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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Yacoub, Nabil H. (714) 484-5389DTSC Staff
 Yacoubian, Lisa (626) 350-6403ARB Manager
 Yaghoobirad, Ava (916) 324-2304ARB Staff
 Yamashiro, Chase Y. (626) 639-0510DTSC Staff
 Yamashita, Lea (916) 323-0017ARB Staff
 Yamashita, Reed (916) 324-3544DPR Staff
 Yan, Darren (916) 341-5832SWRCB Supervisor
 Yan, Fang (916) 324-6971ARB Manager
 Yanez, Adriana (916) 324-8508SWRCB Staff
 Yang, Adam (916) 327-8885ARB Manager
 Yang, Alodie (916) 322-4098ARB Staff
 Yang, Bo (916) 440-8200ARB Staff
 Yang, Ching (626) 350-6422ARB Staff
 Yang, Eugene (916) 327-1510ARB Staff
 Yang, Houa (916) 464-4829Water/R5 Staff
 Yang, Jenna (916) 464-4764Water/R5 Staff
 Yang, Jenny (916) 464-4612Water/R5 Staff
 Yang, Jer (916) 445-1188ARB Staff
 Yang, Jerry (916) 341-6546CalRecycle Staff
 Yang, Jia (916) 322-7287DTSC Staff
 Yang, Jiacheng (626) 350-6508ARB Staff
 Yang, Jianming (510) 622-3051OEHHA Staff
 Yang, Kevin (916) 322-8524ARB Staff
 Yang, Li (714) 484-5338DTSC Staff
 Yang, Mary (916) 322-6507SWRCB Staff
 Yang, Seung (626) 450-6284ARB Staff
 Yang, Sue (559) 445-5644Water/R5 Staff
 Yang, Teng (559) 297-3961DTSC Staff
 Yang, Wen (213) 620-2253Water/R4 Supervisor
 Yang, Wenli (916) 324-2774ARB Staff
 Yang, Xuan (626) 450-6289ARB Staff
 Yanga, Saturnino (916) 324-3480DPR Specialist
 Yao, Qi Not AvailableARB Staff
 Yao, Tom (916) 229-0386ARB Staff
 Yao, Zhuo (916) 324-8028ARB Staff
 Yardimci, Dicle (916) 324-1818DTSC Staff
 Yatavelli, Reddy (626) 575-6620ARB Staff
 Yates, Brady (916) 324-7089SWRCB Staff
 Yatkin, Sinan (916) 440-8251ARB Staff
 Ybarra, Jesse (916) 603-7828DPR Staff
 Ybarra, Pamela (951) 782-4990Water/R8 Staff
 Yeaman, Roy (818) 717-6677DTSC Staff
 Yearout, Casey (916) 341-5629SWRCB Staff
 Yeates, Nevin (916) 341-6442CalRecycle Manager
 Yeazell, Jeffrey (916) 341-5322SWRCB Specialist
 Yee, Ashlee (916) 327-8824CalRecycle Staff
 Yee, Carolyn (916) 255-3671DTSC Staff
 Yee, Catherine (714) 279-7694DPR Staff
 Yee, Eric (916) 341-6028SWRCB Staff
 Yee, Kenneth (916) 341-6532CalRecycle Manager
 Yee, Keri (916) 464-4624Water/R5 Support Staff
 Yee, Kimberly (510) 622-2495Water/R2 Staff
 Yee, Melvin (510) 620-3463SWRCB Staff
 Yee, Michael (916) 341-6179CalRecycle Staff
 Yee, Shan (916) 341-6135CalRecycle Staff
 Yee, Steven (916) 327-5635ARB Staff
 Yeh, Greg (510) 540-3102DTSC Staff
 Yemut, Emad (714) 484-5432DTSC Supervisor
 Yen, Chia Rin (818) 717-6681DTSC Staff
 Yen, Tai Sea (626) 350-6539ARB Staff
 Yep, Corey (916) 323-9757DTSC Retired Annuitant
 Yeung, Lynn (916) 324-0210ARB Staff
 Yhnell, Amy (916) 324-5036CalRecycle Staff
 Yin, Dazhong (916) 324-2028ARB Staff
 Yin, Wente (916) 323-6010ARB Staff
 Yip, Shang (510) 620-3654SWRCB Student
 Yiu, Alex (916) 322-1922ARB Staff
 Yogurtian, Jim (619) 525-4329CalRecycle Staff
 Yokota-Wahl, Kathleen (714) 484-5358DTSC Supervisor
 Yonamine, Haydee Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Yonemura, John (916) 324-1819DTSC Staff
 Yong, Kaycie (916) 324-0595ARB Manager
 Yonn, Kelly (916) 324-3332ARB Staff
 Yoon, Linda (916) 229-0505ARB Staff
 Yoon, Seungju (916) 324-5606ARB Manager
 Yoon, Sunghoon (916) 323-8543ARB Staff
 Yos, Billy (916) 341-6279CalRecycle Staff
 Yoshida, Angela (916) 445-2542DTSC Not Available
 Yoshida, Kristina (510) 622-2334Water/R2 Staff
 You, Ying (626) 459-4391ARB Staff
 Young, Calvin (916) 341-6670CalRecycle Supervisor
 Young, David (213) 576-6733Water/R4 Staff
 Young, Glenn (916) 341-6696CalRecycle Supervisor
 Young, James (916) 341-7373SWRCB Staff
 Young, Kevin (916) 322-8524ARB Staff
 Young, LeeAnn (559) 297-3949DTSC Not Available
 Young, Paul (626) 575-6605ARB Staff
 Young, Stanley (916) 322-1309ARB Director
 Young, Stephanie (916) 327-8043SWRCB Specialist
 Young, Tracy (916) 445-5659DTSC Not Available
 Young, Travis (559) 447-3035SWRCB Staff
 Yu, Andy (213) 576-1364Water/R4 Staff
 Yu, Helen (Xueyuan) (619) 521-5893Water/R9 Staff
 Yu, James (916) 445-2602DPR Staff
 Yu, Justin (916) 341-6311CalRecycle Staff
 Yu, Michael (916) 341-6632CalRecycle Staff
 Yu, Stephanie (916) 341-5157SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Yu, Wenxi (916) 341-5034SWRCB Staff
 Yu, Yong (626) 350-6455ARB Staff
 Yuan, Jing (916) 322-8875ARB Staff
 Yuan, Yuan (Olivia) (916) 255-3733DTSC Staff
 Yue, Aaron (714) 484-5439DTSC Staff
 Yuen, Nicole (510) 540-3881DTSC Staff
 Yuen, Pansy (916) 341-5445SWRCB Staff
 Yund, Seth (916) 327-7211ARB Staff
 Yurk, Eve (916) 324-6659DTSC Not Available

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards