Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Ma, Lan (916) 323-2787ARB Staff
 Ma, Yilin (626) 350-6524ARB Staff
 Maalouf, Stephanie (626) 350-6534ARB Staff
 Macanas, Caitlyn (916) 445-9562ARB Student
 Macias, Keith (626) 350-6522ARB Staff
 Macias, Lisa (916) 322-8452ARB Staff
 Maciel, William (916) 324-8181ARB Staff
 Macpherson, Amy (916) 324-2080ARB Staff
 Macumber, Lisa (916) 323-2881ARB Manager
 Maddox, Christine (626) 575-6715ARB Staff
 Mader, Pippin L. (916) 327-5601ARB Staff
 Madia, Carmen (916) 229-0389ARB Staff
 Magadia, Danielle (916) 440-8208ARB Staff
 Magana, Jennifer (916) 324-8017ARB Staff
 Magbuhat, Steven (626) 450-6142ARB Staff
 Magliano, Karen (916) 322-7137ARB Division Chief
 Magtoto, Mitzi (916) 323-8975ARB Staff
 Mahdavi, Reza (916) 323-8704ARB Staff
 Mahdi, Raed (916) 322-8917ARB Staff
 Mahmood, Adil (626) 575-6842ARB Staff
 Mahmood, Sophia (626) 350-6435ARB Staff
 Mahmud, Abdullah (916) 323-5122ARB Staff
 Majd, Ehsan (916) 440-8249ARB Staff
 Majhail, Radhika (916) 322-6922ARB Manager
 Malik, Tayyeb (916) 322-3918ARB Staff
 Malkina, Irina (916) 324-0342ARB Staff
 Mallory, David (916) 229-0710ARB Supervisor
 Maloney, Nial (916) 327-2729ARB Staff
 Malubay, Anna (916) 229-0398ARB Staff
 Mammano, Frank (916) 322-7243ARB Staff
 Mandler, Catherine (916) 323-6014ARB Staff
 Mangat, Ajay (916) 324-2718ARB Supervisor
 Mangat, Hargobinder (916) 322-8915ARB Staff
 Manh, Son (916) 440-8229ARB Staff
 Manliclic, Kersey (916) 324-3500ARB Staff
 Mann, Ashley (916) 445-9483ARB Staff
 Mara, Steven (916) 323-3920ARB Staff
 Marconi, John (916) 323-6752ARB Staff
 Marin, Anthony (916) 445-5569ARB Staff
 Marsh, Arthur (805) 795-4227ARB Staff
 Marshall, Antony (916) 322-0347ARB Staff
 Marshall, Bianca (916) 324-1729ARB Staff
 Martin, Casey (626) 450-6145ARB Staff
 Martin, Daniel (916) 440-8248ARB Staff
 Martin, Richard (Rick) (916) 322-6047ARB Staff
 Martin, Violet (916) 322-6366ARB Staff
 Martinez, Andrew (916) 322-8449ARB Staff
 Martinez, Christian (916) 322-8204ARB Staff
 Martinez, Geoffrey (916) 324-2186ARB Staff
 Martinez, Jessica (916) 322-7492ARB Staff
 Martinez, Sara (916) 229-0874ARB Staff
 Martino, Tony (626) 575-6848ARB Manager
 Marzilli, Paul (916) 445-7431ARB Staff
 Mason, Ily (916) 229-0584ARB Staff
 Massetti, John (626) 350-6510ARB Staff
 Masuda, Sydney (916) 323-4916ARB Staff
 Mathews, Leah (916) 324-9656ARB Staff
 Mathews, Neil (916) 323-5036ARB Staff
 Matouka, Neil (916) 440-8206ARB Staff
 Matsunaga, Aiko (626) 575-6831ARB Staff
 Matti, Luke (916) 322-2421ARB Staff
 Mattipalli, Sandhya (916) 440-8253ARB Staff
 May, Abigail (916) 323-9075ARB Counsel
 May, Sean (916) 324-0668ARB Staff
 Mayeur, Greg (916) 324-8031ARB Supervisor
 Mazzola, Barbara (916) 324-1921ARB Staff
 McAlister, Covina (916) 322-8193ARB Supervisor
 McCarthy, Michael (626) 771-3614ARB Staff
 McCartney, Wade (916) 327-0822ARB Staff
 McCormack, Joseph (916) 445-3621ARB Staff
 McDermott, Tess (916) 323-2308ARB Staff
 McDoniels, Regina (916) 229-0556ARB Staff
 McDonough, Christine (916) 322-0473ARB Staff
 McDougall, Mac (916) 327-4720ARB Manager
 McDuffee, William (626) 450-6159ARB Staff
 McKay, Megan (916) 327-0885ARB Staff
 McKinley, Kristen (916) 229-0748ARB Manager
 McMahan, Gregory (916) 229-0581ARB Staff
 McMahon, Wayne (626) 575-7054ARB Manager
 McPhee, Jason (916) 323-1104ARB Staff
 McStocker, Andrea (916) 322-3267ARB Staff
 Mead, Kathleen (916) 324-9550ARB Staff
 Medina, John (916) 327-2337ARB Staff
 Medina, Melissa (916) 322-0001ARB Staff
 Mednick, Bronwyn (916) 323-1084ARB Staff
 Mehadi, Ahmed (916) 327-4730ARB Staff
 Mehl, David (916) 229-0745ARB Branch Chief
 Melgo, Jenny (916) 327-6257ARB Staff
 Melgoza, Elizabeth (916) 322-6161ARB Staff
 Melnyk, Richard (626) 575-6955ARB Staff
 Mendez, Alejandra (916) 440-8289ARB Staff
 Mendiola, Victor (916) 323-1502ARB Student
 Mendoza, Jacquelin (626) 575-6812ARB Staff
 Meranian, Paul (916) 322-6923ARB Staff
 Mercado, Olivia (626) 450-6229ARB Staff
 Mercurio, Michael (916) 323-2059ARB Staff
 Meuser, Melissa (916) 327-2950ARB Staff
 Miao, Jin (916) 324-0390ARB Staff
 Miguel, Michael (916) 322-0960ARB Asst. Division Chief
 Mikailian, Gary (626) 350-6484ARB Manager
 Milazzo, Michael (916) 229-0322ARB Staff
 Miles, Meri (916) 322-6370ARB Staff
 Miller, Caitlin (916) 445-9798ARB Staff
 Miller, Richard (916) 229-0962ARB Staff
 Mims, Dartanion (916) 322-7454ARB Staff
 Miner, Dillon (916) 322-8283ARB Staff
 Minerva, Melanie (916) 445-1473ARB Staff
 Minor, Hilary (916) 327-2957ARB Staff
 Miranda, Megan (916) 322-3988ARB Staff
 Misra, Chandan (916) 323-1503ARB Manager
 Mitchell, Alexander (916) 327-1513ARB Supervisor
 Mitchell, Lamar (916) 445-9371ARB Staff
 Mitloehner, Qian (916) 445-0863ARB Staff
 Miyasato, Lori (916) 324-9284ARB Staff
 Mojaver, Farshid (916) 323-7043ARB Staff
 Molina, Brian (626) 459-4416ARB Staff
 Molinelli, April (916) 324-1440ARB Counsel
 Mollaei, Mohammadreza Not AvailableARB Staff
 Monday, Scott (916) 445-9319ARB Staff
 Monroe, Gabriel (916) 324-2132ARB Counsel
 Montes, Thomas (626) 575-6777ARB Manager
 Montoya, Valentine (916) 324-0428ARB Staff
 Montrose, Mackenzie (916) 323-6073ARB Staff
 Moore, Brian (916) 322-8280ARB Staff
 Moore, Daniel (916) 324-1003ARB Staff
 Moore, Ryan (916) 323-2308ARB Staff
 Mooy, Cori (916) 229-0348ARB Staff
 Mora, Hortencia (626) 350-6590ARB Staff
 Morales, Antonio (916) 322-5031ARB Staff
 Morales, Daniel (916) 327-6707ARB Staff
 Morales, Tula (916) 327-2336ARB Staff
 Mordi, Ify (916) 229-0631ARB Staff
 Moreno, Adam (916) 322-7141ARB Staff
 Morgan, Andrea (916) 323-6169ARB Staff
 Morgan, Blayne (916) 323-0564ARB Staff
 Morris, Robbie (916) 327-0006ARB Staff
 Motallebi, Nehzat (916) 324-1744ARB Staff
 Mrowka, Andrew (916) 324-0330ARB Staff
 Muench, Tobias (916) 322-3908ARB Staff
 Muffett, Andrew (916) 324-7316ARB Staff
 Muhammad, Tahir (916) 449-5289ARB Staff
 Munekata, Cruz (626) 459-4385ARB Staff
 Munoz, Sophia (916) 440-8211ARB Manager
 Munz, Molly (916) 445-8251ARB Staff
 Muradliyan, Richard (626) 575-6798ARB Staff
 Murano, Ryan (916) 322-2383ARB Staff
 Murillo, Stephanie (626) 575-6858ARB Staff
 Murphy, Edna (916) 322-8198ARB Division Chief
 Mut, Leng (916) 229-0406ARB Staff
 Muthukumar, Kumar (626) 575-7040ARB Manager

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards