Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 La Belle, Bruce Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Lac, Linh (916) 322-5711DTSC Not Available
 Laliberte, Kelly (714) 484-5475DTSC Not Available
 Lallas, Mathias (510) 540-3933DTSC Staff
 Lam, Joseph (916) 323-3394DTSC Not Available
 Lan, Yun (916) 324-3099DTSC Not Available
 Lancaster, Nancy (916) 255-6588DTSC Staff
 Lang, Valetti (916) 324-1815DTSC Staff
 Lanphar, Tom (510) 540-3776DTSC Staff
 Larsen-Hallock, Lorraine (916) 255-3583DTSC Not Available
 Law, Christopher (916) 324-0345DTSC Staff
 Lawler, Samantha (916) 324-0092DTSC Staff
 Le, Quang D. Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Le, Van-Anh (858) 637-5533DTSC Staff
 Le, Vinh (916) 322-1313DTSC Not Available
 Lear, Stacey (714) 484-5354DTSC Staff
 Leary, Brett A. (916) 255-4988DTSC Staff
 Lee, Hae (213) 482-0251DTSC Staff
 Lee, Heather (916) 324-6649DTSC Not Available
 Lee, Leslie (916) 324-3086DTSC Not Available
 Lee, Linda (916) 255-3673DTSC Staff
 Lee, Melissa (916) 327-8514DTSC Contract Personnel
 Lee, Sallymog (916) 323-3547DTSC Staff
 Lee, Wendy (916) 327-1188DTSC Staff
 Legaspi, Jesselle M. (916) 322-4985DTSC Staff
 Lemus-arreola, Jacqueline (510) 540-3825DTSC Staff
 Leonetti, Christopher (916) 445-6011DTSC Not Available
 Leverenz, Jason (916) 445-5546DTSC Not Available
 Lew, Bonny (916) 255-6441DTSC Not Available
 Lewis, Bruce (916) 255-6576DTSC Staff
 Lewis, Mckinley (916) 255-3625DTSC Staff
 Lewis, Patrick (916) 322-4596DTSC Staff
 Lewis, Stephanie (818) 717-6616DTSC Staff
 Liberman, Ali (323) 803-2510DTSC Staff
 Lieber, Jarred (916) 255-3723DTSC Not Available
 Lincoln, Julie (916) 255-3684DTSC Staff
 Lira, Robert (714) 816-1987DTSC Staff
 Little, John (916) 255-3611DTSC Not Available
 Liu, Ju-tseng (714) 484-5463DTSC Supervisor
 Livsey, K. Michelle (916) 324-0556DTSC Staff
 Loehr, Cheryl (916) 323-3423DTSC Staff
 Lofstrom, Dot (916) 255-3607DTSC Not Available
 Lopez, Elsa (818) 717-6566DTSC Staff
 Lopez, Lucy (916) 324-2444DTSC Not Available
 Lopez, Manuel (818) 717-6572DTSC Staff
 Lopez, Reina (510) 540-3799DTSC Not Available
 Lopez, Veronica (760) 352-0381DTSC Staff
 Lopez Mendoza, Jerilyn (818) 885-3307DTSC Not Available
 Lopez-Rogers, Liz (916) 322-2889DTSC Staff
 Lor, Ka (916) 327-1196DTSC Staff
 Lor, Kong (916) 324-3102DTSC Staff
 Lorentzen, Wayne (916) 255-3883DTSC Staff
 Louie, Joanna (510) 540-3957DTSC Staff
 Louie, Kristina (626) 639-0508DTSC Not Available
 Low, John (916) 322-5533DTSC Staff
 Luan, Tony (916) 322-5244DTSC Not Available
 Lucero, Loni (916) 255-3753DTSC Staff
 Luckhardt, Esther (714) 484-5333DTSC Not Available
 Luevano, Jose (916) 255-3577DTSC Staff
 Lui, Eddie (213) 977-7361DTSC Staff
 Lyall, Gregory (916) 324-0339DTSC Not Available
 Lyman, Allison (916) 324-3095DTSC Staff
 Lynn-Shimasaki, Debra (916) 324-2998DTSC Staff
 Lytle, Eric (510) 540-2176DTSC Staff

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