Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Hada, Steven (626) 575-6641ARB Staff
 Hague, Suzanne Not AvailableARB Staff
 Hajeer, Abeer (916) 445-5596ARB Staff
 Hale, Vince (916) 322-3938ARB Staff
 Halm, Chris (916) 323-4865ARB Staff
 Ham, Walter (916) 322-8116ARB Manager
 Hammond, Donald (916) 322-5924ARB Staff
 Han, Janie (626) 450-6124ARB Staff
 Hancock, Benjamin (626) 575-6805ARB Staff
 Hand, Maureen (916) 323-8412ARB Staff
 Hanke, Brieanne (916) 324-0919ARB Branch Chief
 Hanks, Vicky (626) 459-4495ARB Staff
 Hann, Raiford (916) 323-7560ARB Staff
 Harmonson, Gena (916) 324-3294ARB Staff
 Haro, Octavio (916) 229-0633ARB Staff
 Harris, Grant (916) 445-5076ARB Branch Manager
 Harris, Gregory (916) 327-5980ARB Branch Chief
 Harrison, Matthew (916) 322-7410ARB Supervisor
 Harrodson, Michael (916) 327-2032ARB Staff
 Hart, Ryan (916) 323-2060ARB Staff
 Hartigan, Tim (916) 229-0504ARB Staff
 Hartsfield, Marcela (916) 322-4006ARB Staff
 Hassan, Noreen (916) 445-2573ARB Supervisor
 Haste, Ronald (626) 575-6676ARB Manager
 Hatcher, Shannon (916) 322-9453ARB Staff
 Haven, Nicole (916) 445-0628ARB Staff
 Hawelti, Daniel (626) 450-6149ARB Staff
 Hawkins, Warren (916) 229-0750ARB Manager
 Hayes, Lori (916) 445-2051ARB Staff
 Haynes, Simeon (626) 350-6418ARB Staff
 Haynes, Tracy (916) 324-0311ARB Manager
 Hebert, Annette (916) 323-2803ARB Asst. Executive Officer
 Heibeck, Jon (916) 327-0639ARB Staff
 Heider, Rania (916) 327-5615ARB Staff
 Helgestad, Taylor (916) 324-0664ARB Staff
 Helgren, Kenneth (626) 575-6850ARB Staff
 Helseth, Eric Not AvailableARB Volunteer
 Henderick, Paul (626) 350-6440ARB Staff
 Heo, Jinhyok (916) 324-2403ARB Staff
 Herbert, Jeremy (916) 322-1718ARB Staff
 Hermano, Elmerdean (626) 459-4487ARB Staff
 Hernandez, Raymond (916) 322-8916ARB Staff
 Herner, Jorn D. (916) 324-9299ARB Branch Chief
 Heroy-Rogalski, Kim (916) 327-2200ARB Branch Chief
 Heslep, Alanzandra (626) 575-7095ARB Staff
 Hess, Mike Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Hester, Kaitlyn (916) 322-3947ARB Staff
 Hettigoda, Kirula (626) 459-4334ARB Staff
 Hicks, Austin (916) 322-8279ARB Staff
 Hill-Falkenthal, Jason (916) 322-4683ARB Manager
 Hilliard, Aaron (916) 322-4781ARB Manager
 Hixson, Mark (916) 323-5043ARB Staff
 Ho, Andy (626) 350-6556ARB Staff
 Ho, Barry (916) 327-8496ARB Staff
 Ho, Jerry (626) 575-6829ARB Staff
 Ho, Leanna (916) 322-6149ARB Staff
 Ho, Phuong (916) 322-4687ARB Staff
 Hoang, Larry (916) 323-8907ARB Staff
 Hoch, Gavin (916) 324-0839ARB Staff
 Hoecker-Caietti, Benjamin (916) 229-0746ARB Staff
 Hoffstadt, Brett (916) 229-0447ARB Staff
 Holman, Lionel (916) 322-0601ARB Staff
 Holmes, Matthew (916) 322-8913ARB Staff
 Holmes-Gen, Bonnie (916) 327-8225ARB Branch Chief
 Holven, Rebecca (916) 445-9697ARB Staff
 Hopkins, Chris (916) 445-9564ARB Staff
 Hormozi, Daniel (626) 575-6744ARB Staff
 Hossein Mardi, Moslem (916) 440-8282ARB Staff
 Hosseini, Seyedehsan (626) 459-4318ARB Staff
 Houchin, Melissa Not AvailableARB Staff
 Houghton, Michele (916) 327-5638ARB Staff
 Hovey, David (916) 322-3730ARB Staff
 Howard, Cody (916) 229-0751ARB Manager
 Howard, Wendy (916) 322-2382ARB Staff
 Howe, Joelle (916) 322-6349ARB Staff
 Howlader, Abdul (626) 350-6466ARB Staff
 Hryce, Lindsey (916) 322-2365ARB Staff
 Hsu, Ying-Kuang (916) 322-6084ARB Staff
 Hu, Shaohua (916) 229-0911ARB Staff
 Hu, Shishan (626) 450-6105ARB Staff
 Huai, Tao (916) 229-0887ARB Branch Chief
 Huang, Anny (916) 323-8475ARB Manager
 Huang, Jian (916) 324-6709ARB Staff
 Huang, Joseph (916) 322-6153ARB Staff
 Huang, Kaylin (916) 322-6924ARB Staff
 Huang, Li (626) 350-6523ARB Staff
 Huang, Shiou-Mei (626) 575-6875ARB Staff
 Huang, Wee (916) 323-0030ARB Staff
 Huber, Stephanie (916) 323-2664ARB Manager
 Hudson, Alexis (916) 322-4560ARB Staff
 Huft, Nathan (916) 229-0599ARB Staff
 Huft, Ryan (916) 322-6710ARB Staff
 Hughes, Vernon (916) 324-4069ARB Branch Manager
 Hults, David (916) 322-0362ARB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Hume, Douglas (916) 324-3335ARB Staff
 Hunsaker, Larry (916) 324-7168ARB Staff
 Hunt, Brandy (916) 327-1799ARB Branch Manager
 Huo, Darey (626) 575-6870ARB Staff
 Hurley, Christian (916) 324-8178ARB Staff
 Husong, Brian (916) 229-0551ARB Staff
 Hutchinson, Nicole (916) 322-1250ARB Staff
 Huth, Alexander (916) 324-6917ARB Staff
 Hwang, Justin (916) 327-2949ARB Staff

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Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards