Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Kabadaian, Lala (213) 620-6370Water/R4 Staff
 Kai, Gensen (213) 576-6651Water/R4 Staff
 Kaiser, Katrina (510) 622-2379Water/R2 Staff
 Kalashian, Mark (916) 319-9151SWRCB Staff
 Kalita, Chi-Hai (916) 341-5539SWRCB Staff
 Kals, Sandeep (916) 341-5647SWRCB Staff
 Kalyan, Imtiaz-Ali (707) 576-2805Water/R1 Staff
 Kammeier, Lindsay (916) 445-5961SWRCB Staff
 Kammerer, Brittany (916) 327-8482SWRCB Staff
 Kan, Deanna (916) 327-7844SWRCB Staff
 Kandhro, Sumera (916) 464-4627Water/R5 Staff
 Kang, James (213) 576-6807Water/R4 Staff
 Kania, Matthew (916) 341-5103SWRCB Staff
 Kao, Kristie (213) 620-2283Water/R4 Staff
 Kapellas, Jeff (916) 324-9685SWRCB Specialist
 Kaplan, Jacob (916) 341-5596SWRCB Staff
 Kaplowitz, Naomi (916) 341-5677SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Karinja, Patrick (805) 566-1839SWRCB Staff
 Karkoski, Joe (916) 341-5618SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Karpowicz, Alyx (510) 622-2427Water/R2 Staff
 Kashak, Ed (951) 782-3292Water/R8 Staff
 Kashak, Michael (951) 782-4469Water/R8 Staff
 Kashkoli, Ahmad (916) 341-5855SWRCB Manager
 Kasich, Courtney (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Kassis, David (916) 341-5120SWRCB Staff
 Katona, Aaron (805) 542-4649Water/R3 Staff
 Kauba, Amy (916) 341-5607SWRCB Executive Assistant
 Kauffman, Galvin (916) 464-4728Water/R5 Staff
 Kaur, Manjeet (818) 551-2010SWRCB Staff
 Kebede, Yared (916) 464-4828Water/R5 Staff
 Keeling, Matthew (805) 549-3685Water/R3 Executive Officer
 Keeling, Shanta (805) 549-3464Water/R3 Staff
 Keene, Dakota (916) 322-6599SWRCB Staff
 Keerthy, Alpa (916) 323-4165SWRCB Staff
 Keesara, Venkat (916) 323-3221SWRCB Contract Personnel
 Kelley, Keisha (916) 341-5665SWRCB Staff
 Kelly, Susan (916) 341-5218SWRCB Staff
 Kendrick, Dayne (916) 445-2320SWRCB Staff
 Kenny, Brendan (916) 464-4635Water/R5 Staff
 Kesireddy, Kiranmai (916) 323-3222SWRCB Manager
 Ketcham, Scott (619) 525-4395SWRCB Staff
 Khalaf, Abid (760) 674-8142Water/R7 Staff
 Khammas, Mawj (916) 327-5594SWRCB Staff
 Khan, Farida (916) 341-5018SWRCB Specialist
 Khan, Mohammed (916) 341-5243SWRCB Staff
 Khan, Omar (619) 525-4961SWRCB Staff
 Khan, Phoebe (916) 341-5038SWRCB Staff
 Khandwala, Jatin (916) 341-5787SWRCB Staff
 Khang, Lang (916) 341-5412SWRCB Staff
 Khang, True (916) 464-4608Water/R5 Staff
 Khurana, Aayush (619) 525-4646SWRCB Staff
 Kidwell, Brian (209) 948-3963SWRCB Supervisor
 Kifle, Habtemariam (510) 622-2371Water/R2 Staff
 Kihara, Annalisa (916) 324-6786SWRCB Chief
 Killou, Wendy (916) 449-5158SWRCB Supervisor
 Kim, Terrence (818) 551-2044SWRCB Staff
 Kimsey, Theresa (760) 776-8971Water/R7 Staff
 King, Kaete (707) 576-2848Water/R1 Staff
 King, Nathan (510) 622-3966Water/R2 Supervisor
 Kinney, Brian (916) 449-5630SWRCB Supervisor
 Kippen, Dan (916) 323-6848SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Kirn, Dave (916) 464-4761Water/R5 Staff
 Kissel, Rebekah Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Klein, Stephen (559) 445-5558Water/R5 Staff
 Kler, Shaminder (831) 655-6938SWRCB Staff
 Kline, Suzanne (209) 948-7696SWRCB Staff
 Knaus, Danielle (916) 324-6341SWRCB Supervisor
 Knight, Nickolaus (916) 327-0169SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Knudsen, Cristina (559) 447-3317SWRCB Staff
 Ko, James (818) 551-2007SWRCB Staff
 Koen, Randell Not AvailableSWRCB Specialist
 Kolb, Carol (805) 542-4625Water/R3 Staff
 Kolb, Howard (805) 549-3332Water/R3 Staff
 Komeylyan, Chehreh (619) 521-3366Water/R9 Staff
 Konecny, Lori (916) 445-9777SWRCB Staff
 Koo, David (213) 620-6155Water/R4 Staff
 Korman, Laura (530) 542-5443Water/R6 Staff
 Kostyrko, George (916) 341-7365SWRCB Director
 Kouyoumdjian, Patty (530) 542-5412Water/R6 Executive Officer
 Kramer, Daniel (916) 341-5684SWRCB Staff
 Kramer, Della (TDD) (916) 464-4610Water/R5 Support Staff
 Kramer, Karen (916) 341-5689SWRCB Supervisor
 Krause, Matthew (916) 464-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Kreiling, Asha (916) 341-5959SWRCB Staff
 Kreiss, Joran (916) 341-5209SWRCB Staff
 Krenzler, Lora (916) 341-5085SWRCB Staff
 Kronson, Amy (916) 341-5552SWRCB Staff
 Kubik, Artena (916) 449-5806SWRCB Staff
 Kuenzi, Nicole (916) 322-4142SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Kufis, Chaes (916) 464-4629Water/R5 Staff
 Kukol, Diane (805) 542-4637Water/R3 Supervisor
 Kulesza, Dana (916) 464-4847Water/R5 Staff
 Kulik, Dmitriy (559) 437-1585SWRCB Staff
 Kuoch, Alan (951) 782-4962Water/R8 Staff
 Kuroko, Grant (916) 341-5676SWRCB Staff
 Kushwaha, Gita (916) 464-4790Water/R5 Staff
 Kuszmar, David (707) 576-2333Water/R1 Supervisor
 Kutsapalava, Anna (916) 464-4855Water/R5 Staff
 Kwon, Angela (916) 323-5177SWRCB Staff

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