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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 L'Heureux, Robert (916) 464-4736Water/R5 Specialist
 La, Tony (626) 575-7013ARB Staff
 La Belle, Bruce Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Labastida, Claudia (626) 575-6654ARB Staff
 Laborin, Jessica (916) 341-5107SWRCB Staff
 Labrado, Lisa (916) 341-5638SWRCB Supervisor
 LaBrie, David (916) 341-5343SWRCB Staff
 Lac, Linh (916) 322-5711DTSC Not Available
 Laca, Allan (916) 322-8469SWRCB Staff
 LaCasse, Robert (916) 319-0731SWRCB Supervisor
 LaChapelle, Anthony (916) 324-6581SWRCB Supervisor
 Lacy, Eric (510) 620-3453SWRCB Supervisor
 Ladzinski, Thomas (213) 922-5958ARB Staff
 LaFrenier, Gene (916) 323-3162ARB Supervisor
 Lafreniere, Latifah (916) 341-6299CalRecycle Supervisor
 Lagudis, Susana (213) 576-6694Water/R4 Staff
 Lahey, Margo (530) 542-5575Water/R6 Staff
 Lai, Ursula (916) 323-2790ARB Staff
 Laird, Kevin (916) 341-6425CalRecycle Staff
 Lal, Arishma (916) 341-6616CalRecycle Staff
 Lal, Arman (916) 322-4346ARB Manager
 Lal, Arti (916) 341-6434CalRecycle Staff
 Lal, Nilkant (916) 322-8410SWRCB Staff
 Laliberte, Kelly (714) 484-5475DTSC Not Available
 Lallas, Mathias (510) 540-3933DTSC Staff
 Lam, Darin (626) 459-4466ARB Student
 Lam, Hi (626) 575-6852ARB Staff
 Lam, Joseph (916) 323-3394DTSC Not Available
 Lam, Justin (916) 341-5521SWRCB Staff
 Lamaa, Ahmad J. (213) 576-6716Water/R4 Staff
 Lambert, Kimya (916) 323-2507ARB Staff
 Lambert, Ralph (510) 622-2382Water/R2 Staff
 Lan, Davy (916) 319-9470SWRCB Staff
 Lan, Yun (916) 324-3099DTSC Not Available
 Lancaster, David (916) 341-5195SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Lancaster, Nancy (916) 255-6588DTSC Staff
 Lancero, Jeff (916) 323-3859ARB Staff
 Landau, Katheryn (916) 341-5588SWRCB Manager
 Landberg, Earl (916) 323-1384ARB Staff
 Landberg, Trace (916) 341-6596CalRecycle Staff
 Landesman, Jessica (916) 341-6760CalRecycle Student
 Lane, Melissa (213) 576-6787Water/R4 Staff
 Lane, Olivia (916) 323-2646ARB Staff
 Lang, Robin (626) 575-6827ARB Supervisor
 Lang, Valetti (916) 324-1815DTSC Staff
 Lang, Ziv (916) 323-0440ARB Staff
 Lange, Bryan (916) 322-1013ARB Staff
 Langfitt, Quinn (916) 322-0342ARB Staff
 Languell, Bob (916) 322-7651ARB Staff
 LaNier, Justin (530) 224-2050Water/R5 Staff
 Lanphar, Tom (510) 540-3776DTSC Staff
 Lanterman, Keith (916) 322-0606ARB Staff
 Lanz-Haupt, Kathy Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 LAO, PAKOU Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Lao, Xia (916) 319-0163SWRCB Staff
 Laputz, Adam (916) 464-4726Water/R5 Asst. Executive Officer
 Lara, Alison (916) 322-4022CalRecycle Staff
 Lara, Brianna (916) 323-0075CalRecycle Staff
 Lara, Julio (951) 782-4901Water/R8 Supervisor
 Lara, Nicole (916) 323-4748CalRecycle Staff
 Laramee, Elyssa (916) 324-1296OEHHA Staff
 Lard, Breanne (916) 341-6522CalRecycle Staff Counsel
 Laribi, Ouahiba (510) 622-2070OEHHA Supervisor
 Larimore, Brian (916) 341-6579CalRecycle Staff
 Larios, Alberto (916) 440-8292ARB Staff
 Larkey, D.J. (916) 341-6154CalRecycle Staff
 Larkin, Kirk (951) 320-2182Water/R8 Staff
 Larner, Jill (916) 341-6525CalRecycle Supervisor
 Larsen-Hallock, Lorraine (916) 255-3583DTSC Not Available
 Larson, Kirk (916) 341-5663SWRCB Staff
 Larson, Leslie (916) 323-4398ARB Staff
 Laskowski, Cheryl (916) 323-1054ARB Deputy Director
 Lata, Renu (916) 341-5080SWRCB Staff
 LaTanner, Jim (916) 341-6497CalRecycle Supervisor
 Latham, Lynnette (916) 323-9010ARB Staff
 Latt, Jenna (626) 575-7097ARB Staff
 Lau, Ruby (818) 551-2047SWRCB Staff
 Lau, Sidney (916) 229-0396ARB Staff
 Laudon, Leslie (916) 341-5499SWRCB Deputy Director
 Lauffer, Michael (916) 341-5183SWRCB Chief Counsel
 Lavallee, Laura (916) 341-5422SWRCB Supervisor
 Lavy, Tom (916) 464-4854SWRCB Staff
 Law, Carl (626) 459-4334ARB Staff
 Law, Christopher (916) 324-0345DTSC Staff
 Law, Christopher (916) 341-5869SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Law, Jessica (951) 782-4381Water/R8 Staff
 Lawhorn, Yvette (916) 341-5783SWRCB Staff
 Lawler, Samantha (916) 324-0092DTSC Staff
 Lawrence, Danielle (916) 323-0027ARB Staff
 Lawrence, Paulina (916) 341-6521CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Lawrence, Thomas (916) 341-5051SWRCB Chief Counsel
 Lawton-Wilson, Samantha (916) 322-8537SWRCB Staff
 Lawver, Renee (916) 322-7062ARB Supervisor
 Lay, Cathy (916) 324-5629SWRCB Staff
 Le, Diana (916) 445-4201DPR Staff
 Le, Ha (626) 575-6733ARB Staff
 Le, Han (916) 324-1262CalRecycle Staff
 Le, Hieu (916) 323-1493CalRecycle Supervisor
 Le, Lance (707) 576-6727Water/R1 Staff
 Le, Phan (760) 776-8974Water/R7 Staff
 Le, Quang D. Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Le, Sarah (916) 229-0970ARB Staff
 Le, Susie (916) 322-4016CalRecycle Staff
 Le, Thai (916) 327-2710Agency Staff
 Le, Trang (916) 341-5875SWRCB Staff
 Le, Truc (916) 464-4617Water/R5 Staff
 Le, Van-Anh (858) 637-5533DTSC Staff
 Le, Vinh (916) 322-1313DTSC Not Available
 Le, Vu (916) 341-7315DPR Staff
 Le Visage, Laurine (510) 622-3167OEHHA Volunteer
 Leahy, Tina (916) 319-8559SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Lear, Stacey (714) 484-5354DTSC Staff
 Leary, Brett A. (916) 255-4988DTSC Staff
 Leary, Ian (916) 229-0580ARB Staff
 Leary, Patricia (916) 341-5845SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Leas, Israel (916) 341-6806CalRecycle Supervisor
