Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Lafreniere, Latifah (916) 341-6299CalRecycle Supervisor
 Laird, Kevin (916) 341-6425CalRecycle Staff
 Lal, Arishma (916) 341-6616CalRecycle Staff
 Lal, Arti (916) 341-6434CalRecycle Staff
 Landberg, Trace (916) 341-6596CalRecycle Staff
 Landesman, Jessica (916) 341-6760CalRecycle Student
 Lara, Alison (916) 322-4022CalRecycle Staff
 Lara, Brianna (916) 323-0075CalRecycle Staff
 Lara, Nicole (916) 323-4748CalRecycle Staff
 Lard, Breanne (916) 341-6522CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Larimore, Brian (916) 341-6579CalRecycle Staff
 Larkey, D.J. (916) 341-6154CalRecycle Staff
 Larner, Jill (916) 341-6525CalRecycle Supervisor
 LaTanner, Jim (916) 341-6497CalRecycle Supervisor
 Lawrence, Paulina (916) 341-6521CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Le, Han (916) 324-1262CalRecycle Staff
 Le, Hieu (916) 323-1493CalRecycle Supervisor
 Le, Susie (916) 322-4016CalRecycle Staff
 Leas, Israel (916) 341-6806CalRecycle Supervisor
 LeCompte, Sabrina (916) 322-1895CalRecycle Staff
 Ledesma, Hope (916) 327-2776CalRecycle Staff
 Lee, Cha (916) 323-3462CalRecycle Staff
 Lee, Derek (916) 341-6159CalRecycle Staff
 Leet, Kelsey (916) 341-6797CalRecycle Student
 Leng, John (916) 341-6784CalRecycle Retired Annuitant
 Letendre, Jared (916) 341-6733CalRecycle Staff
 Levesque, Joshua (916) 341-6164CalRecycle Staff
 Levine, Steve (916) 341-6064CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Levy, Evan (916) 341-6502CalRecycle Staff
 Lew, Ronald (916) 323-0040CalRecycle Staff
 Lewis, Lynette (916) 341-6842CalRecycle Staff
 Lewis, Shelly (916) 341-6649CalRecycle Supervisor
 Li, Shunji (916) 341-6339CalRecycle Staff
 Li, Steven (916) 341-6206CalRecycle Supervisor
 Liang, Dawn (916) 341-6723CalRecycle Staff
 Lief, Lana (916) 341-6808CalRecycle Staff
 Ligaya, Dan (916) 341-6754CalRecycle Staff
 Ligaya, Esli (916) 323-4878CalRecycle Supervisor
 Lillie, DawnMarie (916) 341-6392CalRecycle Staff
 Lim, Renato (916) 322-9711CalRecycle Staff
 Lin, Jeffrey (916) 341-6461CalRecycle Supervisor
 Lin, Jonathan (916) 341-6102CalRecycle Staff
 Link, Derek (916) 322-4028CalRecycle Supervisor
 Loane, John (916) 341-6327CalRecycle Staff
 Lodhia, Kishore (916) 322-1827CalRecycle Staff
 Lopez, Cassandra (916) 341-6763CalRecycle Staff
 Lopez, Gerardo (916) 327-1208CalRecycle Staff
 Lopez, Jorge (310) 342-6119CalRecycle Staff
 Lopez, Victor (916) 322-4256CalRecycle Staff
 Lorentzen, Marc (916) 323-5495CalRecycle Staff
 Lowe, Evan (916) 341-6443CalRecycle Student
 Lucic, Emily (916) 341-6105CalRecycle Staff
 Lucy, Burke (916) 341-6592CalRecycle Staff
 Lum, Victor (916) 445-1474CalRecycle Retired Annuitant
 Luna, Natalia (916) 341-6430CalRecycle Student
 Luna, Paulino (916) 341-6412CalRecycle Staff
 Lung, Martin (916) 327-2778CalRecycle Staff
 Luong, Matt (916) 341-6604CalRecycle Staff
 Luong, Richard (916) 323-5551CalRecycle Staff

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