Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Nachbaur, James (916) 322-6509SWRCB Director
 Nadolski, Jessica (916) 341-5290SWRCB Supervisor
 Nagoda, Carey (619) 521-3003Water/R9 Staff
 Nai, My Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Naik, Kartiki (916) 319-9468SWRCB Staff
 Nanca, Maria (916) 319-0806SWRCB Staff
 Napolitano, Michael (510) 622-2397Water/R2 Staff
 Narala, Devender (510) 622-2309Water/R2 Staff
 Nasaei, Elnaz (916) 319-9283SWRCB Staff
 Nash, Greg (707) 576-2353SWRCB Specialist
 Naugle, Alec (510) 622-2510Water/R2 Manager
 Neal, SueAnn (951) 782-4468Water/R8 Staff
 Neill, Ben (619) 521-3376Water/R9 Staff
 Nelson, Richard (916) 323-1308SWRCB Staff
 Nelson, Robert (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Nelson, Timothy (916) 445-5987SWRCB Staff
 Nepal, Harihar (530) 224-4115Water/R5 Staff
 Neptune, Chad (559) 445-5584Water/R5 Staff
 Neri, Lucia (916) 341-5095SWRCB Branch Chief
 Nevis, Andrew (916) 341-6873SWRCB Staff
 Newbern, Virginia (916) 341-5735SWRCB Staff
 Newcomb, Sarah (530) 542-5419Water/R6 Staff
 Newman, Brian (916) 464-4834Water/R5 Manager
 Newman, Jenny (213) 576-6622Water/R4 Asst. Executive Officer
 Newson, Linda (916) 341-5114SWRCB Staff
 Newstone, Samuel (916) 323-0374SWRCB Staff
 Newton, Daniel (916) 449-5596SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Newton, Grazyna (818) 551-2029SWRCB Staff
 Ng, Grace (951) 782-4434Water/R8 Staff
 Ngai, Michael (916) 319-9060SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Don (951) 782-3298SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Hoang (916) 341-5535SWRCB Specialist
 Nguyen, James (916) 341-5814SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Jean (916) 341-5656SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Julie (916) 322-6599SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Karin (916) 319-8107SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Kevin (916) 341-6998SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Mary (916) 341-5719SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Nam (951) 321-4582Water/R8 Staff
 Nguyen, Nhat (916) 323-3434SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Thanhloan (213) 620-6122Water/R4 Staff
 Nguyen-Tan, Angela (916) 464-0335Water/R5 Staff
 Nhan, Anthony (714) 567-7261SWRCB Staff
 Nichelson, Colton (661) 335-7346SWRCB Staff
 Nichols, Jamie (916) 341-5106SWRCB Staff
 Nick, Julia (916) 341-5189SWRCB Staff
 Nicolas, Blake (916) 323-4643SWRCB Staff
 Nicolas, Chona (916) 341-5818SWRCB Staff
 Niemeyer, Kim M. (916) 341-5547SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Niiya, Karen (916) 341-5365SWRCB Staff
 Niles, Dan (805) 549-3355Water/R3 Staff
 Nilsen, Michael (530) 224-4853Water/R5 Staff
 Nilson, Carly (530) 542-5445Water/R6 Staff
 Nima, Majd (213) 576-6707Water/R4 Staff
 Nishida, Chad (951) 782-3252Water/R8 Staff
 Nishimoto, Karen (510) 620-3461SWRCB Supervisor
 Nishita, Janice (916) 341-5679SWRCB Staff
 Noelle, Mara (916) 319-0745SWRCB Staff
 Nohra, Charlotte (916) 464-4858Water/R5 Staff
 Noorda, Angie (916) 319-9226SWRCB Staff
 Nordenholt, Rebecca (510) 622-1013Water/R2 Staff
 Norman, David (916) 341-5761SWRCB Staff
 Norman, Russell (530) 542-5435Water/R6 Staff
 North, Jill (916) 327-8683SWRCB Staff
 Nozuka, Constance (916) 324-6831SWRCB Staff
 Nunez, Adriana (916) 322-3313SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Nunez, Alejandra (916) 449-5156SWRCB Staff
 Nunez, Kevin (916) 327-3110SWRCB Staff
 Nusinovich, Yan (510) 622-2932Water/R2 Staff
 Nye, L.B. (213) 576-6785Water/R4 Manager

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