 Lebich, Alla (916) 324-5629SWRCB Staff
 Lebron, Ezekiel (916) 341-5756SWRCB Staff
 Lechadores, Winston (626) 575-6822ARB Staff
 Leclerc, Rene (916) 622-2410Water/R2 Staff
 LeCompte, Sabrina (916) 322-1895CalRecycle Staff
 Ledesma, Hope (916) 327-2776CalRecycle Staff
 Ledezma-Vasquez, Hilda (916) 341-5697SWRCB Manager
 Lee, Abraham Dohwon (626) 350-6543ARB Staff
 Lee, Anthony (916) 323-1279ARB Staff
 Lee, Arthur (916) 323-1681ARB Staff
 Lee, Cha (916) 323-3462CalRecycle Staff
 Lee, Derek (916) 341-6159CalRecycle Staff
 Lee, Donna (916) 322-1369ARB Manager
 Lee, Elizabeth (916) 464-4787Water/R5 Specialist
 Lee, Eon (916) 000-0000ARB Staff
 Lee, Hae (213) 482-0251DTSC Staff
 Lee, Heather (916) 324-6649DTSC Not Available
 Lee, Hung Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Lee, Hyun Ji (626) 350-6522ARB Staff
 Lee, Hyung Joo (916) 323-1193ARB Staff
 Lee, Jennifer (916) 322-0592ARB Staff
 Lee, Joanne (951) 782-3291Water/R8 Staff
 Lee, John (916) 327-5975ARB Staff
 Lee, Karen (510) 620-3162SWRCB Staff
 Lee, Katherine (916) 341-5386SWRCB Supervisor
 Lee, Kenny (626) 450-6234ARB Staff
 Lee, Kevin (916) 229-0881ARB Staff
 Lee, Kurtis (619) 525-4646SWRCB Staff
 Lee, Leslie (916) 324-3086DTSC Not Available
 Lee, Lily (916) 445-2816SWRCB Staff
 Lee, Linda (916) 322-1521ARB Staff
 Lee, Linda (916) 255-3673DTSC Staff
 Lee, Melissa (916) 327-8514DTSC Contract Personnel
 Lee, Octavia (916) 322-3838ARB Staff
 Lee, Pheng (916) 323-3231ARB Staff
 Lee, Sallymog (916) 323-3547DTSC Staff
 Lee, Sean (213) 620-2122Water/R4 Staff
 Lee, Shiuh-Lin (916) 324-3974ARB Supervisor
 Lee, Sylvie (510) 622-3198OEHHA Staff
 Lee, Tricia (916) 323-0875SWRCB Staff
 Lee, Wendy (916) 327-1188DTSC Staff
 Lee, WonSuk (916) 341-5019SWRCB Staff
 Lee, Yolanda (916) 341-5142SWRCB Staff
 Leet, Kelsey (916) 341-6797CalRecycle Student
 Legaspi, Jesselle M. (916) 322-4985DTSC Staff
 Lehmann, Benjamin (916) 464-4760Water/R5 Staff
 Leichty, Julian (916) 323-2395OEHHA Special Assistant
 Lemieux, Sharon (626) 575-7067ARB Branch Chief
 Lemieux, Stephan (626) 450-6162ARB Manager
 Lemoine, Leah (805) 549-3159Water/R3 Staff
 Lemus, Mark (760) 241-3408Water/R6 Staff
 Lemus-arreola, Jacqueline (510) 540-3825DTSC Staff
 Lenahan, Garrett (916) 341-5179SWRCB Staff
 Leng, John (916) 341-6784CalRecycle Retired Annuitant
 Leng, Xiang (916) 327-7319OEHHA Student
 Lennon, Ellen (559) 447-3039SWRCB Staff
 Leon, Frankie (559) 297-5418DPR Staff
 Leon, Raquel (916) 323-7046ARB Staff
 Leonard, Jessica (916) 341-5980SWRCB Staff
 Leonetti, Christopher (916) 445-6011DTSC Not Available
 Lerman, Sam (916) 322-3123ARB Staff
 Leslie, Jasmine (916) 322-3685ARB Staff
 Letendre, Jared (916) 341-6733CalRecycle Staff
 Letton, Ben (530) 542-5436Water/R6 Manager
 Leu, Darrell (916) 327-6180ARB Staff
 Leung, Eugene (510) 620-3460SWRCB Staff
 Leung, Maxwell (916) 324-3514DPR Staff
 Leung, Peter (916) 324-3470DPR Supervisor
 Leung, William (916) 322-1880ARB Staff
 Leverenz, Jason (916) 445-5546DTSC Not Available
 Levesque, Candice (916) 341-5553SWRCB Staff
 Levesque, Joshua (916) 341-6164CalRecycle Staff
 Levine, Johanna (916) 322-3499ARB Manager
 Levine, Steve (916) 341-6064CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Levy, Evan (916) 341-6502CalRecycle Staff
 Levy, Paul (916) 323-5598SWRCB Staff
 Levy, Smadar (916) 324-0230ARB Staff
 Lew, Bonny (916) 255-6441DTSC Not Available
 Lew, George (916) 324-6300ARB Branch Chief
 Lew, Michelle (916) 229-0345ARB Staff
 Lew, Ronald (916) 323-0040CalRecycle Staff
 Lewis, Bruce (916) 255-6576DTSC Staff
 Lewis, Carolyn (916) 324-3518DPR Staff
 Lewis, Darneka (916) 322-8196ARB Staff
 Lewis, Justin (707) 576-2145SWRCB Staff
 Lewis, Kenneth (916) 322-8098ARB Staff
 Lewis, Lynette (916) 341-6842CalRecycle Staff
 Lewis, Mckinley (916) 255-3625DTSC Staff
 Lewis, Patrick (916) 327-0140SWRCB Staff
 Lewis, Patrick (916) 322-4596DTSC Staff
 Lewis, Shelly (916) 341-6649CalRecycle Supervisor
 Lewis, Stephanie (818) 717-6616DTSC Staff
 Leyba, KhristinaRae (916) 341-5796SWRCB Staff
 Leyva, Alexis (916) 323-5149DPR Staff
 Leyva, Jesus (916) 324-3904DPR Staff
 Leyva, Luis (916) 323-1079ARB Staff
 Li, Katie (510) 622-3214OEHHA Staff
 Li, Lei (818) 551-2024SWRCB Staff
 Li, Lin Ying (916) 322-1721ARB Staff
 Li, Ling-Hong (916) 324-6479OEHHA Staff
 Li, Peter (916) 445-9219ARB Staff
 Li, Qianfeng (626) 575-6869ARB Staff
 Li, Shunji (916) 341-6339CalRecycle Staff
 Li, Steven (916) 341-6206CalRecycle Supervisor
 Li, Xiangyi (626) 350-6506ARB Staff
 Li, Xinyu (951) 782-4906Water/R8 Supervisor
 Li Yang, James (626) 350-6408ARB Staff
 Liang, Bill (818) 551-2024SWRCB Staff
 Liang, Dawn (916) 341-6723CalRecycle Staff
 Liang, Yirui (916) 440-8239ARB Staff
 Liberman, Ali (323) 803-2510DTSC Staff
 Licatesi, John (916) 341-5210SWRCB Staff
 Lichten, Keith (510) 622-2380Water/R2 Manager
 Lichtenstein, Samar (916) 440-8274ARB Staff
 Lichti, Betsy (916) 322-9598SWRCB Manager
 Licon, Glen (916) 607-8661ARB Staff
 Lidicker, Jeffrey (916) 322-0845ARB Staff
 Lieber, Jarred (916) 255-3723DTSC Not Available
 Liebler, Carson (916) 322-6025ARB Staff
 Lief, Lana (916) 341-6808CalRecycle Staff
 Lieu, Xuan (916) 341-5821SWRCB Staff
 Ligare, Scott (916) 341-5382SWRCB Staff
 Ligaya, Dan (916) 341-6754CalRecycle Staff
 Ligaya, Esli (916) 323-4878CalRecycle Supervisor
 Light Densberger, Nicole (916) 445-6012ARB Staff
 Lilichenko, Alla (510) 620-3601SWRCB Staff
 Lillie, DawnMarie (916) 341-6392CalRecycle Staff
 Lilly, Alan (916) 341-5614SWRCB Director
 Lim, Chris (916) 323-4029ARB Supervisor
 Lim, Guo Quan (916) 440-8270ARB Staff
 Lim, Hee Kyung (916) 449-5635SWRCB Staff
 Lim, Jeong-Hee (213) 576-6616Water/R4 Supervisor
 Lim, Joann (619) 521-3362Water/R9 Staff
 Lim, Kevin (916) 440-8241ARB Staff
 Lim, Lori (916) 322-0855OEHHA Supervisor
 Lim, Renato (916) 322-9711CalRecycle Staff
 Limon, Ian Not AvailableARB Student Assistant E A
 Lin, Ann (213) 576-6781Water/R4 Supervisor
 Lin, Ao (626) 575-6962ARB Staff
 Lin, Chen-Hung (626) 459-4461ARB Staff
 Lin, Jeffrey (916) 341-6461CalRecycle Supervisor
 Lin, Kevin (213) 576-6781Water/R4 Staff
 Lin, Lijun (916) 322-2623ARB Staff
 Lin, Lu-Ying (213) 576-6654Water/R4 Staff
 Lin, Peng (626) 350-6411ARB Staff
 Linck, Wendy (916) 323-0888SWRCB Staff
 Lincoln, Julie (916) 255-3684DTSC Staff
 Lindberg, Eric (951) 782-3219Water/R8 Supervisor
 Lindberg, Jeff (916) 229-0756ARB Manager
 Linderfelt, Carol (916) 229-0720ARB Staff
 Linderholm, Durin (916) 464-4657Water/R5 Staff
 Lindgren, Aron (916) 324-3563DPR Staff
 Liner, Margo (626) 350-6476ARB Supervisor
 Ling, Jane (916) 341-5335SWRCB Specialist
 Ling, Richard (626) 575-6898ARB Manager
 Ling-Taylor, Stella (916) 322-6369ARB Staff
 Link, Derek (916) 322-4028CalRecycle Supervisor
 Lino, Isaac (626) 350-6477ARB Staff
 Linville, Regina (916) 327-7336OEHHA Staff
 Lira, Robert (714) 816-1987DTSC Staff
 Lisagor, Veaceslav (916) 322-0831DPR Staff
 Lister, Lance (916) 341-5090SWRCB Branch Chief
 Little, Amy (707) 576-2147SWRCB Staff
 Little, Bryan (805) 549-3704Water/R3 Staff
 Little, Dan (916) 464-4706Water/R5 Staff
 Little, Jamie (916) 341-5035SWRCB Manager
 Little, John (916) 255-3611DTSC Not Available
 Littlejohn, Anne (916) 464-4840Water/R5 Supervisor
 Litwin, Michael (916) 229-0867ARB Staff
 Liu, Chloe (916) 319-8562SWRCB Staff
 Liu, Dan (916) 322-5274SWRCB Staff
 Liu, Hang (916) 229-0495ARB Staff
 Liu, Jeanette (213) 576-6731Water/R4 Staff
 Liu, Ju-tseng (714) 484-5463DTSC Supervisor
 Liu, Liang (916) 323-1185ARB Staff
 Liu, Serena (916) 341-5177SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Liu, Shang (916) 440-8237ARB Staff
 Liu, Wei (805) 542-4648Water/R3 Staff
 Liu, Wei (916) 324-0343ARB Staff
 Liu, Wendy (213) 620-2219Water/R4 Staff
 Liu, Xiaowei Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Liu, Xiaoxi (626) 575-6694ARB Staff
 Liu, Yi-Chin (Karry) (916) 322-7138ARB Staff
 Liu, Zhen (916) 322-2594ARB Staff
 Livensparger, Thomas (209) 948-7696SWRCB Staff
 Livingston, Aron (916) 327-8406ARB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Livingston, Cody (916) 324-0585ARB Staff
 Livingston, Shelby (916) 324-0666ARB Staff
