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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Vaca, Erika (916) 445-0448ARB Staff
 Vaca, Patrick (916) 324-1146ARB Staff
 Vacaru, Maria (916) 322-7433ARB Staff
 Vagadori, Kyle (916) 445-9391ARB Staff
 Vaghefi, Shayan (916) 341-5948SWRCB Staff
 Vaghefi, Sina Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Vahlsing, Candace (916) 323-2602ARB Staff
 Vaidya, Ajit (916) 255-3683DTSC Staff
 Valadez, Noah (916) 341-6171CalRecycle Manager
 Valdez, Brenda (916) 341-5233SWRCB Manager
 Valdez, Chelsey (916) 322-4155ARB Manager
 Valdovinos, Melissa (619) 521-8039Water/R9 Staff
 Valencia, Bobbi (213) 620-6362Water/R4 Staff
 Valencia, Nicholas (916) 322-5539DTSC Not Available
 Valencia, Thomas (626) 575-6741ARB Branch Chief
 Valenza, Charles (916) 327-1188DTSC Staff
 Valenzuela, Nick (916) 322-4035CalRecycle Staff
 Valle, Mary Kay (916) 322-0489DTSC Not Available
 Van, Nelson (916) 229-0494ARB Staff
 Van, Tara (916) 445-3603Agency Staff
 Van Brocklin, Paul (916) 440-8216ARB Staff
 Van Camp, Marc (916) 319-0466SWRCB Staff
 Van Dyke, Donald (916) 341-6869CalRecycle Staff
 Van Dyke, Marisa (916) 322-8431SWRCB Staff
 Van Gee, Barbara (916) 324-9949ARB Staff
 Van Ostrand-Waters, Joy (916) 341-5075SWRCB Supervisor
 Vance, William (916) 323-1507ARB Staff
 Vanderburg, Michael (916) 327-2769CalRecycle Staff
 Vanderburgh, Brent (916) 323-0065SWRCB Specialist
 VanderMaiden, Monette (916) 327-8499ARB Supervisor
 Vandermast, Jamie (916) 327-4717ARB Staff
 VanderSchaaf, Anthony (916) 341-6266CalRecycle Staff
 Vanderspek, Sylvia (916) 324-7163ARB Branch Manager
 VanderWerf, Rachelanne (916) 341-5471SWRCB Staff
 VandeWyngard, Christopher (916) 341-5391SWRCB Staff
 vanDiepen, Elizabeth (530) 542-5492Water/R6 Staff
 Vang, BrightMoon Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Vang, Leah (916) 323-7903SWRCB Supervisor
 Vang, Linda Not AvailableARB Staff
 Vang, Megan (916) 341-5130SWRCB Staff
 Vang, Paul (916) 322-0279DTSC Staff
 Vang, Va (916) 341-5024SWRCB Staff
 Vang, Vickie (916) 324-3950DPR Staff
 Vang-Khue, Jeff (916) 341-6308CalRecycle Student
 Vanhmachack, John (916) 445-9502SWRCB Staff
 Vanina, Stacy (916) 341-5151CalRecycle Staff
 VanKeuren, Kristine (916) 323-4515ARB Staff
 Vanzant, Arlmon (916) 229-0384ARB Staff
 Varadarajan, Charanya (916) 322-1223ARB Supervisor
 Varela, Lule (510) 540-3800DTSC Staff
 Varela, Marlon (916) 341-6120CalRecycle Staff
 Vargas, Luz (213) 620-2219Water/R4 Staff
 Vargas, Melissa (916) 341-6271CalRecycle Supervisor
 Vargas, Thomas R. (916) 255-3719DTSC Staff
 Vargas, Veronica (916) 323-0921SWRCB Staff
 Variawa, Asma (310) 342-6125CalRecycle Staff
 Varshavsky, Julia (510) 622-3169OEHHA Staff
 Vasconcellos, Angela (916) 229-0501ARB Staff
 Vasquez, Akira (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Vasquez, Anthony (916) 324-2423DTSC Not Available
 Vasquez, Hilda (760) 776-8950Water/R7 Supervisor
 Vasquez, Juan (916) 323-1959CalRecycle Staff
 Vasquez, Veronica (916) 327-8766SWRCB Staff
 Vasquez, Victor (916) 323-9407SWRCB Supervisor
 Vasquez-Rodriguez, Itzel (916) 445-5615SWRCB Staff
 Vasu, Ramesh Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Vats, Puja (213) 576-6611Water/R4 Supervisor
 Vaughan-Pfand, Elizabeth (916) 341-6520CalRecycle Student
 Vazquez, Pedro Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Vega, Ana (916) 323-3741SWRCB Staff
 Veile, William (916) 255-3596DTSC Staff
 Vejar, Monica (916) 322-3707ARB Staff
 Vela, Monet (916) 323-2517OEHHA Staff
 Vela, Sara A. (818) 717-6618DTSC Staff
 Velasquez, Marina (916) 341-5428SWRCB Staff
 Velikovich, Galina (510) 540-3826DTSC Staff
 Veliz, Karen (916) 322-1580CalRecycle Support Staff
 Venecek, Melissa (916) 323-8473ARB Staff
 Vengco, Aletha (916) 323-7692DPR Staff
 Vengco, Ronaldo (916) 324-3528DPR Staff
 Venkatasubramanian, Sowmya (323) 803-2504DTSC Staff
 Vergara, Leonor (951) 782-4170CalRecycle Staff
 Vergis, Sydney (916) 322-3851ARB Asst. Division Chief
 Verke, Paul (916) 445-4300DPR Assistant Director
 Verma, Neelima (916) 324-3515DPR Supervisor
 Verma, Salvin (916) 324-1779DTSC Staff
 Vessels, Kevin (916) 327-6097DTSC Staff
 Victoria, Matthew (916) 255-6637DTSC Staff
 Vidic, Natasha (916) 464-4614Water/R5 Staff
 Vidrio, Edgar (916) 323-2778DPR Branch Chief
 Viera, Edith (707) 576-2664Water/R1 Supervisor
 Vigil, Theresa (916) 255-6622DTSC Staff
 Vijayan, Abhilash (916) 324-0621ARB Manager
 Villa, Elias (916) 327-0886ARB Staff
 Villa, Glen (916) 324-8177ARB Staff
 Villa, Monica (714) 484-5467DTSC Staff
 Villa, Victoria (626) 575-6772ARB Staff
 Villacorta, Claudia (707) 576-2069Water/R1 Asst. Executive Officer
 Villagomez, Nancy (760) 339-2760DTSC Staff
 Villalobos, Gina (916) 323-3739SWRCB Staff
 Villamater, Jovanne (510) 540-3876DTSC Staff
 Villamayor, Jess (818) 717-6601DTSC Staff
 Villar, Angelica (818) 717-6517DTSC Staff
 Villar, Rosie (213) 576-6630Water/R4 Lead
 VillaRomero, Juan F. (510) 540-2756DTSC Staff
 Villasenor, Veronica (916) 255-3651DTSC Staff
 Villegas, Belinda (916) 255-3597DTSC Staff
 Vincent, Angela (916) 323-1796CalRecycle Supervisor
 Vinoya, Mario (213) 482-9739DTSC Staff
 Vinson, Pamela (916) 445-2944DTSC Staff
 Vintze, Roger (760) 339-2777DTSC Staff
 Violet, Alicia (916) 322-6403ARB Staff
 Visina, Maryana (916) 327-6935ARB Staff
 Vital, Mario (916) 341-5622SWRCB Staff
 Vitale, Pavlova (213) 576-6688Water/R4 Supervisor
 Vitug, Ryan (213) 576-6663Water/R4 Staff
 Vivas, Alejandro (510) 540-3911DTSC Not Available
 Vizenor, Nick (626) 575-6672ARB Staff
 Vizenor, Tory (916) 324-4156DPR Staff
 Vlach, Diane (916) 341-6393CalRecycle Supervisor
 Vlach, Justin (916) 341-6178CalRecycle Staff
 Vlach, Kyle (916) 322-1825CalRecycle Staff
 Vlasek, Greg (916) 322-1029ARB Staff
 Vo, Dustin (626) 450-6225ARB Staff
 Vo, Telena (626) 350-6530ARB Staff
 Vo, Thu (626) 575-6846ARB Manager
 Vogt, Samuel (916) 322-8922ARB Staff
 Voisin, Ailene (916) 324-4775SWRCB Information Officer
 von Henneberg, Krystyna (916) 323-6553OEHHA Staff
 Von Langen, Peter (805) 549-3688Water/R3 Staff
 Von Teichert, Joseph (818) 717-6508DTSC Staff
 Vona, Matthew (916) 323-1807ARB Staff
 Vona, Zuzana (916) 229-0759ARB Staff
 Vong, Jenny (916) 229-0971ARB Staff
 Voong, Man (213) 576-6808Water/R4 Staff
 Vorametsanti, Audrey (916) 323-0034CalRecycle Staff
 Vork, Kathleen (510) 622-3158OEHHA Staff
 Vossler, Jovel (916) 341-5204SWRCB Staff
 Vu, Anh-Duong (916) 324-3150DTSC Not Available
 Vu, Chinh (916) 255-3661DTSC Staff
 Vu, David (626) 450-6176ARB Staff
 Vu, Jimmy (626) 350-6487ARB Staff
 Vu, Vincent (916) 323-5669SWRCB Staff
 Vue, Cheng (916) 319-9284SWRCB Staff
 Vue, Mally (916) 449-5621SWRCB Staff
 Vue, Nao (916) 341-6319CalRecycle Staff
 Vue, Ntsum (916) 323-9073ARB Staff
 Vuong, Ryan (916) 324-6679DPR Staff
 Vuong, Toan (510) 540-3610DTSC Contract Personnel

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards