Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Haddad, Shahir (714) 484-5368DTSC Staff
 Haertle, Ellen (916) 324-2437DTSC Staff
 Haesloop, Margaret (916) 324-3149DTSC Staff
 Hager, Jaclyn (916) 255-4368DTSC Contract Personnel
 Hagio, Lillian (916) 324-6431DTSC Not Available
 Hall, Megan (916) 324-3754DTSC Staff
 Halozan, Wayne (510) 540-3943DTSC Staff
 Hammond, Gary (916) 322-2833DTSC Not Available
 Hankins, Lori (916) 255-6557DTSC Staff
 Hanley, Valerie (916) 255-6440DTSC Not Available
 Hardison II, Robert (818) 717-6521DTSC Staff
 Hardy, Stephen (714) 484-5498DTSC Not Available
 Hare, Lori (714) 484-5357DTSC Staff
 Hariri, Steven S. (714) 484-5332DTSC Staff
 Harris, Kyle (916) 323-3492DTSC Not Available
 Hart, John (916) 445-2926DTSC Staff
 Hartung, Christopher (916) 323-4937DTSC Not Available
 Hashemian, Tony (916) 322-6649DTSC Staff
 Haskell, Kaulana (916) 255-6587DTSC Staff
 Hawley, Leia Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Heilman, Mark (916) 324-5192DTSC Staff
 Heinz, Jessica (916) 324-5782DTSC Staff
 Helfrich, Laura (916) 324-0381DTSC Staff
 Hellmann-Blumberg, Uta (916) 255-4326DTSC Not Available
 Henderson, Paige Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Hendrixson, Tiffany L. (916) 823-2636DTSC Staff
 Her, Baoku (916) 327-1198DTSC Staff
 Her, Choua (916) 255-4159DTSC Not Available
 Her, Teng (916) 323-3556DTSC Staff
 Hernandez, Adrianna (818) 717-6673DTSC Staff
 Hernandez, Albert (916) 869-5071DTSC Not Available
 Herzog, David (916) 255-6546DTSC Staff
 Heyari, Zaid (559) 297-3956DTSC Not Available
 Hicks, Amelia (916) 324-0064DTSC Not Available
 Hildinger, Teri (916) 255-3660DTSC Staff
 Hill, Candace M. (916) 255-6681DTSC Staff
 Hinojosa, Javier (818) 717-6612DTSC Staff
 Hirbawi, Isaac (714) 484-5445DTSC Staff
 Hirzel, David (916) 255-3689DTSC Staff
 Ho, Danny (714) 484-5379DTSC Staff
 Ho, Mei Yee Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Hogan, Ru (916) 323-6558DTSC Not Available
 Hojjat, Payam (916) 926-9052DTSC Not Available
 Holman, Jennifer (916) 323-2962DTSC Not Available
 Hoover, SueEllen (916) 324-3131DTSC Staff
 Hope, John (916) 255-3552DTSC Staff
 Hopson-Dudley, Tamela N. (916) 323-2962DTSC Staff
 Houghton, Susan (510) 540-3919DTSC Staff
 Houtz, Erika (510) 540-3399DTSC Contract Personnel
 Howard, Florence (916) 324-1806DTSC Staff
 Howard, Scott Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Hsieh, Patrick (510) 540-3906DTSC Staff
 Hsieh, Wei (916) 255-3832DTSC Not Available
 Hsu, H. Alan (714) 484-5395DTSC Staff
 Hsu, Yun-hu (510) 540-3732DTSC Staff
 Hubbard, Penporn (916) 322-9327DTSC Not Available
 Hubbell, Richard (714) 816-1979DTSC Staff
 Hughes, Eileen (510) 540-3760DTSC Staff
 Hughes, Marikka (510) 540-3926DTSC Not Available
 Hume, Richard (916) 255-6450DTSC Supervisor
 Hunt, Joseph (916) 255-4367DTSC Staff
 Huynh, Lyda (916) 323-2962DTSC Not Available
 Huynh, Mia (818) 717-6611DTSC Staff
 Hvidsten, Debbie (916) 255-6402DTSC Staff
 Hwong, Joe (714) 484-5406DTSC Staff
 Hypnarowski, Rita (916) 255-3699DTSC Staff

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