Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Tackett, Daniel (916) 324-6699ARB Staff
 Talamantez, Katherine (916) 322-2891ARB Staff
 Talhelm, Alan (916) 324-5548ARB Staff
 Tamber, Sara (916) 229-0379ARB Staff
 Tan, Yi (916) 324-7903ARB Staff
 Tasat, Webster (916) 323-4950ARB Manager
 Tatipigari, Vijayakumar (916) 323-1151ARB Contract Personnel
 Taylor, Nicholas (916) 445-3522ARB Staff
 Testard, Theresa Not AvailableARB Staff
 Thalken, Paul (916) 445-9499ARB Staff
 Thalken, Ryan (916) 319-7102ARB Staff
 Thalluru, Tejaswi Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Theantanoo, Steven (626) 575-6992ARB Staff
 Thomas, Brent (916) 229-0576ARB Staff
 Thomas, Carol (916) 322-0289ARB Staff
 Thompson, David (916) 229-0331ARB Staff
 Thompson, Douglas (916) 322-6922ARB Manager
 Thor, Seng (916) 322-8209ARB Staff
 Thorne, Bradley (626) 450-6290ARB Staff
 Tipton, James (916) 323-0013ARB Staff
 Toft, Steven (916) 322-6154ARB Staff
 Tom, Bradley (916) 323-7560ARB Staff
 Tong, Alice (626) 450-6146ARB Staff
 Tong, Chinghang (916) 440-8294ARB Staff
 Torres, Jolene (916) 440-8266ARB Staff
 Toutoundjian, Henry (626) 575-6880ARB Staff
 Tran, Danny (626) 450-6101ARB Staff
 Tran, Hien (916) 322-2449ARB Staff
 Tran, Jackson (916) 323-1511ARB Staff
 Tran, Thien (916) 322-0517ARB Staff
 Tran, Tiffany (916) 322-9350ARB Staff
 Tran, Travis (916) 324-2717ARB Staff
 Tran, Tung (626) 450-6267ARB Staff
 Traverso, Melissa (916) 324-6916ARB Staff
 Trinh, Eric (626) 575-6861ARB Staff
 Trowbridge, Abigail (916) 327-4725ARB Staff
 Trumbly, Steve (916) 322-2297ARB Staff
 Truong, Tin (626) 350-6513ARB Staff
 Tsan, Van (916) 327-8543ARB Staff
 Tsang, Eva (916) 322-9380ARB Staff
 Tsao, Chi-Chung (916) 327-0376ARB Staff
 Tsiu, Andrew (916) 324-0317ARB Staff
 Tu, Jesse (626) 575-6871ARB Staff
 Tuazon, Grace (916) 322-7105ARB Staff
 Tuk, Ihor Not AvailableARB Student
 Tuk, Valentyn (916) 324-1843ARB Staff
 Tummala, Anudeep Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Tunnell, Silvia (916) 440-8255ARB Staff
 Turkiewicz, Kasia (916) 445-6497ARB Staff
 Turner, Douglas (916) 229-0761ARB Staff
 Turner, Melanie (916) 322-2825ARB Staff
 Turner, Shannon (916) 322-8154ARB Staff
 Tuter, Bruce (916) 322-4710ARB Manager
 Tyler, Domunique (916) 322-4163ARB Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards