Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Cameron Marsh-perla (916) 323-4911DTSC Staff
 Camille Rogado (916) 255-3602DTSC Not Available
 Candace M. Hill (916) 255-6681DTSC Staff
 Carl Rose (510) 540-2591DTSC Not Available
 Carlo Rodriguez (858) 637-5541DTSC Staff
 Carlos Aceituno (916) 324-1942DTSC Staff
 Carlos Ortega (818) 717-6698DTSC Staff
 Carlos Padilla (619) 516-1987DTSC Staff
 Carmela Torres (916) 322-7893DTSC Not Available
 Carmen Amezcua (916) 324-4754DTSC Not Available
 Carol Wortham (510) 540-3968DTSC Staff
 Carolina Szpak Chamecki (323) 803-2505DTSC Not Available
 Carolyn Nelson (916) 445-2948DTSC Not Available
 Carolyn Robb (916) 255-3755DTSC Staff
 Carolyn Yee (916) 255-3671DTSC Staff
 Carrie Crozier Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Carrie Tatoian-Cain (916) 255-3771DTSC Manager
 Casey Mason (916) 255-3664DTSC Staff
 Catherine Gallardo (510) 540-3748DTSC Staff
 Catherine Pitts (916) 322-5227DTSC Not Available
 Catherine Pool (510) 540-3881DTSC Staff
 Cathleen Urbina (916) 322-4056DTSC Not Available
 Cato Kung (916) 322-7342DTSC Not Available
 Cecillia E. Dagher (818) 717-6544DTSC Staff
 Celene Udasco (916) 322-8701DTSC Staff
 Cen Zhang (916) 324-1809DTSC Staff
 Cesar Campos (323) 803-2520DTSC Staff
 Cesar Fernandez (213) 250-3166DTSC Staff
 Cesar Garcia (626) 304-2658DTSC Staff
 Chand sultana (818) 717-6552DTSC Staff
 Charito Pinon (818) 717-6667DTSC Staff
 Charles Ridenour (916) 255-3571DTSC Supervisor
 Charles Valenza (916) 327-1188DTSC Staff
 Charonn Bowman (916) 324-3101DTSC Staff
 Chase Paddock (714) 484-5378DTSC Not Available
 Chase Y. Yamashiro (626) 639-0510DTSC Staff
 Chawn (CY) Jeng (714) 484-5359DTSC Staff
 Chelsea Short (916) 255-2775DTSC Staff
 Cherise Johnson (510) 540-3929DTSC Staff
 Cheryl Loehr (916) 323-3423DTSC Staff
 Cheryl Mahoney (916) 255-3786DTSC Staff
 Cheryl L. Prowell Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Chhing Chau (916) 322-8669DTSC Not Available
 Chia Rin Yen (818) 717-6681DTSC Staff
 Chinh Sheow (818) 717-6571DTSC Not Available
 Chinh Vu (916) 255-3661DTSC Staff
 Chosu Khin (916) 324-2428DTSC Not Available
 Choua Her (916) 255-4159DTSC Not Available
 Chris Burgess (916) 324-5192DTSC Not Available
 Chris Cho (916) 322-4060DTSC Not Available
 Chris Johnson Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Chris Kelley Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Christie Bautista (818) 717-6665DTSC Staff
 Christie Spottsville (714) 484-5311DTSC Staff
 Christina S. De La Vega Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Christine Brown (714) 484-5382DTSC Staff
 Christine Bucklin (818) 717-6599DTSC Staff
 Christine Chiu (714) 484-5340DTSC Staff
 Christine Papagni (818) 717-6541DTSC Staff
 Christine Parent (916) 255-3707DTSC Staff
 Christopher Benson (714) 484-5304DTSC Staff
 Christopher Guerre (714) 484-5422DTSC Staff
 Christopher Hartung (916) 323-4937DTSC Not Available
 Christopher Kane (916) 323-3375DTSC Staff
 Christopher Law (916) 324-0345DTSC Staff
 Christopher Leonetti (916) 445-6011DTSC Not Available
 Cindy Chain-Britton (916) 255-3851DTSC Staff
 Cindy Riley (916) 327-4486DTSC Not Available
 Cindy Tsay (714) 484-5331DTSC Staff
 Claude Jemison (510) 540-3803DTSC Staff
 Claudio Sorrentino (916) 255-6656DTSC Staff
 Cleastina Wayfer (916) 322-0457DTSC Staff
 CM Williams (510) 540-2541DTSC Staff
 Coby Graham (510) 540-3934DTSC Staff
 Colin Roberts (916) 445-9547DTSC Not Available
 Corey Yep (916) 323-9757DTSC Retired Annuitant
 Cornelio Ancheta (916) 323-6558DTSC Staff
 Craig Beardsley (916) 324-1804DTSC Not Available
 Craig Christmann (818) 717-6624DTSC Supervisor
 Craig Macey (916) 324-1234DTSC Staff
 Criselda Datoc (818) 717-6600DTSC Not Available
 Cristian Martin (916) 255-3701DTSC Staff
 Cyndi Gill Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Cynthia Benato (916) 255-6521DTSC Staff
 Cynthia Scott (818) 717-6516DTSC Staff

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