 Livsey, K. Michelle (916) 324-0556DTSC Staff
 Llamas, Errick (213) 576-6783Water/R4 Staff
 Lo, Hay (626) 575-6748ARB Staff
 Loane, John (916) 341-6327CalRecycle Staff
 Locken, Bruce (916) 341-5718SWRCB Staff
 Lodge, Ryan (805) 549-3506Water/R3 Supervisor
 Lodhia, Kishore (916) 322-1827CalRecycle Staff
 Loeb, Jeremy Not AvailableARB Staff
 Loehr, Cheryl (916) 323-3423DTSC Staff
 Loera, Enrique (213) 620-2244Water/R4 Staff
 Loflen, Chad (619) 521-3370Water/R9 Supervisor
 Lofstrom, Dot (916) 255-3607DTSC Not Available
 Logue, Michael (626) 575-6847ARB Staff
 Lohstroh, Peter (916) 445-2665DPR Supervisor
 Long, Jeffrey (626) 450-6140ARB Staff
 Long, Kevin (916) 341-5346SWRCB Staff
 Longacre, Derek (916) 327-2700ARB Manager
 Longhi, Veronica (626) 575-6642ARB Staff
 Looker, Richard (510) 622-2451Water/R2 Staff
 Lookingbill, Scott (916) 449-5634SWRCB Staff
 Lopes, Alice (916) 464-4649Water/R5 Staff
 Lopes, Wendy (916) 322-8207ARB Staff
 Lopez, Alejandra (559) 445-6071Water/R5 Staff
 Lopez, Alexander (916) 327-8117SWRCB Staff
 Lopez, Amanda (760) 241-7373Water/R6 Staff
 Lopez, Cassandra (916) 341-6763CalRecycle Staff
 Lopez, Cecilia (818) 551-2008SWRCB Staff
 Lopez, Elsa (818) 717-6566DTSC Staff
 Lopez, Ernie (916) 323-1099ARB Contract Personnel
 Lopez, Gerardo (916) 327-1208CalRecycle Staff
 Lopez, Jorge (310) 342-6119CalRecycle Staff
 Lopez, Lucy (916) 324-2444DTSC Not Available
 Lopez, Manuel (818) 717-6572DTSC Staff
 Lopez, Natalia (916) 440-8204ARB Staff
 Lopez, Oscar (916) 323-1161ARB Staff
 Lopez, Reina (510) 540-3799DTSC Not Available
 Lopez, Rosalva (916) 327-5978ARB Staff
 Lopez, Sandra (760) 241-7306Water/R6 Staff
 Lopez, Shelley (916) 324-3938DPR Supervisor
 Lopez, Stephanie (916) 341-5846SWRCB Staff
 Lopez, Stephanie.A (916) 319-9124SWRCB Staff
 Lopez, Thomas (626) 450-6168ARB Staff
 Lopez, Veronica (760) 352-0381DTSC Staff
 Lopez, Victor (916) 322-4256CalRecycle Staff
 Lopez, Zaira (559) 488-4393Water/R5 Staff
 Lopez Mendoza, Jerilyn (818) 885-3307DTSC Not Available
 Lopez-Rogers, Liz (916) 322-2889DTSC Staff
 Lopina, Cassandra (916) 324-0983ARB Manager
 Lor, Ka (916) 327-1196DTSC Staff
 Lor, Kong (916) 324-3102DTSC Staff
 Lor, Malee (916) 322-8192ARB Staff
 Lor, Yang (916) 324-1708ARB Staff
 Lord, Jacques (916) 341-5651SWRCB Staff
 Loredo Contreras, Ostap Not AvailableARB Staff
 Lorentzen, Marc (916) 323-5495CalRecycle Staff
 Lorentzen, Wayne (916) 255-3883DTSC Staff
 Lorestany, Reza (916) 324-5402ARB Staff
 Lotz, Tracy (916) 324-6572SWRCB Staff
 Lou, Pak (916) 322-5474ARB Staff
 Louie, Joanna (510) 540-3957DTSC Staff
 Louie, Kristina (626) 639-0508DTSC Not Available
 Louie, Linda (510) 620-3171SWRCB Staff
 Louie, Selina (510) 622-2383Water/R2 Staff
 Louie, Stephen (916) 323-5173SWRCB Staff
 Lourenco, Jacline (626) 450-6152ARB Chief
 Loustale, Marissa (916) 445-4448ARB Staff
 Lovejoy, Thomas (626) 350-6573ARB Staff
 Lovesee, Joseph (916) 341-5872SWRCB Staff
 Lovi, Matthew (707) 576-2511SWRCB Staff
 Low, George (530) 224-3208Water/R5 Supervisor
 Low, John (916) 322-5533DTSC Staff
 Low, Tina (510) 622-5682Water/R2 Staff
 Lowe, Evan (916) 341-6443CalRecycle Student
 Lowell, Joshua (916) 327-8500ARB Staff
 Lowery, Neva (916) 324-1209ARB Staff
 Lowry, Jeffrey (626) 575-6841ARB Staff
 Lowry, Laurie (626) 459-4415ARB Staff
 Loza, Erica (916) 229-0557ARB Staff
 Lozano, David (818) 551-2065SWRCB Staff
 Lozano, Jose (510) 620-3459SWRCB Staff
 Lozo, Carolyn (916) 445-1104ARB Branch Chief
 Lu, Jason (916) 322-7057ARB Staff
 Lu, Jin (916) 322-7047ARB Staff
 Lu, Minji (916) 327-8675SWRCB Staff
 Lu, Shengjun (916) 324-3530DPR Staff
 Lu, Yi (213) 576-6695Water/R4 Supervisor
 Luan, Tony (916) 322-5244DTSC Not Available
 Lucano, Kevin (916) 327-8510Agency Student
 Lucero, Loni (916) 255-3753DTSC Staff
 Lucic, Emily (916) 341-6105CalRecycle Staff
 Luckhardt, Esther (714) 484-5333DTSC Not Available
 Lucy, Burke (916) 341-6592CalRecycle Staff
 Luders, Joshua (707) 576-2551Water/R1 Staff
 Luera, Joe (213) 576-6706Water/R4 Staff
 Luevano, Jose (916) 255-3577DTSC Staff
 Lui, Eddie (213) 977-7361DTSC Staff
 Lum, Victor (916) 445-1474CalRecycle Retired Annuitant
 Lummen, Lewis (559) 445-5561Water/R5 Staff
 Luna, Danny (916) 323-6020ARB Staff
 Luna, Natalia (916) 341-6430CalRecycle Student
 Luna, Paulino (916) 341-6412CalRecycle Staff
 Lund, Ronnean (530) 224-6505SWRCB Staff
 Lunde, Kevin (510) 622-2431Water/R2 Supervisor
 Lung, Martin (916) 327-2778CalRecycle Staff
 Luo, Dongmin (916) 324-8496ARB Manager
 Luo, Heidi (916) 440-8212ARB Staff
 Luo, Jinhui (916) 341-5951SWRCB Staff
 Luo, Xuan (916) 464-4606Water/R5 Supervisor
 Luo, Yuzhou (916) 445-2090DPR Staff
 Luong, Lillian (818) 551-2038SWRCB Staff
 Luong, Matt (916) 341-6604CalRecycle Staff
 Luong, Richard (916) 323-5551CalRecycle Staff
 Lutter, Karen (916) 322-8620ARB Staff
 Luu, Carolyn (916) 322-9830DPR Staff
 Luu, William (626) 575-6852ARB Staff
 Ly, Anthony Not AvailableARB Staff
 Ly, Jillian (213) 576-6664Water/R4 Supervisor
 Lyall, Gregory (916) 324-0339DTSC Not Available
 Lyman, Allison (916) 324-3095DTSC Staff
 Lynch, David Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Lynn-Shimasaki, Debra (916) 324-2998DTSC Staff
 Lyon, Sarah A. (916) 445-2119DPR Staff
 Lyons, Allen (626) 575-6973ARB Division Chief
 Lyons, Lora (831) 655-6942SWRCB Staff
 Lyons, Tanja (916) 324-3534DPR Staff
 Lytle, Eric (510) 540-2176DTSC Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards