Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 J Robinson (714) 484-5388DTSC Not Available
 Jackie Buttle (916) 324-8286DTSC Staff
 Jaclyn Hager (916) 255-4368DTSC Contract Personnel
 Jaclyn Sardarbegians (818) 717-6558DTSC Not Available
 Jacqueline Lemus-arreola (510) 540-3825DTSC Staff
 Jagroop S. Khela Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Jalpa Dani (916) 322-3492DTSC Not Available
 James Baker (916) 322-0484DTSC Staff
 James Eichelberger (916) 255-6688DTSC Staff
 James Joelson (916) 445-5649DTSC Staff
 James Noss (916) 255-3746DTSC Not Available
 James Pappas (916) 255-6509DTSC Not Available
 James Pinasco (916) 255-3719DTSC Staff
 James Rohrer (916) 255-3709DTSC Staff
 James Swartzlander (916) 324-3117DTSC Not Available
 Jan Munson (916) 324-2992DTSC Staff
 Jane Mantey (916) 322-4891DTSC Not Available
 Jane Numazu (916) 322-7857DTSC Not Available
 Janice Denning (916) 255-4326DTSC Staff
 Janice Klaschen (916) 255-3574DTSC Staff
 Janine Brinkman (916) 255-3706DTSC Staff
 Jaren Gaither Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Jarred Lieber (916) 255-3723DTSC Not Available
 Jason Leverenz (916) 445-5546DTSC Not Available
 Jason Marks (916) 327-7942DTSC Staff
 Jason Raley (818) 717-6511DTSC Not Available
 Jason Xiao (916) 322-4399DTSC Staff
 Javier Hinojosa (818) 717-6612DTSC Staff
 Jay Cross (916) 322-2861DTSC Staff
 Jayantha Randeni (510) 540-3806DTSC Staff
 Jeanne Wong (916) 323-3251DTSC Not Available
 Jeff Brown (916) 255-3704DTSC Staff
 Jeff Wong (916) 322-5798DTSC Staff
 Jeff G. Moore (916) 445-9529DTSC Staff
 Jeffrey Sjaaheim (916) 324-3122DTSC Not Available
 Jeffrey J. Muller (323) 803-2497DTSC Staff
 Jenae Jordan (916) 324-1800DTSC Not Available
 Jennie Truong (916) 322-5712DTSC Not Available
 Jennifer Benson (916) 327-2508DTSC Not Available
 Jennifer Black (916) 255-6417DTSC Staff
 Jennifer Boruck (510) 540-3060DTSC Staff
 Jennifer Branyan (916) 322-3292DTSC Not Available
 Jennifer Connor (916) 327-7587DTSC Staff
 Jennifer Gould (916) 324-3114DTSC Staff
 Jennifer Holman (916) 323-2962DTSC Not Available
 Jennifer Kubach (916) 323-9005DTSC Staff
 Jennifer Rich (714) 484-5415DTSC Staff
 Jennifer Simpson (916) 255-6660DTSC Not Available
 Jennifer Simunich (916) 323-9005DTSC Not Available
 Jennifer Stevens (818) 717-6661DTSC Not Available
 Jennifer Williams (916) 255-3752DTSC Not Available
 Jerilyn Lopez Mendoza (818) 885-3307DTSC Not Available
 Jerri Johnson Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Jerry Aarons (510) 540-3987DTSC Staff
 Jerry Clark (916) 324-3094DTSC Manager
 Jess Villamayor (818) 717-6601DTSC Staff
 Jesse Bunker (916) 323-4915DTSC Staff
 Jesse Camarillo (916) 445-5720DTSC Staff
 Jesse Negherbon (916) 255-6577DTSC Not Available
 Jesselle M. Legaspi (916) 322-4985DTSC Staff
 Jessica Dawlaty (626) 639-0509DTSC Not Available
 Jessica Garcia (714) 484-5451DTSC Not Available
 Jessica Heinz (916) 324-5782DTSC Staff
 Jessica Kaur Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Jessica Rodriguez (818) 717-6666DTSC Staff
 Jessica Tibor (510) 540-3835DTSC Staff
 Jessica Twining (916) 445-2959DTSC Not Available
 Jessie Schnell (916) 324-2428DTSC Staff
 Jessy Fierro (818) 717-6563DTSC Staff
 Jesus Guevara Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Jesus Sotelo (916) 255-6670DTSC Staff
 Jia Yang (916) 322-7287DTSC Staff
 Jianping Chen (916) 327-6110DTSC Staff
 Jim Gabler (916) 327-9029DTSC Staff
 Jim Marxen (916) 324-6544DTSC Division Chief
 Jim Polisini (818) 717-6593DTSC Staff
 Jim Wilkinson (714) 484-5407DTSC Staff
 Jimmy Spearow (916) 255-6639DTSC Staff
 Jiong Cao (510) 540-3633DTSC Staff
 Joan Weber (916) 255-6518DTSC Staff
 Joanna Botelho (916) 322-4819DTSC Not Available
 Joanna Louie (510) 540-3957DTSC Staff
 Joe Hwong (714) 484-5406DTSC Staff
 Joel Mamangun (818) 717-6653DTSC Staff
 Joel Simpson Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Johaira Reyes (916) 327-8514DTSC Contract Personnel
 Johanna Arias-Bhatia (323) 803-2507DTSC Not Available
 John Bystra (916) 255-3669DTSC Staff
 John Childs (916) 255-6530DTSC Staff
 John Hart (916) 445-2926DTSC Staff
 John Hope (916) 255-3552DTSC Staff
 John Jackson (916) 445-5639DTSC Staff
 John Karachewski (510) 540-4121DTSC Staff
 John Little (916) 255-3611DTSC Not Available
 John Low (916) 322-5533DTSC Staff
 John Muegge (916) 322-0471DTSC Staff
 John Naginis (818) 717-6626DTSC Staff
 John Quinn (510) 540-3388DTSC Supervisor
 John Ross (916) 255-6624DTSC Not Available
 John Yonemura (916) 324-1819DTSC Staff
 Johnson Abraham (714) 484-5476DTSC Staff
 Jon Cordova (916) 324-7193DTSC Staff
 Jon Kolman (916) 255-3780DTSC Staff
 Jonathan Sampson (916) 255-3792DTSC Not Available
 Jone Barrio (714) 484-5336DTSC Staff
 Jordan C'Dealva-Lenik Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Jordan Chamberlain (916) 322-0245DTSC Contract Personnel
 Jordan Johl Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Jose Aparejo (714) 484-5312DTSC Staff
 Jose Avila Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Jose Diaz (818) 717-6614DTSC Staff
 Jose Luevano (916) 255-3577DTSC Staff
 Jose Marcos (714) 484-5492DTSC Staff
 Jose Salcedo (916) 255-3732DTSC Staff
 Jose Paulo Era (916) 324-3151DTSC Contract Personnel
 Joseph Cully (714) 484-5473DTSC Staff
 Joseph Ernest (559) 297-3942DTSC Staff
 Joseph Hunt (916) 255-4367DTSC Staff
 Joseph Lam (916) 323-3394DTSC Not Available
 Joseph Tapia (559) 297-3977DTSC Staff
 Joseph Thompson (510) 540-2608DTSC Staff
 Joseph Von Teichert (818) 717-6508DTSC Staff
 Joshua Sutterfield (916) 327-4502DTSC Not Available
 Josie Placencia (916) 322-4233DTSC Not Available
 Josilynn J. Spray (916) 449-5321DTSC Not Available
 Jovanne Villamater (510) 540-3876DTSC Staff
 Ju-tseng Liu (714) 484-5463DTSC Supervisor
 Juan Koponen (916) 255-6665DTSC Not Available
 Juan Peng (916) 255-3802DTSC Not Available
 Juan F. VillaRomero (510) 540-2756DTSC Staff
 Juanita Bacey (510) 540-2480DTSC Staff
 Judy Kong (916) 255-6534DTSC Staff
 Julianne Kay Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Julianne R. Culbert (916) 327-0979DTSC Staff
 Julie Bauer (916) 324-2995DTSC Not Available
 Julie Frankenfield (510) 540-2651DTSC Contract Personnel
 Julie Johnson (714) 484-5337DTSC Staff
 Julie Lincoln (916) 255-3684DTSC Staff
 Julie Mullins (916) 255-3678DTSC Staff
 Julie Pettijohn (510) 540-3843DTSC Not Available
 Julie Propes (818) 717-6539DTSC Staff
 Juliet Ayvazian (818) 717-6535DTSC Staff
 June-soo Park (510) 540-2925DTSC Staff
 Justin Gough Not AvailableDTSC Staff

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