Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 L'Heureux, Robert (916) 464-4736Water/R5 Specialist
 Laborin, Jessica (916) 341-5107SWRCB Staff
 Labrado, Lisa (916) 341-5638SWRCB Supervisor
 LaBrie, David (916) 341-5343SWRCB Staff
 Laca, Allan (916) 322-8469SWRCB Staff
 LaCasse, Robert (916) 319-0731SWRCB Supervisor
 LaChapelle, Anthony (916) 324-6581SWRCB Supervisor
 Lacy, Eric (510) 620-3453SWRCB Supervisor
 Lagudis, Susana (213) 576-6694Water/R4 Staff
 Lahey, Margo (530) 542-5575Water/R6 Staff
 Lal, Nilkant (916) 322-8410SWRCB Staff
 Lam, Justin (916) 341-5521SWRCB Staff
 Lamaa, Ahmad J. (213) 576-6716Water/R4 Staff
 Lambert, Ralph (510) 622-2382Water/R2 Staff
 Lan, Davy (916) 319-9470SWRCB Staff
 Lancaster, David (916) 341-5195SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Landau, Katheryn (916) 341-5588SWRCB Manager
 Lane, Melissa (213) 576-6787Water/R4 Staff
 LaNier, Justin (530) 224-2050Water/R5 Staff
 LAO, PAKOU Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Lao, Xia (916) 319-0163SWRCB Staff
 Laputz, Adam (916) 464-4726Water/R5 Asst. Executive Officer
 Lara, Julio (951) 782-4901Water/R8 Supervisor
 Larkin, Kirk (951) 320-2182Water/R8 Staff
 Larson, Kirk (916) 341-5663SWRCB Staff
 Lata, Renu (916) 341-5080SWRCB Staff
 Lau, Ruby (818) 551-2047SWRCB Staff
 Laudon, Leslie (916) 341-5499SWRCB Deputy Director
 Lauffer, Michael (916) 341-5183SWRCB Chief Counsel
 Lavallee, Laura (916) 341-5422SWRCB Supervisor
 Lavy, Tom (916) 464-4854SWRCB Staff
 Law, Christopher (916) 341-5869SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Law, Jessica (951) 782-4381Water/R8 Staff
 Lawhorn, Yvette (916) 341-5783SWRCB Staff
 Lawrence, Thomas (916) 341-5051SWRCB Chief Counsel
 Lawton-Wilson, Samantha (916) 322-8537SWRCB Staff
 Lay, Cathy (916) 324-5629SWRCB Staff
 Le, Lance (707) 576-6727Water/R1 Staff
 Le, Phan (760) 776-8974Water/R7 Staff
 Le, Trang (916) 341-5875SWRCB Staff
 Le, Truc (916) 464-4617Water/R5 Staff
 Leahy, Tina (916) 319-8559SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Leary, Patricia (916) 341-5845SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Lebich, Alla (916) 324-5629SWRCB Staff
 Lebron, Ezekiel (916) 341-5756SWRCB Staff
 Leclerc, Rene (916) 622-2410Water/R2 Staff
 Ledezma-Vasquez, Hilda (916) 341-5697SWRCB Manager
 Lee, Elizabeth (916) 464-4787Water/R5 Specialist
 Lee, Joanne (951) 782-3291Water/R8 Staff
 Lee, Karen (510) 620-3162SWRCB Staff
 Lee, Katherine (916) 341-5386SWRCB Supervisor
 Lee, Kurtis (619) 525-4646SWRCB Staff
 Lee, Lily (916) 445-2816SWRCB Staff
 Lee, Sean (213) 620-2122Water/R4 Staff
 Lee, Tricia (916) 323-0875SWRCB Staff
 Lee, WonSuk (916) 341-5019SWRCB Staff
 Lee, Yolanda (916) 341-5142SWRCB Staff
 Lehmann, Benjamin (916) 464-4760Water/R5 Staff
 Lemoine, Leah (805) 549-3159Water/R3 Staff
 Lemus, Mark (760) 241-3408Water/R6 Staff
 Lenahan, Garrett (916) 341-5179SWRCB Staff
 Lennon, Ellen (559) 447-3039SWRCB Staff
 Leonard, Jessica (916) 341-5980SWRCB Staff
 Letton, Ben (530) 542-5436Water/R6 Manager
 Leung, Eugene (510) 620-3460SWRCB Staff
 Levesque, Candice (916) 341-5553SWRCB Staff
 Levy, Paul (916) 323-5598SWRCB Staff
 Lewis, Justin (707) 576-2145SWRCB Staff
 Lewis, Patrick (916) 327-0140SWRCB Staff
 Leyba, KhristinaRae (916) 341-5796SWRCB Staff
 Li, Lei (818) 551-2024SWRCB Staff
 Li, Xinyu (951) 782-4906Water/R8 Supervisor
 Liang, Bill (818) 551-2024SWRCB Staff
 Licatesi, John (916) 341-5210SWRCB Staff
 Lichten, Keith (510) 622-2380Water/R2 Manager
 Lichti, Betsy (916) 322-9598SWRCB Manager
 Lieu, Xuan (916) 341-5821SWRCB Staff
 Ligare, Scott (916) 341-5382SWRCB Staff
 Lilichenko, Alla (510) 620-3601SWRCB Staff
 Lilly, Alan (916) 341-5614SWRCB Director
 Lim, Hee Kyung (916) 449-5635SWRCB Staff
 Lim, Jeong-Hee (213) 576-6616Water/R4 Supervisor
 Lim, Joann (619) 521-3362Water/R9 Staff
 Lin, Ann (213) 576-6781Water/R4 Supervisor
 Lin, Kevin (213) 576-6781Water/R4 Staff
 Lin, Lu-Ying (213) 576-6654Water/R4 Staff
 Linck, Wendy (916) 323-0888SWRCB Staff
 Lindberg, Eric (951) 782-3219Water/R8 Supervisor
 Linderholm, Durin (916) 464-4657Water/R5 Staff
 Ling, Jane (916) 341-5335SWRCB Specialist
 Lister, Lance (916) 341-5090SWRCB Branch Chief
 Little, Amy (707) 576-2147SWRCB Staff
 Little, Bryan (805) 549-3704Water/R3 Staff
 Little, Dan (916) 464-4706Water/R5 Staff
 Little, Jamie (916) 341-5035SWRCB Manager
 Littlejohn, Anne (916) 464-4840Water/R5 Supervisor
 Liu, Chloe (916) 319-8562SWRCB Staff
 Liu, Dan (916) 322-5274SWRCB Staff
 Liu, Jeanette (213) 576-6731Water/R4 Staff
 Liu, Serena (916) 341-5177SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Liu, Wei (805) 542-4648Water/R3 Staff
 Liu, Wendy (213) 620-2219Water/R4 Staff
 Liu, Xiaowei Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Livensparger, Thomas (209) 948-7696SWRCB Staff
 Llamas, Errick (213) 576-6783Water/R4 Staff
 Locken, Bruce (916) 341-5718SWRCB Staff
 Lodge, Ryan (805) 549-3506Water/R3 Supervisor
 Loera, Enrique (213) 620-2244Water/R4 Staff
 Loflen, Chad (619) 521-3370Water/R9 Supervisor
 Long, Kevin (916) 341-5346SWRCB Staff
 Looker, Richard (510) 622-2451Water/R2 Staff
 Lookingbill, Scott (916) 449-5634SWRCB Staff
 Lopes, Alice (916) 464-4649Water/R5 Staff
 Lopez, Alejandra (559) 445-6071Water/R5 Staff
 Lopez, Alexander (916) 327-8117SWRCB Staff
 Lopez, Amanda (760) 241-7373Water/R6 Staff
 Lopez, Cecilia (818) 551-2008SWRCB Staff
 Lopez, Sandra (760) 241-7306Water/R6 Staff
 Lopez, Stephanie (916) 341-5846SWRCB Staff
 Lopez, Stephanie.A (916) 319-9124SWRCB Staff
 Lopez, Zaira (559) 488-4393Water/R5 Staff
 Lord, Jacques (916) 341-5651SWRCB Staff
 Lotz, Tracy (916) 324-6572SWRCB Staff
 Louie, Linda (510) 620-3171SWRCB Staff
 Louie, Selina (510) 622-2383Water/R2 Staff
 Louie, Stephen (916) 323-5173SWRCB Staff
 Lovesee, Joseph (916) 341-5872SWRCB Staff
 Lovi, Matthew (707) 576-2511SWRCB Staff
 Low, George (530) 224-3208Water/R5 Supervisor
 Low, Tina (510) 622-5682Water/R2 Staff
 Lozano, David (818) 551-2065SWRCB Staff
 Lozano, Jose (510) 620-3459SWRCB Staff
 Lu, Minji (916) 327-8675SWRCB Staff
 Lu, Yi (213) 576-6695Water/R4 Supervisor
 Luders, Joshua (707) 576-2551Water/R1 Staff
 Luera, Joe (213) 576-6706Water/R4 Staff
 Lummen, Lewis (559) 445-5561Water/R5 Staff
 Lund, Ronnean (530) 224-6505SWRCB Staff
 Lunde, Kevin (510) 622-2431Water/R2 Supervisor
 Luo, Jinhui (916) 341-5951SWRCB Staff
 Luo, Xuan (916) 464-4606Water/R5 Supervisor
 Luong, Lillian (818) 551-2038SWRCB Staff
 Ly, Jillian (213) 576-6664Water/R4 Supervisor
 Lyons, Lora (831) 655-6942SWRCB Staff

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