Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Bailey Franklin (818) 717-6669DTSC Staff
 Baoku Her (916) 327-1198DTSC Staff
 Barbara Renzi (916) 255-6649DTSC Staff
 Barbara Zumwalt (916) 445-2964DTSC Staff
 Bavneet Benipal (916) 322-5347DTSC Staff
 Baxter Boeh-Sobon (916) 324-0273DTSC Staff
 Bea Trumann (916) 324-7031DTSC Staff
 Beatris Karaoglanyan (818) 717-6661DTSC Staff
 Beatriz Davila (619) 516-1982DTSC Staff
 Belinda Villegas (916) 255-3597DTSC Staff
 Ben Fries (916) 322-8701DTSC Staff
 Benjamin Avila (916) 327-1178DTSC Not Available
 Benjamin Edokpayi (916) 322-4799DTSC Not Available
 Bernardo Guevarra (916) 323-6558DTSC Not Available
 Bhargav Tandel (916) 322-8564DTSC Staff
 Blanca Raez (818) 717-6518DTSC Staff
 Bob Boughton (916) 323-9586DTSC Staff
 Bob Gipson (916) 327-4061DTSC Staff
 Bonnie Amoruso (916) 324-9719DTSC Not Available
 Bonny Lew (916) 255-6441DTSC Not Available
 Brandie Rivera-medina (916) 322-5264DTSC Staff
 Brandon Fong (916) 323-8325DTSC Contract Personnel
 Breanne Goodson (916) 324-6809DTSC Not Available
 Brenden Batres (916) 324-2999DTSC Contract Personnel
 Brennan A. Ko-madden (818) 717-6660DTSC Staff
 Brett A. Leary (916) 255-4988DTSC Staff
 Brian Abeel (916) 255-3641DTSC Not Available
 Brian Endlich (510) 540-3804DTSC Staff
 Brian Faulkner (916) 255-6625DTSC Staff
 Brian Strand (916) 255-3688DTSC Not Available
 Brian Taylor (916) 324-5784DTSC Staff
 Brian Wu (818) 717-6696DTSC Staff
 Brian M. Whalen (916) 255-6566DTSC Staff
 Briana Maldonado (916) 322-4885DTSC Not Available
 Bridget Fitzsenry (916) 323-3391DTSC Staff
 Bridgette Mcfarland (916) 255-6534DTSC Staff
 Brigitte Bas (818) 717-6599DTSC Contract Personnel
 Brittani Orona (916) 324-1327DTSC Not Available
 Brittany Sheahan (619) 516-1986DTSC Not Available
 Brooke Selzer (510) 540-2914DTSC Not Available
 Bruce Garbaccio (818) 717-6627DTSC Staff
 Bruce La Belle Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Bruce Lewis (916) 255-6576DTSC Staff
 Buck King (510) 540-3955DTSC Staff
 Byron Bellamy (916) 327-4263DTSC Not Available

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Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards