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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Saeed, Rameen (916) 445-4413DTSC Contract Personnel
 Safai-Amini, Minoo (916) 323-0288DTSC Not Available
 Sahasrabudhe, Neena (916) 324-8660DTSC Not Available
 Saito, Deborah (714) 484-5390DTSC Staff
 Sakano, Yuko (916) 322-0712DTSC Not Available
 Salas, Marco (916) 255-3762DTSC Not Available
 Salcedo, Jose (916) 255-3732DTSC Staff
 Saldana, Allison (818) 717-6583DTSC Staff
 Salinas, Melissa (916) 322-7636DTSC Not Available
 Salloum, Haissam (818) 717-6538DTSC Not Available
 Salomon, Maria (916) 322-5919DTSC Not Available
 Sam, Mui (213) 977-7928DTSC Staff
 Sampson, Jonathan (916) 255-3792DTSC Not Available
 Sanchez, Kevin (916) 255-6549DTSC Not Available
 Sanders, Michele (916) 255-3760DTSC Staff
 Sanethavong, Khonesavanh (916) 324-3781DTSC Staff
 Sanoski, Nicole (916) 323-3399DTSC Staff
 Sarala, Roshni (510) 540-3608DTSC Staff
 Sarang, Amit (916) 324-4841DTSC Not Available
 Sardarbegians, Jaclyn (818) 717-6558DTSC Not Available
 Sargent, Linda (916) 322-4066DTSC Not Available
 Saroian, Ruth (916) 255-6449DTSC Not Available
 Sartippour, Guilan (213) 250-3045DTSC Staff
 Saska, Laszlo (916) 255-6553DTSC Staff
 Sayed, Safouh (714) 484-5478DTSC Staff
 Scheidel, Farrah (916) 255-3729DTSC Not Available
 Schievelbein, Kathie (916) 255-3988DTSC Staff
 Schlosser, Nicholas (916) 324-8866DTSC Not Available
 Schnell, Jessie (916) 324-2428DTSC Staff
 Schwartz, Debra (818) 717-6649DTSC Staff Counsel
 Sciullo, Eric (916) 255-6627DTSC Not Available
 Scott, Cynthia (818) 717-6516DTSC Staff
 Seckington, Thomas (714) 484-5424DTSC Staff
 Selzer, Brooke (510) 540-2914DTSC Not Available
 Senga, Robert (714) 484-5436DTSC Staff
 Setty, Asha (510) 540-3910DTSC Not Available
 Shaffer, Gregory (714) 484-5491DTSC Not Available
 Shaffer, Matthew (916) 255-3740DTSC Not Available
 Shah, Parag (510) 540-3827DTSC Not Available
 Shahriary, Shohreh (714) 484-5394DTSC Staff
 Shareef, Aslam (714) 484-5308DTSC Staff
 Sharma, Sheetal (916) 324-6545DTSC Not Available
 Sheahan, Brittany (619) 516-1986DTSC Not Available
 Sheehan, Eileen (510) 540-3976DTSC Contract Personnel
 Sheffield, Kyle (916) 324-3104DTSC Not Available
 Shen, Letitia (916) 255-3744DTSC Staff
 Sheow, Chinh (818) 717-6571DTSC Not Available
 Sheridan, Diane (916) 322-0481DTSC Not Available
 Shimada, Kyle (916) 324-1379DTSC Staff
 Shipp, David (Kevin) (916) 255-1761DTSC Not Available
 Shirai, Eugene (916) 327-4041DTSC Not Available
 Shirer, Allison (818) 717-6583DTSC Not Available
 Short, Chelsea (916) 255-2775DTSC Staff
 Shrum, Noel (916) 255-3671DTSC Staff
 Shukla, Ujjval (323) 803-2511DTSC Staff
 Siadatan, Dawn (916) 323-9755DTSC Not Available
 Siembab, Michael (916) 255-6579DTSC Not Available
 Siglowide, Kamili (916) 255-6527DTSC Staff
 Simpson, Jennifer (916) 255-6660DTSC Not Available
 Simpson, Joel Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Simpson, Marcus (916) 255-6683DTSC Staff
 Simunich, Jennifer (916) 323-9005DTSC Not Available
 Singh, Angela (916) 255-6616DTSC Staff
 Singh, Karishma (916) 323-3577DTSC Not Available
 Singh, Renu (916) 324-9822DTSC Not Available
 Sipula, Kevin (916) 327-8514DTSC Staff
 Sjaaheim, Jeffrey (916) 324-3122DTSC Not Available
 Skaug, Thomas (916) 255-6524DTSC Staff
 Sloan, LuAnne Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Smith, Kim (916) 322-2198DTSC Staff
 Smith, Sabrina (510) 540-2019DTSC Not Available
 Smith, Whitney (510) 540-3772DTSC Staff
 Snapp, Randy (916) 255-3711DTSC Not Available
 Soin, Alexander (510) 540-3609DTSC Staff
 Songco, Mellan (916) 255-3590DTSC Staff
 Soria, Maria (510) 540-3891DTSC Supervisor
 Sorrentino, Claudio (916) 255-6656DTSC Staff
 Sotelo, Jesus (916) 255-6670DTSC Staff
 Soulsby, Patty (916) 255-3564DTSC Staff
 Spearow, Jimmy (916) 255-6639DTSC Staff
 Spottsville, Christie (714) 484-5311DTSC Staff
 Spray, Josilynn J. (916) 449-5321DTSC Not Available
 Stanbury, Kedar (916) 445-1664DTSC Not Available
 Stark, Annette (916) 324-9821DTSC Staff
 Steen, Karen (510) 540-3838DTSC Not Available
 Sterling, Stephen (916) 255-3739DTSC Supervisor
 Stevens, Jennifer (818) 717-6661DTSC Not Available
 Stokell Buck, Taryn (510) 540-3899DTSC Staff
 Stomsvik, Mark (916) 255-3639DTSC Not Available
 Strand, Brian (916) 255-3688DTSC Not Available
 Strong, Kent (916) 255-6550DTSC Staff
 Stuck, Dave (818) 717-6652DTSC Staff
 Stuck, Larry (818) 717-6584DTSC Staff
 Stultz, Richard (818) 717-6519DTSC Not Available
 Sturmfels, Andrew (916) 322-7856DTSC Staff
 Sullivan, Robert (916) 323-8127DTSC Not Available
 sultana, Chand (818) 717-6552DTSC Staff
 Sun, Min (916) 324-1798DTSC Staff
 Sun, Yongsheng (John (510) 540-3872DTSC Not Available
 Supra, Simranpreet Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Sutterfield, Joshua (916) 327-4502DTSC Not Available
 Swartzlander, James (916) 324-3117DTSC Not Available
 Sweel, Greg (714) 484-5413DTSC Staff
 Sylve, Loretta (916) 255-6424DTSC Staff
 Szpak Chamecki, Carolina (323) 803-2505DTSC Not Available

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