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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Rabbani, Omid (909) 888-4985SWRCB Staff
 Rabelo, Gerardo (213) 576-6671SWRCB Staff
 Rabinowitsh, Nicholas (916) 322-3762ARB Counsel
 Racca, Roman (916) 255-6407DTSC Staff
 Rachels, Aaron Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Racz, Tiffany (530) 542-5424Water/R6 Staff
 Rader, Geoff (916) 464-4707Water/R5 Staff
 Radford, Ryan (916) 322-7179Agency Staff
 Radke, Laura (818) 717-6562DTSC Not Available
 Raez, Blanca (818) 717-6518DTSC Staff
 Raftery, Peter (213) 576-6724Water/R4 Staff
 Ragazzi, Erin (916) 322-9634SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Rahab, Roya (916) 341-5668SWRCB Staff
 Rahbari, Samir (916) 322-4620ARB Staff
 Rahimy, Hamidah (916) 341-5414SWRCB Supervisor
 Rahman, Mahfuz (626) 459-4320ARB Staff
 Rahmani, Alireza (213) 620-2122Water/R4 Staff
 Rai, Rajmir (916) 327-5614ARB Staff
 Rainey, Laura (714) 484-5434DTSC Not Available
 Rainey, Patrick (916) 327-4756ARB Manager
 Raisis, Megan Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Rakhamimov, Vladimir (510) 620-3462SWRCB Staff
 Raley, Jason (818) 717-6511DTSC Not Available
 Ramadan, Khaled (714) 484-5376DTSC Staff
 Ramage, Robert (510) 540-3468DTSC Not Available
 Ramalingam, Jordan (916) 322-7186ARB Staff
 Ramalingam, Ravi (916) 322-2085ARB Branch Manager
 Ramalingam, Zachary (916) 440-8280ARB Staff
 Ramdass, Sunil (916) 341-5757SWRCB Staff
 Ramesh, Utpala (626) 459-4365ARB Staff
 Ramirez, Abbe (916) 323-2666DTSC Staff
 Ramirez, Angela (916) 341-5212SWRCB Staff
 Ramirez, Brenda (310) 342-1198CalRecycle Staff
 Ramirez, Irma (626) 350-6419ARB Staff
 Ramirez, Joanna (916) 341-6231CalRecycle Support Staff
 Ramirez, Jonathan (626) 575-6797ARB Staff
 Ramirez, Leonardo (916) 324-6915ARB Manager
 Ramirez, Linda (559) 447-3392SWRCB Staff
 Ramirez, Mario (909) 383-4328SWRCB Staff
 Ramirez, Richard Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Ramirez, Sabrina (916) 255-3799DTSC Not Available
 Ramos, Fabian (916) 449-5985SWRCB Staff
 Ramos, Louise (916) 319-9937CalRecycle Division Liaison
 Ramsden, Bruce (559) 447-3314SWRCB Staff
 Ramsey, Angel (916) 341-5078SWRCB Supervisor
 Ramsey-Lewis, Jarrod (916) 341-6605CalRecycle Staff
 Ranasinghe, Dilhara (916) 324-3479DPR Staff
 Randall, Eric (916) 341-6139CalRecycle Staff
 Randeni, Jayantha (510) 540-3806DTSC Staff
 Randhawa, Ashneil (916) 445-9562ARB Student
 Randle, Gina (916) 341-6211CalRecycle Staff
 Randles, Karen (916) 322-5657OEHHA Staff
 Randolph, Elizabeth (951) 782-4943CalRecycle Staff
 Ranganathan, Sindhuja (626) 450-6277ARB Staff
 Rangel, Ramon Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Rangi, Aparjeet (916) 319-8255SWRCB Staff
 Ranjbar, Kelsey (510) 622-1177OEHHA Staff
 Ranney, April (559) 297-3943DTSC Not Available
 Ranney, Derek (323) 803-2501DTSC Not Available
 Ransom, Lisa (530) 224-4800SWRCB Staff
 Rapoport, Shana (213) 576-6763Water/R4 Staff
 Rapport, Eric (530) 224-4998Water/R5 Supervisor
 Rasmussen, David (818) 717-6678DTSC Supervisor
 Rasmussen, Joseph (916) 341-6214CalRecycle Supervisor
 Rasmussen, Kerry (916) 255-3650DTSC Not Available
 Rasmussen, Kim (916) 327-8514DTSC Not Available
 Rasmussen, Paula (760) 776-8981Water/R7 Executive Officer
 Rasmussen, Tod Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Rasmussen, Valerie (530) 224-6130Water/R5 Staff
 Rastegarpour, Sahand (916) 322-7786SWRCB Staff
 Rastegarpour, Shuka (916) 341-1277SWRCB Staff
 Rastegarzadeh, Laleh (916) 341-5490SWRCB Staff
 Rath, Susan (626) 575-7099ARB Staff
 Ratliff, Gretchen (626) 450-6266ARB Staff
 Ratsamythong, Swai Bruce (916) 323-3511DTSC Not Available
 Raub, Logan (760) 776-8966Water/R7 Staff
 Raudes, Juan (916) 323-3508CalRecycle Supervisor
 Rayas, Evelina (818) 717-6674DTSC Staff
 Raycraft, Chelsea (916) 324-3466DPR Staff
 Raymond, Johnnie (916) 445-8279ARB Staff
 Raymond, Rhonda (707) 576-2708Water/R1 Staff
 Raynard, Christina (916) 319-9123SWRCB Staff
 Razavi, Matt (916) 324-7332ARB Staff
 Razzak, Erum (213) 620-2095Water/R4 Staff
 Reade, James (530) 224-2485SWRCB Staff
 Recht, Jeff (916) 341-5234SWRCB Staff
 Reck, Randy (916) 324-3013ARB Staff
 Redden, Andrew (916) 341-5430SWRCB Staff
 Reddy, Divya (916) 341-6445CalRecycle Consultant
 Redes, Octavian (916) 323-3391DTSC Not Available
 Reece, Elizabeth (916) 464-4710Water/R5 Staff
 Reed, Brendan (916) 341-5462SWRCB Staff
 Reed, Charles (707) 576-2752Water/R1 Manager
 Reed, Marcy (916) 322-2893Agency Administrative Assistant
 Reed, Susan (626) 575-6847ARB Staff
 Reeder, Terri (951) 782-4995Water/R8 Supervisor
 Reese, Christina (916) 341-6155CalRecycle Staff
 Reese, Lance (916) 449-5625SWRCB Manager
 Reeser, Ann (510) 540-2735DTSC Not Available
 Reeve, Ian (916) 323-7617DPR Staff
 Reeves, Robert (916) 319-8254SWRCB Supervisor
 Regan, Tim (916) 341-5172SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Regenfuss, Michael (626) 575-7004ARB Manager
 Reich, McLean (916) 323-2095SWRCB Supervisor
 Reiff, Margaret (916) 445-5977DPR Supervisor
 Reilly, Montarat (916) 449-5973SWRCB Staff
 Reimanis, Andrew (916) 255-4976DTSC Staff
 Reinhardt, Teddy (916) 327-1708SWRCB Staff
 Rejmanek, Honza (916) 324-9672ARB Staff
 Remick, David (209) 948-3878SWRCB Staff
 Rendall, Christopher (916) 445-2369DPR Staff
 Rennert, Janet (916) 322-6325OEHHA Administrative Assistant
 Renteria, Adriana Not AvailableSWRCB Director
 Renzi, Barbara (916) 255-6649DTSC Staff
 Reubens, Michael (916) 323-0876SWRCB Staff
 Reul-Chen, Crystal (626) 450-6227ARB Staff
 Reyes, Celeste (916) 323-0563ARB Staff
 Reyes, Deldi (916) 322-2569Agency Staff
 Reyes, Deldi (916) 322-2569OEHHA Staff
 Reyes, Della (916) 323-3986ARB Staff
 Reyes, Elvira (916) 327-4838SWRCB Staff
 Reyes, Gloria (916) 322-3823DTSC Not Available
 Reyes, Johaira (916) 327-8514DTSC Contract Personnel
 Reyes, Justin (916) 322-9632SWRCB Staff
 Reyes, Mary (916) 322-5293DTSC Not Available
 Reyes, Michael (916) 229-0888ARB Staff
 Reyes, Valerie (310) 342-1248CalRecycle Staff
 Reyna, Dave (916) 445-3911DPR Staff
 Reynolds, Cyrena (916) 341-6298CalRecycle Staff
 Reynolds, Edward (916) 445-9519DTSC Not Available
 Reynolds, Evelyn (707) 576-2220Water/R1 Staff
 Reynolds, Sondra (916) 324-1260CalRecycle Support Staff
 Rezvani, Ali (916) 445-2585SWRCB Supervisor
 Rhim, Helena (916) 229-0391ARB Staff
 Rhinehart, Ashley (916) 322-6962ARB Staff
 Rhoades, Jenna (916) 322-1804ARB Staff
 Rhodes, Alyssa (916) 440-8232ARB Staff
 Rhodes, Shavonda (310) 342-6199CalRecycle Support Staff
 Rhodes, Steve (916) 324-3927DPR Staff
 Rhondeau, Randy (916) 229-0446ARB Staff
 Ricci, Jaime (916) 323-0584SWRCB Staff
 Rice, Bill (951) 782-4459Water/R8 Staff
 Rice, David (916) 341-5182SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Rice, Sabrina (530) 542-5578Water/R6 Staff
 Rich, Jennifer (714) 484-5415DTSC Staff
 Richards, Kelly (916) 322-8215ARB Staff
 Richards, Nadia (916) 322-8987ARB Staff
 Richards, Shaun (916) 327-2037SWRCB Staff
 Richardson, Elizabeth (916) 341-6317CalRecycle Student
 Richardson, Karyn (510) 540-3975DTSC Not Available
 Richardson, Kevin (916) 324-4106DPR Staff
 Richardson, Paris (916) 341-6523CalRecycle Staff
 Richardson, Renee (916) 322-4882DTSC Not Available
 Richardson, Shay (916) 341-5667SWRCB Staff
 Richey, Adrienne (916) 323-9591ARB Staff
 Richmond, Donald (916) 445-4192DPR Staff
 Richmond, Ivanna (916) 445-3893DPR Staff
 Richter, Paul (619) 525-4354SWRCB Staff
 Richter, Paula (805) 549-3865Water/R3 Specialist
 Ricker, Karin (510) 622-2661OEHHA Staff
 Rico (Klein), Christine (916) 341-5512SWRCB Staff
 Riddle, Diane (916) 341-5297SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Ridenour, Charles (916) 255-3571DTSC Supervisor
 Ridgeway, Ivar (213) 620-2150Water/R4 Supervisor
 Ridley, David (916) 323-2105ARB Staff
 Riedel-Bash, Mark (916) 322-6046SWRCB Staff
 Ries, Sarah (916) 322-1103SWRCB Staff
 Rifredi, Chas (916) 229-0547ARB Manager
 Rigo de Righi, Alessandra (916) 323-0891SWRCB Staff
 Riley, Cindy (916) 327-4486DTSC Not Available
 Riley, Erin (916) 324-6799DTSC Contract Personnel
 Rimar, Steve (916) 440-8233ARB Contract Personnel
 Rinde, Bryan (916) 449-5666SWRCB Staff
 Rinkus, Steve (916) 324-3481DPR Staff
 Rios, Alfredo (858) 637-5538DTSC Supervisor
 Rios, Deisy (916) 322-0522SWRCB Staff
 Rios, Maria (714) 484-5328DTSC Staff
 Risse, Kimberly (916) 322-9941DPR Staff
 Rist, David (510) 540-3763DTSC Not Available
 Ritson, Amanda (916) 324-1819DTSC Not Available
 Ritter, Nancy (916) 449-5651SWRCB Staff
 Rittmann, Bridget Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Rivas, Jake (916) 324-1362ARB Staff
 Riveles-Carrera, Karen (916) 323-6448OEHHA Staff
 Rivera, Alejandra (714) 484-5324DTSC Not Available
 Rivera, Ibyang (916) 341-5440SWRCB Staff
 Rivera, Marissa (916) 445-1365ARB Staff
 Rivera, Ricardo (916) 327-4061DTSC Not Available
 Rivera-medina, Brandie (916) 322-5264DTSC Staff
 Rizzardo, Jule (916) 341-5368SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Rizzardo, Teresa (916) 323-3624DTSC Not Available
 Roach, Dan (916) 327-2955SWRCB Staff
 Robb, Carolyn (916) 255-3755DTSC Staff
 Robbins, Michelle (916) 445-3052DPR Staff
 Roberson, Keith (510) 622-2404Water/R2 Supervisor
 Roberson, Tina (818) 717-6579DTSC Staff
 Roberson, Wayne (916) 322-8387ARB Staff
 Roberts, Colin (916) 445-9547DTSC Not Available
 Roberts, Gordan (916) 322-6952ARB Staff
 Roberts, Renee (916) 324-8192DTSC Not Available
 Robertson, Andrew (916) 322-8211ARB Branch Chief
 Robertson, Blair (916) 341-5263SWRCB Information Officer
 Robertson, Glenn (951) 782-3259Water/R8 Staff
 Robertson, Michael (818) 717-6645DTSC Not Available
 Robertson, William (Bill) (626) 459-4467ARB Staff
 Robins, Jeff (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Robinson, Danielle (213) 576-6656Water/R4 Staff
 Robinson, J (714) 484-5388DTSC Not Available
 Robinson, Maggie (707) 576-2292Water/R1 Staff
 Robinson, Ryan (916) 324-3159DTSC Staff
 Robison, Alexis (916) 323-0729CalRecycle Staff
 Robison, Kevin (916) 445-0098ARB Staff
 Robison, Rick (510) 540-3859DTSC Supervisor
 Robledo, Jose (559) 447-3300SWRCB Supervisor
 Rocha, Victoria (916) 341-6436CalRecycle Staff
 Rochette, Michael (510) 622-2411Water/R2 Staff
 Rock, Bryan (559) 445-5087Water/R5 Staff
 Rock, Syreeta (916) 322-9691SWRCB Staff
 Rockwell, Erling (916) 341-5826SWRCB Staff
 Roda, Ric (818) 551-2009SWRCB Staff
 Rodarte, Jose (916) 341-5291SWRCB Specialist
 Rodarte, Marisa (916) 341-5682SWRCB Staff
 Rodas, Ralph (626) 459-4457ARB Staff
 Rode, Erin (916) 440-8247ARB Executive Fellow
 Roderick, Keith (916) 327-7838ARB Staff
 Rodgers, Annmarie (916) 322-1855ARB Branch Chief
 Rodgers, Clay (559) 445-5102Water/R5 Asst. Executive Officer
 Rodgers, Lori (916) 445-5126SWRCB Staff
 Rodriguez, Anthony (916) 341-6322CalRecycle Staff
 Rodriguez, Carlo (858) 637-5541DTSC Staff
 Rodriguez, Elayna (916) 341-5294SWRCB Staff
 Rodriguez, Enessa (916) 319-0805SWRCB Staff
 Rodriguez, Evangelina Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Rodriguez, Evelia (916) 327-6104DTSC Staff
 Rodriguez, Francisca (916) 341-5309SWRCB Staff
 Rodriguez, Francisco (916) 323-1158ARB Staff
 Rodriguez, Ivan (916) 255-6591DTSC Staff
 Rodriguez, Jessica (818) 717-6666DTSC Staff
 Rodriguez, Krishna (916) 322-4149CalRecycle Supervisor
 Rodriguez, Laiza (714) 484-5355DTSC Not Available
 Rodriguez, Lilibeth (916) 341-5739SWRCB Scientific Aid
 Rodriguez, Mark (916) 341-6340CalRecycle Staff
 Rodriguez, Martin (916) 327-4029DTSC Not Available
 Rodriguez, Norma (626) 575-6736ARB Staff
 Rodriguez, Petra (916) 324-1231CalRecycle Staff
 Rodriguez, Vicente (619) 521-3966Water/R9 Staff
 Rogado, Camille (916) 255-3602DTSC Not Available
 Rogers, Marilyn (916) 341-7370SWRCB Staff
 Rogers, Michael (916) 322-0825DPR Staff
 Rogers, Sheriska (916) 341-5841SWRCB Staff
 Rogers, Steve (916) 341-6085CalRecycle Staff
 Rogers, Tonya (916) 323-0357SWRCB Staff
 Rohde, Jennifer (916) 327-9559Agency Staff
 Rohlfes, Larry (916) 322-4068DTSC Not Available
 Rohner, Michael (916) 449-5649SWRCB Staff
 Rohrer, James (916) 255-3709DTSC Staff
 Rokeach, Zachary (510) 622-2364Water/R2 Staff
 Rokke, Jon (805) 549-3892Water/R3 Staff
 Roma, Monica Not AvailableARB Staff
 Roman, Isabella (510) 540-3879DTSC Not Available
 Roman, Mandy (916) 341-5265SWRCB Specialist
 Roman, Patricia (916) 323-1043ARB Manager
 Romero, Rachel (619) 525-4159SWRCB Staff
 Romero, Robert (714) 484-5316DTSC Staff
 Romero-Fishback, Michelle (916) 324-8304DTSC Not Available
 Romo, Esperanza (916) 255-3597DTSC Staff
 Rong, Yue (213) 576-6710Water/R4 Manager
 Ronsse, Betsy (916) 327-0949ARB Staff
 Rooklidge, Stephen (530) 224-2413SWRCB Staff
 Roosenboom, Brandon (916) 341-5566SWRCB Staff
 Roots, Robert (916) 229-0392ARB Staff
 Roques, Dominic (805) 542-4780Water/R3 Supervisor
 Rosado, Alexandra (916) 341-6459CalRecycle Staff
 Rosales, Javier (310) 342-1249CalRecycle Staff
 Rosander, Kathryn (916) 324-2999DTSC Contract Personnel
 Rosario, Mariacecilia (916) 327-1077DTSC Staff
 Rosario, MaryAnne (916) 319-7998SWRCB Staff
 Rosas, David (916) 319-0943SWRCB Staff
 Rose, Brandon (916) 327-8495ARB Staff
 Rose, Carl (510) 540-2591DTSC Not Available
 Rose, Chris (805) 542-4770Water/R3 Manager
 Rose, David (916) 341-5196SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Rose, Jeremiah (213) 576-6760Water/R4 Staff
 Rosen, Geraldine (510) 540-2685DTSC Not Available
 Rosenblum, Amanda (213) 576-6619Water/R4 Staff
 Rosilela, Sherly (916) 341-5578SWRCB Specialist
 Ross, John (916) 255-6624DTSC Not Available
 Ross, Robert (916) 255-3715DTSC Staff
 Ross, Steve (916) 255-3694DTSC Staff
 Rounds, Steven (818) 717-6602DTSC Staff
 Rounds, Zachary (707) 576-2733SWRCB Specialist
 Rouse, Victoria (916) 323-3388DTSC Not Available
 Roush, Cathleen (916) 445-1051ARB Staff
 Rousseau, Amber (916) 603-7784DPR Staff
 Rowe, Helen (213) 576-6612Water/R4 Executive Assistant
 Rowe, Paul (530) 224-4866SWRCB Staff
 Rowe, Steve (213) 576-6755Water/R4 Staff
 Rowland, Scott (626) 350-6518ARB Branch Chief
 Roy, Shannon Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Roy-Semmen, Shukla (714) 484-5448DTSC Staff
 Rubens, Colleen (916) 341-6440CalRecycle Retired Annuitant
 Rubin, Andy (916) 324-3477DPR Staff
 Rubin, Daniel (916) 324-6895DPR Chief Counsel
 Rubin, Eugene (916) 323-0006ARB Staff
 Rubin, Marcia (818) 717-6565DTSC Not Available
 Rubio, Regina (714) 484-5307DTSC Not Available
 Ruch, Roberta (916) 324-3333ARB Staff
 Rucker, Jason (916) 322-2083ARB Staff
 Ruehl, Chris (916) 323-1520ARB Staff
 Ruehlig, Joshua (916) 445-3579SWRCB Staff
 Ruffin, Paul (916) 255-6677DTSC Staff
 Ruiz, Anabel (916) 445-5172SWRCB Supervisor
 Ruiz, Gabriel (916) 322-7673ARB Manager
 Ruiz, Gregory (916) 255-3694DTSC Not Available
 Ruiz, Ramon (916) 445-4756CalRecycle Staff
 Ruiz Lopez, Erica (916) 322-5227DTSC Not Available
 Ruminski, Ray (916) 341-6584CalRecycle Consultant
 Runyan, Courtney (916) 324-4271DPR Staff
 Runyon, Rhonda (626) 350-6551ARB Staff
 Russell, Jessica (916) 322-0346ARB Staff
 Russell, John (916) 341-5353SWRCB Deputy Director
 Russi, Tonya (916) 327-8195SWRCB Staff
 Russo, Jennifer (916) 322-8525SWRCB Supervisor
 Ruszczycky, Nicki (916) 440-8265ARB Supervisor
 Ruttan, Peter (916) 255-3630DTSC Staff
 Rutter, Sheri (916) 255-3556DTSC Staff
 Ruud, Nels (916) 324-4167DPR Staff
 Ruvalcaba, Valerie (916) 445-2922DTSC Not Available
 Ryan, Christopher (916) 322-7903SWRCB Supervisor
 Ryan, David (916) 322-5264DTSC Not Available
 Ryan, Erica (619) 521-8051Water/R9 Staff
 Ryan, James (213) 576-6711Water/R4 Staff
 Ryan, Paul (916) 603-7706DPR Staff
 Rybikov, Andrey (916) 440-8251ARB Staff
 Rybikov, Andrey (916) 341-5080SWRCB Staff
 Rynearson, John (916) 322-7048ARB Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards