Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Wachtell, Doug (559) 445-5114Water/R5 Staff
 Wadding, Paul (916) 464-4826Water/R5 Staff
 Wade, Rick (530) 224-2413SWRCB Staff
 Wadhwani, Emel (916) 322-3622SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Wadsworth, Derek Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Waggoner, Abe (916) 341-5895SWRCB Staff
 Waggoner, Claire (916) 341-5582SWRCB Chief
 Walcott, Timothy (707) 576-2663Water/R1 Staff
 Walker, Bill (818) 551-2012SWRCB Staff
 Walker, Christopher (916) 341-5672SWRCB Staff
 Walker, Cody (707) 576-2642Water/R1 Staff
 Walker, Denise D. (916) 341-5952SWRCB Manager
 Walker, Jacob Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Walker, Kristine (916) 464-4804SWRCB Staff
 Walls, Russell (559) 488-4392Water/R5 Supervisor
 Walsh, Katherine (916) 445-2317SWRCB Supervisor
 Walsh, Laurie (619) 521-3373Water/R9 Supervisor
 Walsh, Sean (916) 464-4795Water/R5 Staff
 Wang, Guangyu (213) 576-6639SWRCB Supervisor
 Wang, Kangshi (213) 576-6780Water/R4 Staff
 Wang, Ruey-wen (916) 323-6845SWRCB Staff
 Wang, Wai (916) 341-5435SWRCB Staff
 Warddrip, Laurel (916) 341-6904SWRCB Supervisor
 Warden, Bruce (530) 542-5416Water/R6 Staff
 Warmerdam, Jonathan (707) 576-2468Water/R1 Manager
 Warner, Daniel (530) 224-4848Water/R5 Staff
 Warner, Samuel Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Warr, Levi (916) 574-1434SWRCB Staff
 Warren, Eric (559) 445-5035Water/R5 Staff
 Warring, Kevin (916) 552-9972SWRCB Staff
 Washington, Maurice (707) 576-2831Water/R1 Staff
 Wassif, Tracy (909) 383-5184SWRCB Staff
 Watada, Marianne (707) 576-2076SWRCB Staff
 Wathen, Tricia (559) 447-3398SWRCB Supervisor
 Watkins, Jessica (510) 622-2349Water/R2 Supervisor
 Watson, Steve (530) 224-4828SWRCB Staff
 Watt, Chris Not AvailableWater/R1 Staff
 Watts, Jennifer (530) 542-5491Water/R6 Staff
 Way, Kristen (916) 341-5879SWRCB Staff
 Weaver, Lily (916) 341-5184SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Webb, Steven (213) 576-6793Water/R4 Specialist
 Webber, Alice (916) 449-5642SWRCB Supervisor
 Webber, Lori (916) 341-5736SWRCB Supervisor
 Weeks, Scott (916) 449-5568SWRCB Staff
 Weinberg, Adam (916) 319-0217SWRCB Staff
 Weininger, Jonathan (831) 655-6932SWRCB Staff
 Weiper, Tonya (707) 576-2549Water/R1 Staff
 Welch, Elizabeth (559) 445-6127Water/R5 Staff
 Wells, Elizabeth (510) 622-2440Water/R2 Staff
 Wenzel, Alisha (916) 464-4717Water/R5 Staff
 Werner, Heath (916) 341-5039SWRCB Staff
 West, Diane (916) 319-8565SWRCB Staff
 West, Ryan (559) 488-6188Water/R5 Staff
 West, Yvonne (916) 322-3626SWRCB Director
 Westerman, Wendy (916) 341-5794SWRCB Manager
 Westhoff, Steven (916) 327-7295SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Westhouse, Joseph (916) 341-5283SWRCB Staff
 Wetzel, Jeff (916) 323-9390SWRCB Supervisor
 Whalin, Lindsay (510) 622-2363Water/R2 Staff
 Wheeler, John (916) 323-0882SWRCB Staff
 Wheeler, Sienna (916) 323-4165SWRCB Staff
 White, Adona (707) 576-2672Water/R1 Staff
 White, Cynthia (530) 542-5400Water/R6 Staff
 White, Jeff (510) 622-2375Water/R2 Staff
 White, Nicholas (916) 464-4856Water/R5 Staff
 White, Stephanie (916) 319-9035SWRCB Staff
 Whiting, John (559) 445-5504Water/R5 Staff
 Whitley, Daniel (530) 224-4203Water/R5 Staff
 Whitney, Victoria (916) 947-0189SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Whittington, Chris (916) 341-5323SWRCB Staff
 Wible, Alyssa (916) 341-5844SWRCB Staff
 Wike, Amber (530) 542-5406Water/R6 Staff
 Wilder, Carey (707) 576-2472Water/R1 Staff
 Wildflower, Joy (707) 576-2818SWRCB Staff
 Williams, Camilla (916) 341-5530SWRCB Staff
 Williams, Craig (916) 341-5759SWRCB Supervisor
 Williams, Ken (951) 782-4496Water/R8 Supervisor
 Williams, Paul (916) 323-0376SWRCB Supervisor
 Williams, Steven (619) 525-4580SWRCB Supervisor
 Williams, Thizar (213) 576-6723Water/R4 Supervisor
 Williams, Thomas (707) 576-2030Water/R1 Staff
 Williamson, Nicole (916) 319-8202SWRCB Supervisor
 Willis, James (818) 551-2031SWRCB Staff
 Willis, Lauma (951) 782-4920Water/R8 Manager
 Wilson, Alexandria (510) 620-3474SWRCB Staff
 Wilson, Angela (530) 224-4856Water/R5 Manager
 Wilson, Elena (916) 323-5671SWRCB Chief Counsel
 Wilson, Lisa (916) 464-4844Water/R5 Staff
 Wilson, Matt (916) 341-5159SWRCB Staff
 Wilson, Ryan (916) 341-5143SWRCB Branch Chief
 Wilson, Terry (916) 449-5569SWRCB Staff
 Wines, Brian (510) 622-5680Water/R2 Staff
 Wise, Cindy (530) 542-5408Water/R6 Staff
 Witherby, Shelby (916) 341-5300SWRCB Staff
 Witt, Darin (530) 542-5497Water/R6 Staff
 Wiyono, Gunawan (714) 558-4705SWRCB Staff
 Woelfel, David (951) 782-7960Water/R8 Supervisor
 Woessner, Gretchen (530) 224-3249Water/R5 Staff
 Wohletz, Anthony (916) 341-5334SWRCB Staff
 Wolfenden, John (510) 622-2444Water/R2 Supervisor
 Wolyniec, Oliver (916) 323-3647SWRCB Extern
 Won, Yuri (510) 622-2491SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Wong, Emily (213) 576-6736Water/R4 Staff
 Wong, Karen (818) 551-2037SWRCB Staff
 Wong, Melinda (510) 622-2430Water/R2 Staff
 Wong, Nicholas (916) 341-5733SWRCB Student Assistant E A
 Wong, Philson (916) 323-3220SWRCB Staff
 Wong, Sharon (510) 620-3498SWRCB Staff
 Wong, Waldon (707) 576-2764SWRCB Staff
 Wong, Wesley (510) 622-2322SWRCB Staff
 Wong, William (916) 341-5812SWRCB Staff
 Woo, Jimmie (213) 576-6723Water/R4 Staff
 Wood, Marleigh (916) 341-5169SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Woodward, Deborah (619) 521-3353Water/R9 Staff
 Woody, Catherine (707) 576-2665SWRCB Staff
 Wooldridge, Kyle Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Wortell, Romana (916) 449-5552SWRCB Supervisor
 Worth, Daniel (916) 341-5324SWRCB Supervisor
 Wright, Ben R. (916) 323-9690SWRCB Staff
 Wright, Kyle (951) 320-6370Water/R8 Staff
 Wright, Lindsay (916) 341-5922SWRCB Staff
 Wu, Eric (213) 576-6683Water/R4 Supervisor
 Wu, Janice (916) 445-5968SWRCB Staff
 Wu, Zoe (916) 319-8263SWRCB Staff
 Wyatt-Mair, Arwen (805) 542-4695Water/R3 Supervisor
 Wyels, Philip (916) 341-5178SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Wyels, Wendy (916) 323-0595SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Wymer, Mark (916) 322-0756SWRCB Staff

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