Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Sabate, Shelly (626) 450-6144ARB Staff
 Saephanh, Brian (916) 445-4912ARB Staff
 Sahay, Keshav (626) 575-6946ARB Manager
 Sahni, Shobna (626) 450-6104ARB Manager
 Sahota, Rajinder (916) 323-8503ARB Division Chief
 Sakazaki, Ryan (916) 322-6070ARB Staff
 Sala, Sondra (916) 323-2738ARB Staff
 Sala-Moore, Sherrie (916) 322-0343ARB Staff
 Salardino, David (626) 575-6679ARB Manager
 Salas, Axel Not AvailableARB Staff
 Salcedo, Laura (916) 323-1180ARB Staff
 Saldana, Jose (916) 327-5630ARB Staff
 Sales, Victor (916) 229-0359ARB Staff
 Salim, Sophia S. (916) 327-1507ARB Staff
 Salmos, Maribeth (916) 322-3797ARB Staff
 Samra, Peter (916) 327-0055ARB Staff
 Sanchez, Margaret (626) 575-6888ARB Staff
 Sanchez, Monica (916) 324-2165ARB Manager
 Sanchez, Tiffine (916) 322-8001ARB Staff
 Sanchez, Yvonne (626) 575-6618ARB Staff
 Sanders, Kurt (916) 322-4342ARB Staff
 Sandez, Daniel (213) 922-5958ARB Staff
 Sandhu, Amritpal (916) 440-8275ARB Staff
 Sandoval, Julia (626) 575-6864ARB Staff
 Sardar, Satya (916) 323-1520ARB Manager
 Sato, Eugene (626) 575-6979ARB Staff
 Sawhill, Eric (916) 327-2953ARB Staff
 Sax, Todd (916) 229-0884ARB Division Chief
 Scarborough, Carolyn (916) 324-8029ARB Staff
 Schauland, Ryan (916) 324-1847ARB Supervisor
 Scheehle, Elizabeth (916) 322-7630ARB Division Chief
 Scheffelin, Tom (916) 327-7847ARB Staff
 Scheible, Michael (916) 323-0024ARB Retired Annuitant
 Schell, Dustin (916) 229-0402ARB Staff
 Scheller, Scott (559) 228-0854ARB Staff
 Schiffman, Julie (916) 324-4478ARB Staff
 Schilla, Annalisa (916) 322-8514ARB Manager
 Schlagel, Christopher (916) 327-5987ARB Manager
 Schmitz, April (916) 323-0025ARB Staff
 Schnabel, Garrett (916) 440-8268ARB Staff
 Schreiber, Curtis (626) 575-6778ARB Staff
 Schroeder, Jason (916) 324-0589ARB Staff
 Schuy, Mark (916) 324-0280ARB Staff
 Schwehr, Beth (916) 322-6002ARB Staff
 Scodel, Anna (916) 327-1505ARB Staff
 Scola, Samantha (916) 322-0220ARB Staff
 Scola, Vincent (916) 323-4293ARB Staff
 Scott, Klaus (916) 327-0301ARB Staff
 Scott, Marquise (916) 322-4079ARB Staff
 Sdun, Holger (916) 323-2722ARB Staff
 Seames, Patrick (661) 334-3993ARB Staff
 Segall, Craig (916) 323-9609ARB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Sehgal, Ben (916) 229-0638ARB Staff
 Sekigahama, Michael (916) 229-0390ARB Staff
 Selmi, Joanne (916) 323-8413ARB Staff
 Sengon, Yian (916) 323-4957ARB Staff
 Service Desk, OIS (916) 445-8812ARB Staff
 Setiawan, Win (916) 324-0337ARB Staff
 Seymour, Stephanie (916) 324-1278ARB Staff
 Shah, Mena (916) 324-7165ARB Manager
 Shahi, Hurshbir (916) 323-9687ARB Staff
 Shaw, Bradley (916) 229-0972ARB Staff
 Shelby, Stephen (916) 327-8228ARB Staff
 Sheley, Nicole (916) 327-8215ARB Staff
 Sherer, Sarrah (916) 322-1282ARB Staff
 Shields, Erin (626) 575-7060ARB Manager
 Shields, Justin (916) 229-0399ARB Staff
 Shields, Robert (626) 575-6750ARB Staff
 Shimizu, Diane (916) 229-0598ARB Staff
 Shimohashi, Koki (916) 324-9649ARB Staff
 Shultz Wood, Michelle (626) 459-4338ARB Staff
 Sicat, Tess (626) 459-4435ARB Branch Chief
 Sicking, Lois (626) 350-6427ARB Staff
 Sierra, Victor (916) 322-7154ARB Staff
 Silva, Fernando (916) 323-2697ARB Staff
 Silva, Sudesh (626) 350-6459ARB Staff
 Silvas, Francisco (916) 322-0216ARB Staff
 Simangan, Ryman (916) 229-0395ARB Staff
 Simmons, Joshua (916) 327-9435ARB Staff
 Simms, Paula Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Simoni, Tony (916) 323-2663ARB Staff
 Sincoff, Kurt (916) 327-5616ARB Staff
 Singh, Abajh (916) 322-8276ARB Staff
 Singh, Gurpreet (916) 322-8212ARB Supervisor
 Singh, Jaynesh (916) 322-2274ARB Supervisor
 Singh, Kavita Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Singh, Lalita (916) 322-8168ARB Staff
 Singh, Manisha (916) 327-1501ARB Branch Chief
 Singh, Raksha (916) 327-0005ARB Staff
 Singh, Surend (916) 445-8813ARB Staff
 Sippola, Mark (916) 323-1095ARB Supervisor
 Siroky, Mark (916) 440-8220ARB Staff
 Slavensky, Jane (916) 323-4799ARB Staff
 Sleiman, Samir (916) 327-2965ARB Staff
 Sloat, Daniel (916) 445-6059ARB Staff
 Slockbower, Amy (916) 440-8227ARB Staff
 Smedley, Duncan (626) 459-4369ARB Staff
 Smith, Adriana (916) 323-5450ARB Staff
 Smith, Bailey (916) 324-5930ARB Manager
 Smith, Dmitri (916) 324-7901ARB Staff
 Smith, Jeremy (916) 445-9370ARB Staff
 Smith, Kristina (916) 323-1068ARB Staff
 Smith, Reginald (916) 327-1238ARB Manager
 Snyder, Karen (916) 323-1537ARB Staff
 Snyder, Kenneth (626) 450-6295ARB Staff
 Sobieralski, Wayne E. (916) 229-0368ARB Staff
 Sogutlugil, Mimi (916) 324-2755ARB Staff
 Soheili, Farnaz (916) 324-5932ARB Staff
 Solari, Elizabeth (916) 323-3303ARB Manager
 Solomon, Raquel (916) 440-8219ARB Staff
 Soni, Arpit (916) 323-2661ARB Manager
 Sorensen, Louise (916) 324-1845ARB Staff
 Soria, Pablo (626) 459-4340ARB Staff
 Soria, Teresa Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Soriano, Bonnie (916) 322-8277ARB Branch Chief
 Soroya, Shaheena (916) 324-5289ARB Manager
 Sothy, Kevin (626) 575-6751ARB Staff
 Southmayd, Jennifer (916) 322-0603ARB Supervisor
 Spiegel, Natalie (916) 324-5865ARB Staff
 Spranger, Carmen (916) 322-2778ARB Staff
 Sroa, Jatinder Not AvailableARB Staff
 Stanfield, Julie (916) 229-0730ARB Staff
 Stark, Ken (916) 229-0388ARB Staff
 Stasik, Serge (916) 229-0965ARB Staff
 Steele, Crystal M. (916) 229-0863ARB Staff
 Steele, Jimmy Not AvailableARB Staff
 Steinhart, Aubrey (916) 327-8097ARB Staff
 Sterling, Gina (916) 322-1723ARB Staff
 Sterling, Todd (916) 323-2397ARB Staff
 Stern, Lesley E. (916) 323-2913ARB Staff
 Stewart, Ana (916) 322-7467ARB Staff
 Stewart, Shannon (916) 322-5840ARB Administrative Assistant
 Stockton, Alex (916) 322-8493ARB Staff
 Stoutingburg-Alewine, Vickie (626) 575-6802ARB Staff
 Stover, Cynthia (916) 229-0496ARB Staff
 Stroud, Kenneth (916) 324-7630ARB Branch Chief
 Su, Feng-Chiao (916) 440-8245ARB Staff
 Suarez-Murias, Christine (916) 323-1495ARB Staff
 Sullivan, Katy (916) 322-8195ARB Staff
 Sultana, Camille (916) 440-8240ARB Staff
 Sun, Huawei (916) 229-0329ARB Staff
 Suri, Anil Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Sutkus, Carol (916) 322-1229ARB Manager
 Swanson, John E. (916) 323-3076ARB Manager
 Swanton, John (626) 575-6965ARB Staff
 Swenson, Breanna (916) 440-8284ARB Staff
 Szarnyasi, Eniko (626) 350-6415ARB Staff
 Szelagowski, Erin (916) 323-1523ARB Staff
 Szepesi, Sarah (916) 327-1256ARB Staff

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Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards