Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Kado, Norman (916) 323-1500ARB Staff
 Kaduwela, Ajith (916) 327-3955ARB Staff
 Kalandiyur, Nesamani (916) 324-0466ARB Manager
 Kamboures, Michael (626) 350-6565ARB Staff
 Kamel, Alexandra (916) 445-5506ARB Counsel
 Kandhro, Sumera (916) 229-0394ARB Staff
 Kane, Nick (916) 229-0871ARB Staff
 Kapidi, Vamshi Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Karim, Johnny (626) 459-4303ARB Manager
 Karperos, Kurt (916) 322-2739ARB Deputy Executive Officer
 Kato, John (916) 322-8918ARB Manager
 Kato, Stephanie (916) 324-1840ARB Staff
 Kaur, Jaskamal (916) 440-8293ARB Staff
 Kaur, Richie (916) 323-1506ARB Staff
 Keddie, Elise (916) 323-8974ARB Manager
 Kennedy, Keith (916) 322-2496ARB Manager
 Kennedy, Nora (916) 324-2716ARB Staff
 Kerber, Kelly (916) 324-2828ARB Supervisor
 Kern, Carri (916) 322-0289ARB Staff
 Kerndt, Jessica (916) 440-8243ARB Manager
 Kerns, Deborah (916) 327-9115ARB Counsel
 Kersnar, Evan (916) 327-6247ARB Staff
 Kessler, Jeff (916) 327-8216ARB Staff
 Ketchum, Stan Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Khangura, Harleen (916) 323-1439ARB Staff
 Kheiravar, Khaled (916) 440-8276ARB Staff
 Khou, Huy (626) 575-6637ARB Staff
 Kieu, Don (626) 459-4302ARB Staff
 Kim, Dan (626) 575-6671ARB Staff
 Kim, Elizabeth (916) 445-4647ARB Staff
 Kim, Eugene (916) 322-6155ARB Staff
 Kim, John (626) 575-7011ARB Staff
 Kim, Margret (916) 327-0649ARB Counsel
 Kim, Seong (626) 450-6164ARB Staff
 Kimura, Lezlie (916) 327-5985ARB Manager
 King, Andrew (916) 322-3387ARB Staff
 King, Heather (916) 322-0339ARB Staff
 King, Katie (916) 445-5430ARB Staff
 King, Scott (916) 322-2832ARB Staff
 Kirlis, Rachel (916) 327-6181ARB Staff
 Kitazumi, Sen (626) 439-4350ARB Staff
 Kitowski, Jack (916) 445-6102ARB Division Chief
 Kiyota, Diane (916) 327-3004ARB Counsel
 Klein, Anne (916) 324-9552ARB Staff
 Klobas, Jessica (916) 327-7572ARB Staff
 Klossing, Debbi (626) 350-6574ARB Manager
 Klug, Amy (916) 445-5592ARB Staff
 Knaus, Joseph (916) 322-6971ARB Staff
 Knecht, Carey (916) 322-7071ARB Supervisor
 Knight-Reigns, Ryan (916) 324-1438ARB Staff
 Knox, William (916) 324-0839ARB Staff
 Koerwitz, Tayler (916) 445-8293ARB Staff
 Kohli, Aanchal (916) 323-1510ARB Staff
 Komlenic, Michelle (916) 322-3926ARB Manager
 Koohestani, Ali (916) 324-1590ARB Staff
 Kozawa, Kathleen (916) 327-5599ARB Manager
 Kozumplik, Jennifer (916) 322-6019ARB Staff
 Kranz, Nicolas (916) 322-3309ARB Manager
 Krichevsky, Katerina (916) 229-0380ARB Staff
 Krieger, Robert (916) 323-1202ARB Supervisor
 Kuhn, Glenn (916) 322-7059ARB Staff
 Kulkarni, Sarika (916) 324-0594ARB Staff
 Kuns, Steven (916) 323-1050ARB Staff
 Kuwayama, Toshihiro (916) 324-9287ARB Supervisor
 Kuyama, Edna (916) 322-8212ARB Retired Annuitant
 Kwok, Roger (Hiu Fung (916) 323-8374ARB Staff
 Kwong, Jenette (916) 324-9460ARB Staff
 Kynett, Kathryn (916) 322-8598ARB Staff
 Kyriacou, Kyriacos (916) 327-5783ARB Staff

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