSC Staff
 Kathleen Calvert (916) 324-2958DTSC Staff
 Kathleen Jones-Tucker (510) 540-3861DTSC Staff
 Kathleen Yokota-Wahl (714) 484-5358DTSC Supervisor
 Kathryn Carruthers (916) 327-4031DTSC Staff
 Kathryn Rosander (916) 324-2999DTSC Contract Personnel
 Katie Miranda (916) 322-2480DTSC Staff
 Kaulana Haskell (916) 255-6587DTSC Staff
 Kaytherine Grant (916) 324-2423DTSC Staff
 Kedar Stanbury (916) 445-1664DTSC Not Available
 Keith Kihara (916) 322-8521DTSC Not Available
 Keith K. Krautter Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Kelly Froman (916) 255-6587DTSC Not Available
 Kelly Grant (916) 323-9586DTSC Not Available
 Kelly Laliberte (714) 484-5475DTSC Not Available
 Ken Beutler (916) 255-3685DTSC Staff
 Ken Kono (916) 327-9252DTSC Not Available
 Kenneth Bradshaw (916) 324-3159DTSC Not Available
 Kenneth Gath (916) 255-3643DTSC Staff
 Kenneth Neely (510) 540-2988DTSC Staff
 Kent Johnson (916) 323-3506DTSC Contract Personnel
 Kent Strong (916) 255-6550DTSC Staff
 Kerry Rasmussen (916) 255-3650DTSC Not Available
 Kevin Abriol (510) 540-3852DTSC Not Available
 Kevin Depies (916) 255-3688DTSC Staff
 Kevin Montevideo (818) 717-6671DTSC Staff
 Kevin Pham (916) 324-3124DTSC Not Available
 Kevin Sanchez (916) 255-6549DTSC Not Available
 Kevin Sipula (916) 327-8514DTSC Staff
 Kevin Vessels (916) 327-6097DTSC Staff
 Khaled Ramadan (714) 484-5376DTSC Staff
 Kham Xiong (916) 327-7946DTSC Staff
 Khonesavanh Sanethavong (916) 324-3781DTSC Staff
 Kim Poh (916) 323-3513DTSC Manager
 Kim Rasmussen (916) 327-8514DTSC Not Available
 Kim Smith (916) 322-2198DTSC Staff
 Kimberly Gettmann (916) 255-6685DTSC Staff
 Kimberly Walsh (510) 540-3773DTSC Staff
 Kimiye Touchi (916) 255-3667DTSC Staff
 Kinfe Woldegiorgis (916) 322-4720DTSC Not Available
 Kit Man (Anna) Tam (916) 323-3505DTSC Staff
 Kong Lor (916) 324-3102DTSC Staff
 Koshmick Kumar (916) 322-5539DTSC Not Available
 Kristen Magnuson (916) 324-2998DTSC Contract Personnel
 Kristi Carichoff (916) 323-4915DTSC Not Available
 Kristina Aquino (714) 484-5300DTSC Staff
 Kristina Klein (916) 323-3383DTSC Contract Personnel
 Kristina Louie (626) 639-0508DTSC Not Available
 Kristine Green (916) 255-6658DTSC Not Available
 Kristle Gonzales (818) 717-6504DTSC Supervisor
 Krystsina Zubko (916) 322-5711DTSC Staff
 Kyle Harris (916) 323-3492DTSC Not Available
 Kyle Sheffield (916) 324-3104DTSC Not Available
 Kyle Shimada (916) 324-1379DTSC Staff
 Kyra Cruz Not AvailableDTSC Staff

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