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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Ta, Nicholas (714) 484-5381DTSC Not Available
 Tabor, Rebecca (530) 226-3458Water/R5 Staff
 Tackett, Daniel (916) 324-6699ARB Staff
 Tadena, Thaddeus (916) 322-2454CalRecycle Staff
 Tadesse, Dawit (916) 341-5486SWRCB Specialist
 Tadlock, Stephanie (916) 464-4644Water/R5 Supervisor
 Tafarella, Brigitte (916) 445-7489DPR Supervisor
 Tahara, Kevin (916) 322-0338DPR Staff
 Tai, Lung-yin (916) 322-7287DTSC Staff
 Taidy, Maryam (213) 576-6741Water/R4 Staff
 Taing, Adam (213) 576-6752Water/R4 Staff
 Taing, Stephanie (714) 279-7031DPR Staff
 Takaku-Pugh, Sayaka (510) 540-3605DTSC Staff
 Talamantez, Katherine (916) 322-2891ARB Staff
 Talani, Lisa (916) 255-3447DTSC Staff
 Talanki, Priyanka (916) 341-6409CalRecycle Staff
 Talhelm, Alan (916) 324-5548ARB Staff
 Talla, Nikhil (916) 341-6473CalRecycle Staff
 Talpasanu, Alex (916) 341-6262CalRecycle Staff
 Talpasanu, Leslie (916) 322-2152DPR Supervisor
 Tam, Byron (916) 324-1533DPR Staff
 Tam, Kit Man (Anna) (916) 323-3505DTSC Staff
 Tam-Toy, Lynn (916) 445-1782DTSC Not Available
 Tamanaha, Marques (916) 449-5645SWRCB Staff
 Tamber, Sara (916) 229-0379ARB Staff
 Tammali, Balraj (559) 445-5156Water/R5 Staff
 Tamondong, Loreto (916) 341-6464CalRecycle Staff
 Tan, Reginald (760) 776-8944Water/R7 Staff
 Tan, Yi (916) 324-7903ARB Staff
 Tanamachi, Michael (916) 323-3524SWRCB Staff
 Tandel, Bhargav (916) 322-8564DTSC Staff
 Tandel, Smita (916) 445-4595DPR Supervisor
 Tang, Helen (916) 322-4023CalRecycle Staff
 Tang, Michelle (916) 341-5504SWRCB Staff
 Tanner, Eric (916) 341-6181CalRecycle Staff
 Tanouye, David (510) 622-2360Water/R2 Staff
 Tao, Jing (510) 622-3157OEHHA Staff
 Tapia, Joseph (559) 297-3977DTSC Staff
 Tapia, Maritza (916) 255-3686DTSC Not Available
 Tapia-Acosta, Daniela (916) 229-0321ARB Staff
 Tappel, Mary (916) 341-5491SWRCB Staff
 Tarrant, Darcy (510) 540-3869DTSC Staff
 Tasat, Webster (916) 323-4950ARB Manager
 Tasiopoulos, Theodore (916) 341-6084CalRecycle Staff
 Tasnif-abbasi, Maryam (714) 484-5489DTSC Staff
 Tatipigari, Vijayakumar (916) 323-1151ARB Contract Personnel
 Tatoian-Cain, Carrie (916) 255-3771DTSC Manager
 Tator, Susanna (916) 255-3574DTSC Not Available
 Tauber, Adam (916) 323-6888CalRecycle Assistant Director
 Taul, Laurie (510) 622-2508Water/R2 Staff
 Tauriainen, Andrew (916) 341-5889SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Taxer, Eric (530) 542-5434Water/R6 Supervisor
 Taylor, Aaron (559) 447-3485SWRCB Staff
 Taylor, Alejandra (916) 323-0922SWRCB Staff
 Taylor, Brian (916) 324-5784DTSC Staff
 Taylor, Brian (916) 464-4662Water/R5 Staff
 Taylor, Debra (916) 255-6613DTSC Staff
 Taylor, Gabrielle (916) 323-8325DTSC Staff
 Taylor, James (916) 464-4669Water/R5 Specialist
 Taylor, Jeffrey (562) 981-2392CalRecycle Supervisor
 Taylor, Justine (916) 319-9423SWRCB Staff
 Taylor, Kareem (916) 445-9553DTSC Not Available
 Taylor, Krystle (916) 327-2040SWRCB Staff
 Taylor, Mariah (559) 297-5419DPR Staff
 Taylor, Martin (916) 341-5416SWRCB Staff
 Taylor, Michelle (916) 341-6929SWRCB Supervisor
 Taylor, Nicholas (916) 445-3522ARB Staff
 Taylor, Paul (999) 999-9999DTSC Staff
 Taylor, Randall (916) 324-5772DTSC Staff
 Taylor, Sarah (916) 324-9670Agency Executive Assistant
 Taylor, Theresa (916) 341-6348CalRecycle Support Staff
 Taylor, Tiffany (916) 324-2446DTSC Staff
 Teague, Jessica (916) 445-6355DPR Staff
 Teerlink, Jennifer (916) 445-3195DPR Acting Supervisor
 Tell, Alan (619) 645-2573SWRCB Staff
 Tembreull, Laura (916) 341-6217CalRecycle Staff
 Tenorio, Claudia (213) 576-6761Water/R4 Staff
 Terry, Daron (916) 341-5205SWRCB Staff
 Tesema, Mary (916) 324-2840CalRecycle Staff
 Tesser, Jayme (916) 341-6047CalRecycle Staff
 Testard, Theresa Not AvailableARB Staff
 Teurn, Nai (916) 323-1799CalRecycle Staff
 Teurn, Yoon (916) 341-6374CalRecycle Staff
 Thach, BichHien (916) 341-5825SWRCB Staff
 Thai, Morgan (916) 445-3054DPR Staff
 Thaler, Parker (916) 341-5321SWRCB Supervisor
 Thalhamer, Todd (916) 341-6356CalRecycle Staff
 Thalken, Paul (916) 445-9499ARB Staff
 Thalken, Ryan (916) 319-7102ARB Staff
 Thalluru, Tejaswi Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Thananant, Isara (916) 323-5195SWRCB Staff
 Thao, Tee (916) 322-9831DPR Staff
 Thayer, Beth (916) 464-4671Water/R5 Staff
 Theantanoo, Steven (626) 575-6992ARB Staff
 Theisen, Ken (951) 320-2028Water/R8 Staff
 Thilakaratne, Ruwan (510) 622-1177OEHHA Student Assistant E A
 Thomas, Brent (916) 229-0576ARB Staff
 Thomas, Carol (916) 322-0289ARB Staff
 Thomas, Cheryl (916) 341-5148SWRCB Specialist
 Thomas, Dean (805) 549-3690Water/R3 Staff
 Thomas, Frederick (916) 322-0560CalRecycle Staff
 Thomas, Hilary M. (916) 255-6515DTSC Staff
 Thomas, Katherine (916) 322-1391SWRCB Staff
 Thomas, Marie (510) 622-2428SWRCB Staff
 Thompson, Brendan (707) 576-2699Water/R1 Staff
 Thompson, Brian (510) 622-2422Water/R2 Supervisor
 Thompson, David (916) 229-0331ARB Staff
 Thompson, Debra (916) 341-5044SWRCB Staff
 Thompson, Douglas (916) 322-6922ARB Manager
 Thompson, Harley (951) 782-4182CalRecycle Staff
 Thompson, Joseph (510) 540-2608DTSC Staff
 Thompson, Steven (916) 464-4803Water/R5 Support Staff
 Thomsen, Elizabeth (916) 322-2934SWRCB Staff
 Thomsen, Scott (916) 445-3895DPR Staff
 Thor, Seng (916) 322-8209ARB Staff
 Thorn, Michael Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Thorne, Bradley (626) 450-6290ARB Staff
 Thornton, Garrett M. (916) 255-3748DTSC Staff
 Thotakura, Lalitha (619) 521-3002Water/R9 Staff
 Thunen, Emily (916) 445-4233DPR Support Staff
 Thung, Joyce (916) 341-6589CalRecycle Staff
 Thyberg, Peter (916) 255-3246DTSC Not Available
 Tibor, Jessica (510) 540-3835DTSC Staff
 Tierney, Jeff (916) 464-4841Water/R5 Staff
 Tieu, Lily (916) 341-6422CalRecycle Staff
 Timbol, Evangeline (818) 717-6651DTSC Staff
 Tindell-Hofman, Rebecca (916) 449-5611SWRCB Staff
 Ting, David (510) 622-3226OEHHA Branch Chief
 Tiopan, Danielle (916) 464-4627Water/R5 Staff
 Tipton, James (916) 323-0013ARB Staff
 Tisdale, Elizabeth (916) 255-6666DTSC Not Available
 Tjie, Denny (916) 322-0226CalRecycle Staff
 Tkac, Jacqueline (805) 542-6163Water/R3 Staff
 To, Ching-Yin (213) 576-6696Water/R4 Supervisor
 To, Elisa (916) 322-3910DTSC Not Available
 Toft, Steven (916) 322-6154ARB Staff
 Toft-Dupuy, Bayley (916) 341-5165SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Tohami, Ali (818) 717-6682DTSC Staff
 Tolin, Michael (916) 552-9995SWRCB Staff
 Tom, Bradley (916) 323-7560ARB Staff
 Toma, Anna (626) 304-2711DTSC Staff
 Tomlinson, Lois (510) 540-2853DTSC Staff
 Tompkins, Patricia (916) 341-5119SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Toms, Christina (510) 622-2506Water/R2 Staff
 Toneva, Snejana (213) 576-7159Water/R4 Staff
 Toney, Jennifer (916) 319-8246SWRCB Supervisor
 Tong, Alice (626) 450-6146ARB Staff
 Tong, Chinghang (916) 440-8294ARB Staff
 Tong, Weixing (213) 576-6715Water/R4 Supervisor
 Tong, Yin (510) 622-2418Water/R2 Staff
 Tooker, Shamila (916) 322-3069CalRecycle Staff
 Tornai, Ryan (510) 540-2735DTSC Not Available
 Torres, Andres (916) 341-6428CalRecycle Staff
 Torres, Andria (916) 327-2898CalRecycle Staff
 Torres, Anna (510) 622-2496Water/R2 Manager
 Torres, Carmela (916) 322-7893DTSC Not Available
 Torres, Jolene (916) 440-8266ARB Staff
 Torres, Kristen (916) 322-9687SWRCB Staff
 Torres, Mary (818) 717-6651DTSC Staff
 Torres, Ruby (916) 449-5610SWRCB Staff
 Torres, Stephanie (916) 341-5572SWRCB Staff
 Torres-Olazaba, Angelica (559) 447-3300SWRCB Staff
 Torres-Urquidy, Oscar (714) 279-7679DPR Staff
 Tosney, Meghan G. (916) 341-5458SWRCB Manager
 Toto, Anthony (916) 445-9415CalRecycle Staff
 Totten, Pauline (916) 341-6583CalRecycle Staff
 Touchi, Kimiye (916) 255-3667DTSC Staff
 Touchi, Steve (916) 255-6551DTSC Staff
 Toumari, Arman (213) 576-6758Water/R4 Staff
 Tousant, Willie (916) 445-0429DPR Staff
 Toutoundjian, Henry (626) 575-6880ARB Staff
 Townsend, Ana (213) 576-6738Water/R4 Staff
 Townsend, Jeanine (916) 341-5600SWRCB Clerk to the Board
 Townzen, Jill (916) 324-6174DPR Supervisor
 Tran, Alice (916) 322-2099SWRCB Staff
 Tran, Bobby (916) 327-2711Agency Staff
 Tran, Danny (626) 450-6101ARB Staff
 Tran, Darren T. (916) 341-5388SWRCB Staff
 Tran, Dat (916) 248-2719SWRCB Manager
 Tran, Hien (916) 464-4781Water/R5 Support Staff
 Tran, Hien (916) 322-2449ARB Staff
 Tran, Jackson (916) 323-1511ARB Staff
 Tran, Justin (916) 445-4096DPR Staff
 Tran, Kiet (916) 341-5230SWRCB Staff
 Tran, Nang (916) 322-1828CalRecycle Staff
 Tran, Nhat (916) 449-5585SWRCB Staff
 Tran, Thien (916) 322-0517ARB Staff
 Tran, Tiffany (916) 322-9350ARB Staff
 Tran, Travis (916) 324-2717ARB Staff
 Tran, Tung (626) 450-6267ARB Staff
 Tran, Van (916) 445-5924OEHHA Staff
 Tran, Xuyen (916) 322-2831DTSC Not Available
 Tran, Yen (714) 558-4707SWRCB Staff
 Tran Sok, Hang (916) 654-3767SWRCB Staff
 Tran-Ruelas, Lucy (916) 552-9127SWRCB Supervisor
 Trapp, Rebecca (916) 327-8720DTSC Staff
 Traver, Kaitlin (951) 782-4992Water/R8 Staff
 Traverso, Melissa (916) 324-6916ARB Staff
 Treadwell, Sarah (805) 549-3695Water/R3 Staff
 Trearse, Tami (916) 255-3747DTSC Staff
 Trejo-Arce, Jocelyn (916) 341-6349CalRecycle Staff
 Trigilio, Razel (818) 717-6669DTSC Staff
 Trinh, Duong (626) 350-6560ARB Staff
 Trinh, Eric (626) 575-6861ARB Staff
 Trinh-Le, Uyen (916) 323-4719SWRCB Supervisor
 Trowbridge, Abigail (916) 327-4725ARB Staff
 Trueblood, Julie (916) 341-6535CalRecycle Manager
 Trujillo, Anthony Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Trumann, Bea (916) 324-7031DTSC Staff
 Trumbly, Steve (916) 322-2297ARB Staff
 Truong, Catherine Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Truong, Dolly (916) 341-6402CalRecycle Staff
 Truong, Jennie (916) 322-5712DTSC Not Available
 Truong, Kathy (805) 549-3293Water/R3 Staff
 Truong, Kim (916) 324-3897DPR Staff
 Truong, Tin (626) 350-6513ARB Staff
 Truong, Vivian (916) 324-1798DTSC Not Available
 Tryon, Thea (805) 542-4776Water/R3 Asst. Executive Officer
 Tsai, Don (213) 576-6665Water/R4 Staff
 Tsai, Feng (510) 622-4122OEHHA Staff
 Tsan, Van (916) 327-8543ARB Staff
 Tsang, Van (510) 620-3602SWRCB Staff
 Tsao, Chi-Chung (916) 327-0376ARB Staff
 Tsay, Cindy (714) 484-5331DTSC Staff
 Tse, Thomas (916) 255-3643DTSC Staff
 Tsiu, Andrew (916) 324-0317ARB Staff
 Tsoi-A-Sue, Gail (818) 551-2006SWRCB Staff
 Tsui, Thomas (818) 551-2036SWRCB Staff
 Tsuji, Denise (916) 255-6657DTSC Staff
 Tu, Jesse (626) 575-6871ARB Staff
 Tu, Nancy (510) 540-3824DTSC Staff
 Tu, Tina (916) 341-5067SWRCB Staff
 Tu, Van Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Tuazon, Grace (916) 322-7105ARB Staff
 Tuck, Brittany (916) 322-4024CalRecycle Support Staff
 Tucker, Eunique (510) 540-2441DTSC Contract Personnel
 Tucker, Meghan (916) 255-6582DTSC Not Available
 Tucker, Robert (530) 542-5467Water/R6 Supervisor
 Tuk, Ihor Not AvailableARB Staff
 Tuk, Valentyn (916) 324-1843ARB Staff
 Tuli, Atac (916) 324-4264DPR Staff
 Tummala, Anudeep Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Tunnell, Silvia (916) 440-8255ARB Staff
 Turcotte, Andrew (916) 445-4403DPR Staff
 Turgeon, Michael (916) 341-6165CalRecycle Staff
 Turkiewicz, Kasia (916) 445-6497ARB Staff
 Turner, Angela (714) 484-5477DTSC Not Available
 Turner, Bernard (916) 324-3721Agency Staff
 Turner, Douglas (916) 229-0761ARB Staff
 Turner, Melanie (916) 322-2825ARB Staff
 Turner, Melanie (916) 323-0361SWRCB Staff
 Turner, Shannon (916) 322-8154ARB Staff
 Turrubiartes, Salvador (916) 552-9998SWRCB Staff
 Tuso, Keara (916) 324-6655SWRCB Staff
 Tuter, Bruce (916) 322-4710ARB Manager
 Tuteur, Tenaya (916) 255-6402DTSC Not Available
 Twining, Jessica (916) 445-2959DTSC Not Available
 Tyannikov, Sergey (916) 324-1295Agency Staff
 Tyler, Chandra (213) 576-6782Water/R4 Staff
 Tyler, Courtney (916) 341-5611SWRCB Staff
 Tyler, Domunique (916) 322-4163ARB Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards