Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Rabinowitsh, Nicholas (916) 322-3762ARB Counsel
 Rahbari, Samir (916) 322-4620ARB Staff
 Rahman, Mahfuz (626) 459-4320ARB Staff
 Rai, Rajmir (916) 327-5614ARB Staff
 Rainey, Patrick (916) 327-4756ARB Manager
 Ramalingam, Jordan (916) 322-7186ARB Staff
 Ramalingam, Ravi (916) 322-2085ARB Branch Manager
 Ramalingam, Zachary (916) 440-8280ARB Staff
 Ramesh, Utpala (626) 459-4365ARB Staff
 Ramirez, Irma (626) 350-6419ARB Staff
 Ramirez, Jonathan (626) 575-6797ARB Staff
 Ramirez, Leonardo (916) 324-6915ARB Manager
 Randhawa, Ashneil (916) 445-9562ARB Student
 Ranganathan, Sindhuja (626) 450-6277ARB Staff
 Rangel, Ramon Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Rath, Susan (626) 575-7099ARB Staff
 Ratliff, Gretchen (626) 450-6266ARB Staff
 Raymond, Johnnie (916) 445-8279ARB Staff
 Razavi, Matt (916) 324-7332ARB Staff
 Reck, Randy (916) 324-3013ARB Staff
 Reed, Susan (626) 575-6847ARB Staff
 Regenfuss, Michael (626) 575-7004ARB Manager
 Rejmanek, Honza (916) 324-9672ARB Staff
 Reul-Chen, Crystal (626) 450-6227ARB Staff
 Reyes, Celeste (916) 323-0563ARB Staff
 Reyes, Della (916) 323-3986ARB Staff
 Reyes, Michael (916) 229-0888ARB Staff
 Rhim, Helena (916) 229-0391ARB Staff
 Rhinehart, Ashley (916) 322-6962ARB Staff
 Rhoades, Jenna (916) 322-1804ARB Staff
 Rhodes, Alyssa (916) 440-8232ARB Staff
 Rhondeau, Randy (916) 229-0446ARB Staff
 Richards, Kelly (916) 322-8215ARB Staff
 Richards, Nadia (916) 322-8987ARB Staff
 Richey, Adrienne (916) 323-9591ARB Staff
 Ridley, David (916) 323-2105ARB Staff
 Rifredi, Chas (916) 229-0547ARB Staff
 Rimar, Steve (916) 440-8233ARB Contract Personnel
 Rivas, Jake (916) 324-1362ARB Staff
 Rivera, Marissa (916) 445-1365ARB Staff
 Roberson, Wayne (916) 322-8387ARB Staff
 Roberts, Gordan (916) 322-6952ARB Staff
 Robertson, Andrew (916) 322-8211ARB Branch Chief
 Robertson, William (Bill) (626) 459-4467ARB Staff
 Rodas, Ralph (626) 459-4457ARB Staff
 Rode, Erin (916) 440-8247ARB Executive Fellow
 Roderick, Keith (916) 327-7838ARB Staff
 Rodgers, Annmarie (916) 322-1855ARB Branch Chief
 Rodriguez, Francisco (916) 323-1158ARB Staff
 Rodriguez, Norma (626) 575-6736ARB Staff
 Roma, Monica Not AvailableARB Staff
 Roman, Patricia (916) 323-1043ARB Manager
 Ronsse, Betsy (916) 327-0949ARB Staff
 Roots, Robert (916) 229-0392ARB Staff
 Rose, Brandon (916) 327-8495ARB Staff
 Roush, Cathleen (916) 445-1051ARB Staff
 Rowland, Scott (626) 350-6518ARB Branch Chief
 Rubin, Eugene (916) 323-0006ARB Staff
 Ruch, Roberta (916) 324-3333ARB Staff
 Rucker, Jason (916) 322-2083ARB Staff
 Ruehl, Chris (916) 323-1520ARB Staff
 Ruiz, Gabriel (916) 322-7673ARB Manager
 Runyon, Rhonda (626) 350-6551ARB Staff
 Russell, Jessica (916) 322-0346ARB Staff
 Ruszczycky, Nicki (916) 440-8265ARB Supervisor
 Rybikov, Andrey (916) 440-8251ARB Staff
 Rynearson, John (916) 322-7048ARB Staff

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Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards