Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Wall, Skott (916) 323-0787ARB Staff
 Walton, Eric (916) 229-0333ARB Staff
 Walton, Kathy (916) 229-0736ARB Staff
 Wan, Kam (626) 575-6908ARB Staff
 Wang, Alexander (916) 323-9610ARB Counsel
 Wang, Guihua (916) 324-9264ARB Staff
 Wang, Jue (916) 324-0390ARB Staff
 Wang, Mandy (626) 575-6832ARB Staff
 Wang, Ren Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Wang, Tianyang (Tony) (916) 322-6007ARB Staff
 Wang, Xu (916) 229-0196ARB Staff
 Wang, Zhenlei (916) 322-1049ARB Staff
 Wanjiru, David (916) 324-6105ARB Contract Personnel
 Warner, Randy (916) 324-9977ARB Staff
 Warren, Westley (916) 323-1357ARB Supervisor
 Waters, Dana (916) 324-9615ARB Staff
 Watkins, Mark (916) 650-0594ARB Staff
 Watterson, Michelle (916) 445-1338ARB Staff
 Weatherford, Kelly (916) 229-0864ARB Manager
 Weaver, Alex (916) 323-1697ARB Staff
 Weaver, Christopher (626) 575-6840ARB Staff
 Webb, Jonathan (916) 323-3303ARB Staff
 Weber, Troy (916) 229-0516ARB Staff
 Weigel, Collin Not AvailableARB Staff
 Welch, Virgil (916) 327-5762ARB Senior Staff Counsel
 Weller, Barbara (916) 324-4816ARB Manager
 Weller, Robert (916) 322-6158ARB Staff
 Weller, Stephen (Dan) (916) 327-0481ARB Staff
 Wells, Kim (916) 322-1502ARB Staff
 Werst, Michael (916) 322-6086ARB Branch Chief
 White, Elizabeth (916) 324-1704ARB Manager
 Whitney, Daniel (916) 445-5514ARB Counsel
 Whitten, Dwayne Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Wichman, Chelsea (916) 322-8268ARB Staff
 Widger, William (916) 322-1224ARB Staff
 Wieser, Catherine L. (916) 322-8202ARB Staff
 Wiley, Sabina (916) 322-2384ARB Staff
 Williams, Jeffery (916) 322-7145ARB Staff
 Williams, Khadija (626) 350-6496ARB Staff
 Williams, Lisa (916) 324-7582ARB Staff
 Williams, Marissa (916) 322-5848ARB Staff
 Williams, Mark (916) 327-5610ARB Staff
 Williams, Matthew (916) 324-2032ARB Staff
 Williams, Robin (916) 440-8205ARB Staff
 Willmon, Tabetha (916) 324-9512ARB Manager
 Wilson, Ashley (916) 323-0321ARB Staff
 Wilson, Desirey (916) 323-1047ARB Staff
 Wilson, Linda (916) 324-1859ARB Staff
 Wilson, Matthew (626) 450-6269ARB Staff
 Winfield, Cheryl (916) 229-0385ARB Staff
 Winters, Derek (626) 450-6276ARB Staff
 Withycombe, Earl (916) 322-8487ARB Staff
 Witt, Maggie (916) 324-9061ARB Staff
 Wokosin, Kevin (916) 229-0636ARB Staff
 Wong, Anna (916) 323-2410ARB Staff
 Wong, Brain (626) 350-6402ARB Staff
 Wong, Edward (916) 322-6925ARB Staff
 Wong, Jason (626) 575-6838ARB Supervisor
 Wong, Jeffrey (626) 575-7009ARB Manager
 Wong, John (916) 324-7340ARB Supervisor
 Wong, Joyce (916) 323-1182ARB Staff
 Wong, Lana (916) 440-8238ARB Staff
 Wong, Patrick (916) 323-1505ARB Manager
 Wong, Ronnie (626) 350-6405ARB Staff
 Wong, Travis (626) 350-6517ARB Staff
 Wong, Walter (626) 450-6184ARB Staff
 Wong, Wenjing (626) 350-6461ARB Staff
 Woo, Yuen (Karen) (626) 450-6156ARB Executive Assistant
 Wood, Michelle (916) 445-3641ARB Staff
 Wright, Jeffrey (916) 322-7055ARB Manager
 Wright, Merrin (916) 324-6191ARB Manager
 Wu, Arnold (626) 459-4393ARB Staff
 Wu, Jenny (916) 324-8167ARB Staff

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Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards