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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Na, Kwangsam (213) 922-5958ARB Staff
 Nabong, Madiya (916) 445-1551DPR Staff
 Nachbaur, James (916) 322-6509SWRCB Director
 Nadolski, Jessica (916) 341-5290SWRCB Supervisor
 Naef, Parissa (916) 603-7743DPR Supervisor
 Naginis, John (818) 717-6626DTSC Staff
 Nagoda, Carey (619) 521-3003Water/R9 Staff
 Nagy, Claudia (916) 445-5507ARB Counsel
 Nai, My Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Naik, Kartiki (916) 319-9468SWRCB Staff
 Nairn-Birch, Nicholas (626) 575-6746ARB Staff
 Najita, Theresa (916) 322-7297ARB Staff
 Najjar, Tina (916) 322-4767ARB Staff
 Nakashima, James (916) 323-1924OEHHA Staff
 Nakashima, Lynn (510) 540-3839DTSC Staff
 Nakayama Wong, Lynn (916) 255-6563DTSC Staff
 Nanca, Maria (916) 319-0806SWRCB Staff
 Napolitano, Michael (510) 622-2397Water/R2 Staff
 Narala, Devender (510) 622-2309Water/R2 Staff
 Narayan, Ray (916) 327-0631ARB Supervisor
 Nasaei, Elnaz (916) 319-9283SWRCB Staff
 Nash, Greg (707) 576-2353SWRCB Specialist
 Nassar, Tony (626) 350-6404ARB Staff
 Nassiri, Hossein (714) 484-5484DTSC Staff
 Natera, Antonio (510) 540-3757DTSC Staff
 Nations, Darrell (916) 255-6561DTSC Staff
 Naugle, Alec (510) 622-2510Water/R2 Manager
 Navaei, Farhad (916) 440-8213ARB Contract Personnel
 Navaei, Negin (916) 324-3503ARB Staff
 Navarette, Chad (916) 440-8288ARB Staff
 Navarrete, Chad Not AvailableARB Staff
 Navarro, Estela P. (916) 445-1851DPR Staff
 Navarro, Maria (916) 322-6202ARB Staff
 Nax, Sanford (916) 416-4309DTSC Staff
 Neal, Greg (714) 484-5455DTSC Staff
 Neal, SueAnn (951) 782-4468Water/R8 Staff
 Near, Lori (916) 341-6302CalRecycle Staff
 Neely, Kenneth (510) 540-2988DTSC Staff
 Neese, Liz (916) 445-4000DPR Executive Assistant
 Neese, Robin (916) 322-2896ARB Executive Assistant
 Nef, Tiffany (559) 297-3959DTSC Staff
 Negherbon, Jesse (916) 255-6577DTSC Not Available
 Negrete, Lucina (916) 445-6138ARB Branch Chief
 Negrete, Lucy (916) 322-2052ARB Staff
 Negri, Francesca (916) 794-4206DTSC Deputy Director
 Neill, Ben (619) 521-3376Water/R9 Staff
 Nelson, Amy (916) 341-6486CalRecycle Staff
 Nelson, Carolyn (916) 445-2948DTSC Not Available
 Nelson, Eric (916) 322-8739ARB Staff
 Nelson, Jeff (916) 324-1771OEHHA Staff
 Nelson, Jennifer K. (626) 350-6490ARB Staff
 Nelson, Richard (916) 323-1308SWRCB Staff
 Nelson, Robert (559) 445-5116Water/R5 Staff
 Nelson, Timothy (916) 445-5987SWRCB Staff
 Nemeth, Martin (626) 459-4459ARB Staff
 Nepal, Harihar (530) 224-4115Water/R5 Staff
 Nepomuceno, Gabby (916) 327-2522DTSC Not Available
 Neptune, Chad (559) 445-5584Water/R5 Staff
 Neri, Lucia (916) 341-5095SWRCB Branch Chief
 Neumann, Rebecca (916) 324-1145ARB Staff
 Neuwirth, Efrem (714) 484-5421DTSC Not Available
 Nevarez-Martinez, Maria (310) 342-0626CalRecycle Supervisor
 Nevis, Andrew (916) 341-6873SWRCB Staff
 Newbern, Virginia (916) 341-5735SWRCB Staff
 Newcomb, Sarah (530) 542-5419Water/R6 Staff
 Newhart, Kaylynn (916) 324-4190DPR Staff
 Newman, Brian (916) 464-4834Water/R5 Manager
 Newman, Jenny (213) 576-6622Water/R4 Asst. Executive Officer
 Newman, Jeremy (916) 327-1493ARB Staff
 Newson, Linda (916) 341-5114SWRCB Staff
 Newstone, Samuel (916) 323-0374SWRCB Staff
 Newton, Daniel (916) 449-5596SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Newton, Grazyna (818) 551-2029SWRCB Staff
 Ng, Amy (916) 445-3865ARB Staff
 Ng, Byron (626) 459-4312ARB Staff
 Ng, Grace (951) 782-4434Water/R8 Staff
 Ng, John (626) 459-4300ARB Staff
 Ngai, Michael (916) 319-9060SWRCB Staff
 Ngai, William (510) 622-3221OEHHA Staff
 Ngo, Cammy Not AvailableARB Staff
 Ngo, Mai (916) 255-6625DTSC Not Available
 Ngo, Victoria (916) 341-6406CalRecycle Staff
 Ngo, Vincent (626) 450-6285ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Alicia (916) 445-8091CalRecycle Staff
 Nguyen, Angela (510) 622-3223OEHHA Staff
 Nguyen, Anne (916) 255-3795DTSC Staff
 Nguyen, Annie (626) 350-6586ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Bao (916) 322-8625ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Bob (916) 327-2939ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Darren (916) 324-6745ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Don (951) 782-3298SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Duc (626) 575-6844ARB Manager
 Nguyen, Elisabet (916) 440-8217ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Henry (626) 575-6663ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Hoang (916) 341-5535SWRCB Specialist
 Nguyen, Hoang (916) 323-2666DTSC Not Available
 Nguyen, Ivy (916) 255-3575DTSC Contract Personnel
 Nguyen, James (916) 341-5814SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Jasmine (916) 322-5911ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Jean (916) 341-5656SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Jimmy (916) 322-1268OEHHA Student
 Nguyen, John (626) 350-6507ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Julie (916) 445-3835DPR Staff
 Nguyen, Julie (916) 322-6599SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Karin (916) 319-8107SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Kevin (916) 341-6998SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Kim (916) 229-0353ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Mary (916) 341-5719SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Nam (951) 321-4582Water/R8 Staff
 Nguyen, Nelson (626) 575-6724ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Nhat (916) 323-3434SWRCB Staff
 Nguyen, Peter (626) 575-6615ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Quyen (916) 445-4105DPR Supervisor
 Nguyen, Sarah (916) 324-3115DTSC Not Available
 Nguyen, Thanhloan (213) 620-6122Water/R4 Staff
 Nguyen, The (916) 529-6694DTSC Not Available
 Nguyen, Thuan (626) 575-6913ARB Supervisor
 Nguyen, TJ (916) 324-8851CalRecycle Staff
 Nguyen, Tuan (916) 323-0667ARB Staff
 Nguyen, Vu (818) 717-6604DTSC Staff
 Nguyen-Tan, Angela (916) 464-0335Water/R5 Staff
 Nhan, Anthony (714) 567-7261SWRCB Staff
 Nichelson, Colton (661) 335-7346SWRCB Staff
 Nichols, Jamie (916) 341-5106SWRCB Staff
 Nichols, Mary (916) 322-5840ARB Board Chair
 Nicholson, Benjamin (916) 327-5619ARB Staff
 Nicholson, Sharon (916) 445-9544DTSC Not Available
 Nick, Julia (916) 341-5189SWRCB Staff
 Nicolas, Blake (916) 323-4643SWRCB Staff
 Nicolas, Chona (916) 341-5818SWRCB Staff
 Nicolas, Liezel (916) 341-6796CalRecycle Staff
 Niederreiter, Melissa (916) 445-4236ARB Manager
 Niemeyer, Kim M. (916) 341-5547SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Nieto, Ed (916) 255-3578DTSC Staff
 Niiya, Karen (916) 341-5365SWRCB Staff
 Niiya, Pamela (916) 322-2413ARB Staff
 Nijjar, Harnek (916) 322-7317ARB Staff
 Nijjar, Rajvir (916) 322-0885ARB Staff
 Nik, Atefeh Mousavi (916) 445-2509DPR Staff
 Nikbakht, Mehdi (510) 540-2680DTSC Staff
 Niknam, Yassamam (916) 322-9488OEHHA Staff
 Niles, Dan (805) 549-3355Water/R3 Staff
 Niles, Laura Not AvailableARB Retired Annuitant
 Nilsen, Michael (530) 224-4853Water/R5 Staff
 Nilson, Carly (530) 542-5445Water/R6 Staff
 Nima, Majd (213) 576-6707Water/R4 Staff
 Niou, Stephen (714) 484-5458DTSC Staff
 Nishida, Chad (951) 782-3252Water/R8 Staff
 Nishimoto, Karen (510) 620-3461SWRCB Supervisor
 Nishino, Noriko (626) 575-6825ARB Staff
 Nishita, Janice (916) 341-5679SWRCB Staff
 Nitta, Jennifer (916) 322-8812CalRecycle Staff
 Nitta, Kathleen (916) 341-6067CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Nixon, Derek (916) 324-0340ARB Staff
 Nobari, Mehdi (818) 717-6582DTSC Not Available
 Noble, Abigail (916) 322-3816DTSC Not Available
 Noelle, Mara (916) 319-0745SWRCB Staff
 Nohra, Charlotte (916) 464-4858Water/R5 Staff
 Nonato, Yvette O. (916) 445-2174DPR Staff
 Noorda, Angie (916) 319-9226SWRCB Staff
 Nordenholt, Rebecca (510) 622-1013Water/R2 Staff
 Nordmark, Craig (916) 324-4138DPR Staff
 Norman, David (916) 341-5761SWRCB Staff
 Norman, Russell (530) 542-5435Water/R6 Staff
 North, Jill (916) 327-8683SWRCB Staff
 Noss, Cynthia (916) 323-6753ARB Manager
 Noss, James (916) 255-3746DTSC Not Available
 Nottoli, Judy (916) 322-7429ARB Staff
 Novoa, Tina (916) 341-6414CalRecycle Retired Annuitant
 Nozuka, Constance (916) 324-6831SWRCB Staff
 Nozuka, Lindsay (916) 255-3670DTSC Not Available
 Nucal, Michaela (916) 324-0226ARB Staff
 Nudi, Marie (916) 324-0857CalRecycle Staff
 Nueva, Linda (916) 327-0089CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Nukunya, Tsatsu (626) 350-6424ARB Staff
 Numazu, Jane (916) 322-7857DTSC Not Available
 Nunez, Adriana (916) 322-3313SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Nunez, Alejandra (916) 449-5156SWRCB Staff
 Nunez, Kevin (916) 327-3110SWRCB Staff
 Nunez, Liliana (626) 350-6561ARB Staff
 Nunez, Primitivo (562) 492-9687CalRecycle Supervisor
 Nusinovich, Yan (510) 622-2932Water/R2 Staff
 Nyarady, James (916) 322-8273ARB Supervisor
 Nye, L.B. (213) 576-6785Water/R4 Manager
 Nystrom, Katie (916) 341-6823CalRecycle Staff Counsel

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards