Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Macatrao, Nicole (562) 981-8314CalRecycle Staff
 MacWilliam, Scott (916) 341-6324CalRecycle Staff
 Madden, Jim (916) 322-8855CalRecycle Staff
 Maghirang, Myrtle (310) 342-6112CalRecycle Staff
 Maher, Claudia (916) 341-6397CalRecycle Staff
 Majchrzak, Evangeline (916) 341-6454CalRecycle Supervisor
 Manford, Rachel (916) 341-6381CalRecycle Staff
 Manfred, Kevin (916) 322-1238CalRecycle Volunteer
 Manfred, Nancy (916) 322-4166CalRecycle Supervisor
 Marino, Andy (916) 341-6366CalRecycle Staff
 Marquez, Lisa (916) 341-6163CalRecycle Staff
 Marshall, Jason (916) 341-6145CalRecycle Staff
 Marthaler, Rachel (916) 341-6542CalRecycle Student
 Martin, Michelle (916) 341-6116CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Martin, Veronica (916) 445-0597CalRecycle Staff
 Martinez, Aaron (916) 322-5787CalRecycle Staff
 Martinez, Lisa (916) 322-4180CalRecycle Staff
 Martinez, Rafael (916) 322-1619CalRecycle Staff
 Martinez, Robert (916) 341-6529CalRecycle Staff
 Martinez-Centeno, Abel (916) 341-6724CalRecycle Staff
 Matsueda, Florrie (916) 322-4162CalRecycle Manager
 Mattu, Harprit (916) 341-6119CalRecycle Staff
 Mazza, Heather (916) 341-6109CalRecycle Staff
 McAlpine, Lisa (916) 341-6194CalRecycle Staff
 McCollough, Rhiannon (916) 341-7314CalRecycle Staff
 McDaniel, Jeffory (916) 341-6761CalRecycle Staff
 McDonald, Catherine (916) 341-6291CalRecycle Supervisor
 McFarlane, Donnet (916) 327-0092CalRecycle Staff
 McIntosh, Blair (916) 324-1237CalRecycle Staff
 McIntyre, Mindy (916) 341-6114CalRecycle Deputy Director
 McKenzie, Iris (916) 341-7304CalRecycle Staff
 McSwain, Chris (916) 341-6379CalRecycle Staff
 Meden, Brenda (916) 341-6091CalRecycle Staff
 Meiners, Shaina (916) 341-6170CalRecycle Staff
 Mejia, Armida (562) 981-9295CalRecycle Support Staff
 Meyers, Abraham (916) 341-6355CalRecycle Staff
 Miles, Terri (310) 342-0526CalRecycle Staff
 Miller, Karla (916) 327-8804CalRecycle Supervisor
 Miller, Lauren (916) 341-6590CalRecycle Staff
 Miller, Mike (916) 323-0713CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Miltztrey, Jon (916) 341-6184CalRecycle Staff
 Mina, Fady (916) 341-6244CalRecycle Staff
 Mindermann, Wes (916) 341-6320CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Miura, Stephanie (916) 323-0792CalRecycle Staff
 Mojonnier, Melissa (916) 341-6048CalRecycle Staff
 Molin, Daphne (916) 341-6221CalRecycle Supervisor
 Molina, Elvis (916) 327-2905CalRecycle Staff
 Moline, Glenn (916) 324-7094CalRecycle Staff
 Mondo, Karla (916) 341-6195CalRecycle Staff
 Moore, Trisha (916) 341-6236CalRecycle Staff
 Moore, Ty (916) 341-6756CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Moors, Hailynn (916) 322-3068CalRecycle Staff
 Moreno, Laura (916) 323-5355CalRecycle Staff
 Morgan, Cara (916) 341-6253CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Morin, Luna (916) 322-4033CalRecycle Student
 Morioka, Jeremy (916) 341-6202CalRecycle Staff
 Morris, Christopher (916) 324-1164CalRecycle Staff
 Moua, Brown (916) 341-6479CalRecycle Staff
 Mrabe, Salwa (916) 322-8813CalRecycle Staff
 Muesse, Henry (916) 341-6627CalRecycle Manager
 Mui, Edwin (916) 324-1181CalRecycle Staff
 Muir, Katelyn (916) 323-5570CalRecycle Staff
 Mumma, Linda (916) 323-0835CalRecycle Staff
 Murillo, Lyana (310) 342-6100CalRecycle Supervisor
 Murphy, John (916) 445-0809CalRecycle Supervisor
 Murphy, Leticia (916) 341-6268CalRecycle Support Staff
 Murrieta, Joaquin (916) 341-6212CalRecycle Staff
 Myers, Akemi (916) 341-6265CalRecycle Staff

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