Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Pacheco, Marco (510) 620-3454SWRCB Supervisor
 Pacheco, Omar (760) 241-7377Water/R6 Staff
 Pacifico, Oliver (714) 558-4997SWRCB Supervisor
 Packard, Harvey (805) 542-4639Water/R3 Manager
 Padgett, Karmina (916) 341-5642SWRCB Staff
 Pagan, Jeremy (530) 224-4850Water/R5 Supervisor
 Pagpaguitan, Vince (510) 622-1008SWRCB Staff
 Pak, Gloria (213) 576-6731Water/R4 Staff
 Pak, Kumcha (916) 341-5222SWRCB Staff
 Pal, Vic (510) 622-2403Water/R2 Staff
 Palmer, Ann (916) 464-4825Water/R5 Staff
 Palmer, Joshua (916) 464-4674Water/R5 Supervisor
 Palomar, Cindy (916) 323-0597SWRCB Staff
 Palomar, Martin (916) 341-5074SWRCB Staff
 Palomino, Araceli (916) 341-5140SWRCB Staff
 Pang, Maria (916) 319-8256SWRCB Staff
 Pao, Jessica (213) 576-6729Water/R4 Staff
 Papler, Roger (510) 622-2435Water/R2 Staff
 Pari, Sangavi (951) 782-7962Water/R8 Staff
 Parker, Samantha (916) 464-4654Water/R5 Staff
 Parks, Jeff (916) 341-5319SWRCB Staff
 Parra, Michael (916) 341-5725SWRCB Student Assistant E A
 Parrish, James (510) 622-2381Water/R2 Staff
 Patel, Dev (916) 341-5667SWRCB Staff
 Patel, Hari (916) 341-5831SWRCB Staff
 Pathak, Sahil (916) 341-5355SWRCB Staff
 Patterson, Caren (760) 241-7407Water/R6 Staff
 Patteson, Doug (559) 445-5577Water/R5 Manager
 Patzelt, Bill (916) 323-0874SWRCB Staff
 Pauli, Brenda (916) 341-5658SWRCB Staff
 Pavelchik, Matt (916) 319-8258SWRCB Staff
 Payne, Dale (530) 542-5464Water/R6 Staff
 Payne, Elizabeth (916) 341-5579SWRCB Supervisor
 Pazos, Celia (951) 321-4583Water/R8 Staff
 Pearlman, Daniel (213) 576-6806Water/R4 Staff
 Pearson, Amanda (916) 324-0145SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Pearson, Jessica (916) 445-0936Water/R4 Staff
 Pedroja, Daron (916) 323-9391SWRCB Staff
 Pelen, Elena Joy (510) 620-3467SWRCB Staff
 Pelikan, Daniel (805) 549-3880Water/R3 Staff
 Pelkofer, Tyson (916) 464-4775Water/R5 Staff
 Pena, David (714) 558-4410SWRCB Staff
 Penales, Gilbert (916) 322-9603SWRCB Staff
 Peraza, George (213) 576-6749Water/R4 Staff
 Perea, Griffin (530) 224-3217Water/R5 Supervisor
 Perez, Adrian (916) 322-9686SWRCB Staff
 Perez, Anna (916) 341-5848SWRCB Staff
 Perez, Marina E (916) 322-4265SWRCB Specialist
 Perez, Michael (951) 782-4306Water/R8 Staff
 Perinpanayagam, Malar (916) 464-4607Water/R5 Staff
 Perkins, Carol Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Perrou, Scott (916) 464-4633Water/R5 Staff
 Perry, Denise (916) 341-5945SWRCB Supervisor
 Perry, Leslie (510) 622-2312Water/R2 Staff
 Person, Keith (951) 782-4997Water/R8 Staff
 Petela, Valerie (916) 323-1308SWRCB Staff
 Peters, Ashley (916) 464-4857Water/R5 Staff
 Peters, Elizabeth (916) 341-5772SWRCB Staff
 Peterson, Austin (916) 341-5559SWRCB Staff
 Peterson, Peter (916) 327-8233SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Petkus, Adam (916) 341-5860SWRCB Staff
 Petrosyan, Anna (916) 319-9068SWRCB Staff
 Petruescu, Marilyn (916) 464-4708Water/R5 Staff
 Petruzzelli, Kenneth (916) 319-8577SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Pfister, Michael (559) 444-2418Water/R5 Supervisor
 Phagura, Pavandeep (916) 319-8292SWRCB Staff
 Pham, Jonathan (916) 319-9416SWRCB Staff
 Pham, Kimberly (916) 322-8429SWRCB Staff
 Pham, Trinh (916) 341-5517SWRCB Staff
 Phan, Debbie (510) 622-2116Water/R2 Staff
 Phan, Van (916) 341-5649SWRCB Manager
 Phiri, Aimee (916) 464-4746Water/R5 Staff
 Pierce, Marcus (916) 464-4733Water/R5 Staff
 Pierce, Wendy (916) 449-5178SWRCB Supervisor
 Pimentel, David (916) 323-0572SWRCB Staff
 Pineda, Francisco (213) 576-6722Water/R4 Staff
 Pinheiro, Marielle (916) 327-0436SWRCB Staff
 Pinto, Martha (213) 576-6800Water/R4 Staff
 Piring, Donald (916) 327-0434SWRCB Staff
 Pirotton, Dan (213) 576-6714Water/R4 Staff
 Piscitelli, Amanda Not AvailableWater/R1 Staff
 Pittman-Logue, Judith (916) 341-5002SWRCB Staff
 Pizano, Maribel (760) 776-8941Water/R7 Staff
 Plachta, Walter (559) 445-5576Water/R5 Staff
 Plaziak, Mike (530) 542-5453Water/R6 Asst. Executive Officer
 Poach, Alonzo (760) 241-7365Water/R6 Staff
 Poe, Donna (707) 576-2220Water/R1 Staff
 Polhemus, Darrin (916) 341-5045SWRCB Deputy Director
 Ponton, James (510) 622-2492Water/R2 Supervisor
 Pontureri, Jodi (916) 341-5306SWRCB Staff
 Pontureri, Robert (916) 341-5828SWRCB Supervisor
 Pontureri, Robert.D Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Pool, Catherine (530) 542-5460Water/R6 Supervisor
 Porter, Mike (619) 521-3967Water/R9 Staff
 Porzio, Kevin (916) 341-6914SWRCB Supervisor
 Post, Tim (916) 341-5652SWRCB Manager
 Postal, Stephanie (916) 323-5668SWRCB Staff
 Potter, Bryan (559) 447-3310SWRCB Supervisor
 Potter, Selica (916) 327-9534SWRCB Manager
 Poudyal, Sudarshan (559) 447-3038SWRCB Staff
 Poulson, Zane (916) 341-5488SWRCB Supervisor
 Prager, John (916) 341-5542SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Prasad, Heather (916) 341-5083SWRCB Staff
 Prat, Dean (707) 576-2801Water/R1 Supervisor
 Prat, Rachel (707) 576-2542Water/R1 Staff
 Pratt, Jamie (805) 549-3761Water/R3 Staff
 Price, Kerri (916) 341-5715SWRCB Staff
 Prowell, Cheryl (510) 622-2408Water/R2 Supervisor
 Prue, Clayton (916) 464-4776Water/R5 Staff
 Puget, Jeremiah (707) 576-2835Water/R1 Supervisor
 Pulupa, Patrick E. (916) 464-4839Water/R5 Executive Officer
 Pulver, Barry (619) 521-3381Water/R9 Staff
 Purdy, Renee (213) 576-6622Water/R4 Executive Officer
 Purewal, Gagandeep (916) 341-5022SWRCB Staff
 Pyle, Jeffrey (559) 445-5145Water/R5 Staff

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