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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Ha, Amy (916) 464-4682Water/R5 Staff
 Ha, Don (916) 956-6423SWRCB Staff
 Ha, Jennifer (916) 445-3488DPR Staff
 Haas, Jeremy (619) 521-3009Water/R9 Manager
 Hachigian, Dana (916) 341-5968CalRecycle Staff
 Hacinas, Jessie (916) 323-0583SWRCB Staff
 Hack, Jody (916) 341-5811SWRCB Staff
 Hackett, Jeff (916) 341-6413CalRecycle Manager
 Hada, Stefanie (213) 576-5781Water/R4 Staff
 Hada, Steven (626) 575-6641ARB Staff
 Haddad, Shahir (714) 484-5368DTSC Staff
 Haertle, Ellen (916) 324-2437DTSC Staff
 Haesloop, Margaret (916) 324-3149DTSC Staff
 Hafeznezami, Saeedreza (818) 551-2972SWRCB Staff
 Hagan (George), Catherine (619) 521-3012SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Hagans, Teri (559) 447-3033SWRCB Staff
 Hager, Jaclyn (916) 255-4368DTSC Contract Personnel
 Hagio, Lillian (916) 324-6431DTSC Not Available
 Hague, Suzanne Not AvailableARB Staff
 Haile, Abdi (760) 776-8939Water/R7 Manager
 Hairabedian, Rakel (559) 447-3300SWRCB Staff
 Hajeer, Abeer (916) 445-5596ARB Staff
 Hajimorad, Meisam (818) 551-2039SWRCB Staff
 Halbert, Simone (916) 341-5452SWRCB Staff
 Hale, Vince (916) 322-3938ARB Staff
 Hall, Megan (916) 324-3754DTSC Staff
 Hall, Melissa (916) 323-0373SWRCB Supervisor
 Hall, Timothy (916) 341-6175CalRecycle Staff
 Hallis, Debra (530) 224-4801Water/R5 Staff
 Halm, Chris (916) 323-4865ARB Staff
 Halozan, Wayne (510) 540-3943DTSC Staff
 Ham, Walter (916) 322-8116ARB Manager
 Hamilton, Andrew (916) 341-5545SWRCB Staff
 Hamilton (Adams), Mary (805) 542-4768Water/R3 Supervisor
 Hammer, Phil (805) 549-3882Water/R3 Supervisor
 Hammerstad, Rob (916) 341-6476CalRecycle Staff
 Hammond, Donald (916) 322-5924ARB Staff
 Hammond, Gary (916) 322-2833DTSC Not Available
 Han, Janie (626) 450-6124ARB Staff
 Han, Jong (559) 488-4389Water/R5 Staff
 Han, Su (213) 576-6735Water/R4 Supervisor
 Hanagan, Kim (916) 323-0624SWRCB Manager
 Hancock, Benjamin (626) 575-6805ARB Staff
 Hancock, Ed (530) 542-5574Water/R6 Staff
 Hand, Christopher (916) 323-0571SWRCB Staff
 Hand, Maureen (916) 323-8412ARB Staff
 Hang, Camille (916) 464-4721Water/R5 Support Staff
 Hanger, Ann (916) 324-3535DPR Supervisor
 Hanke, Brieanne (916) 324-0919ARB Branch Chief
 Hankins, Lori (916) 255-6557DTSC Staff
 Hanks, Michael (916) 341-5558SWRCB Staff
 Hanks, Vicky (626) 459-4495ARB Staff
 Hanley, Valerie (916) 255-6440DTSC Not Available
 Hann, Paul (916) 341-5726SWRCB Chief
 Hann, Raiford (916) 323-7560ARB Staff
 Hannel, Jeffrey (559) 445-6193Water/R5 Staff
 Hanniff, Richard (310) 342-0521CalRecycle Staff
 Hannon, Patricia (951) 782-4498Water/R8 Staff
 Hans, Sommer (916) 319-9469SWRCB Staff
 Hansen, Mark (916) 445-4238DPR Staff
 Hanson, Crystal (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Hanson, Lori (707) 576-2604SWRCB Staff
 Happersberger, Susan (916) 341-6383CalRecycle Supervisor
 Harahsheh, Zhishan (916) 341-5146SWRCB Staff
 Hardin Sr., Anthony (916) 323-7904SWRCB Staff
 Hardison II, Robert (818) 717-6521DTSC Staff
 Hardy, Stephen (714) 484-5498DTSC Not Available
 Hare, Lori (714) 484-5357DTSC Staff
 Hariri, Steven S. (714) 484-5332DTSC Staff
 Harker, Kathryn (916) 445-9563ARB Counsel
 Harlan, Larry (805) 594-6195Water/R3 Staff
 Harlow, Matthew (559) 445-5562Water/R5 Staff
 Harmon, Kelly (916) 341-5919Agency Staff
 Harmon, Koreenia (916) 319-0807SWRCB Staff
 Harmon, Wendy (916) 341-6607CalRecycle Supervisor
 Harmonson, Gena (916) 324-3294ARB Staff
 Harms, James (916) 322-9215SWRCB Consultant
 Haro, Octavio (916) 229-0633ARB Staff
 Haroon, Fozia (916) 319-8293SWRCB Staff
 Harper, DaShawn (916) 323-0580SWRCB Staff
 Harper, Marla (916) 323-2558CalRecycle Staff
 Harper, Samantha (510) 622-2415Water/R2 Staff
 Harper, Tracey (916) 341-6531CalRecycle Staff
 Harris, Carmen (916) 322-0178SWRCB Staff
 Harris, David (916) 324-0383CalRecycle Staff
 Harris, Grant (916) 445-5076ARB Branch Manager
 Harris, Gregory (916) 327-5980ARB Branch Chief
 Harris, Kyle (916) 323-3492DTSC Not Available
 Harris, Ryan (951) 320-2008Water/R8 Staff
 Harrison, Matthew (916) 322-7410ARB Supervisor
 Harrison, Terry (John) (916) 445-2511DPR Staff
 Harrison, Tonya (916) 323-6053CalRecycle Staff
 Harrodson, Michael (916) 327-2032ARB Staff
 Hart, Courtney (916) 341-6727CalRecycle Staff
 Hart, John (916) 445-2926DTSC Staff
 Hart, Kathryn (510) 622-2356Water/R2 Staff
 Hart, Leslie (916) 341-5473SWRCB Staff
 Hart, Ryan (916) 323-2060ARB Staff
 Hartigan, Tim (916) 229-0504ARB Staff
 Hartman, Jelena Not AvailableSWRCB Specialist
 Hartridge, Anne (916) 341-5166SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Hartsfield, Marcela (916) 322-4006ARB Staff
 Hartung, Christopher (916) 323-4937DTSC Not Available
 Hartwell, Seresa (916) 341-5972SWRCB Staff
 Harvey, Clifford (916) 558-1709SWRCB Staff
 Harvey, Dale (559) 445-6190Water/R5 Manager
 Haserot, Jordan (805) 542-4781Water/R3 Staff
 Hashemian, Tony (916) 322-6649DTSC Staff
 Hashimoto, Yemia (510) 622-2756Water/R2 Staff
 Haskell, Kaulana (916) 255-6587DTSC Staff
 Hassan, Noreen (916) 445-2573ARB Supervisor
 Hassan, Rajaa (916) 341-5300SWRCB Staff
 Haste, Ronald (626) 575-6676ARB Manager
 Hatcher, Shannon (916) 322-9453ARB Staff
 Hatton, Scott (559) 444-2502Water/R5 Supervisor
 Hauptman, Jane (818) 551-2988SWRCB Staff
 Haven, Elizabeth (916) 799-5365SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Haven, Nicole (916) 445-0628ARB Staff
 Hawe, Catherine (916) 322-3538SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Hawelti, Daniel (626) 450-6149ARB Staff
 Hawken, Katherine (707) 576-2683Water/R1 Staff
 Hawkins, Andrew (916) 445-8675DPR Staff
 Hawkins, Wanda (916) 341-5817SWRCB Staff
 Hawkins, Warren (916) 229-0750ARB Manager
 Hawley, Leia Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Hawley, Roxanne M. (714) 279-7690DPR Retired Annuitant
 Hayashida, Jill (916) 341-6814CalRecycle Staff
 Hayes, Lori (916) 445-2051ARB Staff
 Haynes, Ronnie (916) 341-6437CalRecycle Student
 Haynes, Simeon (626) 350-6418ARB Staff
 Haynes, Tracy (916) 324-0311ARB Manager
 Haynes White, Jennifer (916) 341-6456CalRecycle Staff
 Hazlett, Summer (916) 341-6528CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Heal, Kelly (916) 445-0113DPR Staff
 Healy, Robert (916) 341-6132CalRecycle Supervisor
 Hearne, Thera (916) 552-9999SWRCB Supervisor
 Heath, Arthur (213) 576-6725Water/R4 Manager
 Hebert, Annette (916) 323-2803ARB Asst. Executive Officer
 Heibeck, Jon (916) 327-0639ARB Staff
 Heider, Rania (916) 327-5615ARB Staff
 Heilman, Mark (916) 324-5192DTSC Staff
 Heilshorn, Elyse (510) 622-2329Water/R2 Staff
 Heinemann, Kevin (951) 782-4384SWRCB Manager
 Heinrich, Dana (916) 341-5188SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Heinz, Jessica (916) 324-5782DTSC Staff
 Heinzler, Janelle (916) 341-6455CalRecycle Staff
 Helfrich, Laura (916) 324-0381DTSC Staff
 Helgestad, Taylor (916) 324-0664ARB Staff
 Helgren, Kenneth (626) 575-6850ARB Staff
 Heller, Zoe (916) 341-6075CalRecycle Deputy Director
 Hellmann-Blumberg, Uta (916) 255-4326DTSC Not Available
 Helmowski, Brian (916) 341-6819CalRecycle Staff
 Henderick, Paul (626) 350-6440ARB Staff
 Henderson, Christopher (916) 341-6462CalRecycle Staff
 Henderson, Julie (916) 445-6819Agency Deputy Secretary
 Henderson, Paige Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Henderson, Patrick (916) 341-5259SWRCB Staff
 Henderson, Reshay (310) 342-1242CalRecycle Staff
 Henderson, Tom (916) 319-9128SWRCB Staff
 Hendricks, Greg (916) 464-4709Water/R5 Staff
 Hendrixson, Tiffany L. (916) 823-2636DTSC Staff
 Heng, Jeffery (916) 322-0617CalRecycle Staff
 Henigan, Matt (916) 322-2969CalRecycle Deputy Director
 Heningburg, Benjamin (916) 449-5605SWRCB Manager
 Henkel, Amantha (916) 341-5551SWRCB Supervisor
 Henrioulle, Diana (707) 576-2350Water/R1 Supervisor
 Henriques, Adam (530) 542-5439Water/R6 Staff
 Henry, Anissa (916) 341-6292CalRecycle Staff
 Henry, Noah (916) 464-4821Water/R5 Staff
 Hensley, Jordan (916) 464-4812Water/R5 Staff
 Hensley, Okla (916) 323-1822CalRecycle Staff
 Heo, Jinhyok (916) 324-2403ARB Staff
 Her, Baoku (916) 327-1198DTSC Staff
 Her, Choua (916) 255-4159DTSC Not Available
 Her, Danny (916) 341-6133CalRecycle Staff
 Her, Teng (916) 323-3556DTSC Staff
 Her, Zia (916) 341-5016SWRCB Staff
 Herbert, Jeremy (916) 322-1718ARB Staff
 Herbst, Charlene (916) 464-4724Water/R5 Supervisor
 Hereth, Bill (916) 341-6284CalRecycle Staff
 Herman, Matthew (707) 576-2683Water/R1 Staff
 Herman, Shauna (916) 341-6058CalRecycle Staff
 Hermano, Elmerdean (626) 459-4487ARB Staff
 Hernandez, Adrianna (818) 717-6673DTSC Staff
 Hernandez, Albert (916) 869-5071DTSC Not Available
 Hernandez, Alejandro (951) 782-4121CalRecycle Supervisor
 Hernandez, Ashley (530) 224-4206Water/R5 Staff
 Hernandez, Bernie (916) 603-7813DPR Staff
 Hernandez, C. Julie (916) 341-5755SWRCB Staff
 Hernandez, Celina (510) 622-2447Water/R2 Staff
 Hernandez, Christine (559) 445-6542Water/R5 Support Staff
 Hernandez, Eloisa (916) 327-2781CalRecycle Manager
 Hernandez, Fabian (916) 341-5795SWRCB Staff
 Hernandez, Gesenia (916) 341-5371SWRCB Staff
 Hernandez, Hector (805) 542-4641Water/R3 Staff
 Hernandez, Janet (916) 323-0377SWRCB Staff
 Hernandez, Jennifer (916) 341-5300SWRCB Staff
 Hernandez, Jorge (916) 603-7722DPR Staff
 Hernandez, Mariah (916) 322-4585Agency Staff
 Hernandez, Raymond (916) 322-8916ARB Staff
 Hernandez, Russell (916) 319-9769SWRCB Manager
 Herner, Jorn D. (916) 324-9299ARB Branch Chief
 Heroy-Rogalski, Kim (916) 327-2200ARB Branch Chief
 Herrera, Leonard (916) 603-7720DPR Staff
 Herrig, Justine (916) 323-5176SWRCB Specialist
 Herzog, David (916) 255-6546DTSC Staff
 Heslep, Alanzandra (626) 575-7095ARB Staff
 Hess, Damon (916) 327-3116SWRCB Staff
 Hess, Mike Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Hester, Kaitlyn (916) 322-3947ARB Staff
 Hettigoda, Kirula (626) 459-4334ARB Staff
 Heung, William (916) 341-6073CalRecycle Supervisor
 Heyari, Zaid (559) 297-3956DTSC Not Available
 Hickcox, Kelly (530) 224-3255Water/R5 Staff
 Hickerson, Heather (916) 445-6814Agency Staff
 Hickey, Emily L. (916) 445-0031DPR Staff
 Hicks, Amelia (916) 324-0064DTSC Not Available
 Hicks, Austin (916) 322-8279ARB Staff
 Hicks, Kathleen (816) 549-3458Water/R3 Staff
 Hildebrandt, Kurt (916) 603-7779DPR Staff
 Hildeburn, Chase (916) 323-0358SWRCB Staff
 Hildinger, Teri (916) 255-3660DTSC Staff
 Hill, Andrew (916) 323-0360SWRCB Staff
 Hill, Candace M. (916) 255-6681DTSC Staff
 Hill, David (916) 464-4790Water/R5 Staff
 Hill, David (916) 341-6731CalRecycle Staff
 Hill, Denise (916) 464-4640Water/R5 Staff
 Hill, Matt (916) 341-6578CalRecycle Consultant
 Hill-Falkenthal, Jason (916) 322-4683ARB Manager
 Hilliard, Aaron (916) 322-4781ARB Manager
 Hilty, Katelyn (916) 322-7902SWRCB Staff
 Hinh, Andrew (916) 324-0373CalRecycle Staff
 Hinkley, Stormy (916) 552-9123SWRCB Executive Assistant
 Hinojosa, Javier (818) 717-6612DTSC Staff
 Hipp, Rebecca (559) 445-5977Water/R5 Staff
 Hirani, Rachel (510) 622-3716OEHHA Staff
 Hirbawi, Isaac (714) 484-5445DTSC Staff
 Hirsch, Allan (916) 327-7345OEHHA Chief Deputy Director
 Hirzel, David (916) 255-3689DTSC Staff
 Hixson, Mark (916) 323-5043ARB Staff
 Hlavka, Eileen (916) 322-7648ARB Staff
 Ho, Andy (626) 350-6556ARB Staff
 Ho, Barry (916) 327-8496ARB Staff
 Ho, Danny (714) 484-5379DTSC Staff
 Ho, Jasmine (818) 551-2027SWRCB Staff
 Ho, Jerry (626) 575-6829ARB Staff
 Ho, Leanna (916) 322-6149ARB Staff
 Ho, Mei Yee Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Ho, Phuong (916) 322-4687ARB Staff
 Ho, Sarah (213) 576-6748Water/R4 Staff
 Hoang, Khoa (916) 341-5046SWRCB Staff
 Hoang, Larry (916) 323-8907ARB Staff
 Hoang, Matthew (916) 341-6161CalRecycle Staff
 Hoch, Gavin (916) 324-0839ARB Staff
 Hocheimi, Ali (951) 782-7129CalRecycle Staff
 Hodge, Jean-Pierre (916) 324-0291SWRCB Staff
 Hoecker-Caietti, Benjamin (916) 229-0746ARB Staff
 Hoekstra, Andrew (916) 319-9167SWRCB Staff
 Hoffman, Elisia (916) 341-6326CalRecycle Staff
 Hoffman, James (916) 730-3236SWRCB Staff
 Hoffman, Shyla (916) 341-5881SWRCB Manager
 Hoffmore, Roger (916) 341-5766SWRCB Supervisor
 Hoffstadt, Brett (916) 229-0447ARB Staff
 Hogan, Karen (916) 322-7901SWRCB Staff
 Hogan, Ru (916) 323-6558DTSC Not Available
 Hohn, Rachel (805) 542-4789Water/R3 Staff
 Hojjat, Payam (916) 926-9052DTSC Not Available
 Holcomb, Ronald (559) 445-6050Water/R5 Supervisor
 Holcombe, John (916) 449-5639SWRCB Staff
 Hold, Howard (916) 464-4679Water/R5 Supervisor
 Holden, Anne (530) 542-5450Water/R6 Staff
 Holden, Cheryl (916) 327-0003SWRCB Manager
 Holder, Anna (916) 341-5545SWRCB Intern
 Holland, Matthew (916) 341-5947SWRCB Manager
 Holland, Sasha (916) 341-6254CalRecycle Staff
 Holler, Carrie (916) 445-0815CalRecycle Supervisor
 Hollis, Shari (916) 341-5111SWRCB Staff
 Holloman, Ashley (916) 341-5801SWRCB Staff
 Holm, Stephanie (510) 622-3159OEHHA Staff
 Holman, Jennifer (916) 323-2962DTSC Not Available
 Holman, Lionel (916) 322-0601ARB Staff
 Holmes, Charla (916) 341-5769SWRCB Chief
 Holmes, Kari (916) 464-4623Water/R5 Manager
 Holmes, Lisa (916) 341-5557SWRCB Staff
 Holmes, Matthew (916) 322-8913ARB Staff
 Holmes-Gen, Bonnie (916) 327-8225ARB Branch Chief
 Holt, Aaron (916) 324-1374CalRecycle Staff
 Holven, Rebecca (916) 445-9697ARB Staff
 Holzgang, Kari (916) 341-5461SWRCB Staff
 Hom, Alvin (916) 324-1775OEHHA Staff
 Hom, Shirley (916) 341-6751CalRecycle Staff
 Hong, Lisa (916) 323-5175SWRCB Staff
 Honma, Lisa (619) 521-3367Water/R9 Staff
 Hooten, Julia (916) 322-6010SWRCB Staff
 Hoover, Sara (510) 622-3224OEHHA Chief
 Hoover, SueEllen (916) 324-3131DTSC Staff
 Hoover-Hartwick, Melissa (916) 341-6813CalRecycle Staff
 Hope, John (916) 255-3552DTSC Staff
 Hopkins, Chris (916) 445-9564ARB Staff
 Hopper, Cheryle (916) 341-5228SWRCB Supervisor
 Hopson-Dudley, Tamela N. (916) 323-2962DTSC Staff
 Hormazdi, Farrokh (916) 341-6515CalRecycle Staff
 Hormozi, Daniel (626) 575-6744ARB Staff
 Horner, Gerald (916) 324-6681SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Horowitz, Robert (916) 341-6452CalRecycle Supervisor
 Hossein Mardi, Moslem (916) 440-8282ARB Staff
 Hosseini, Seyedehsan (626) 459-4318ARB Staff
 Hou, Siyang (213) 620-6363Water/R4 Staff
 Houghton, Candice (916) 341-6193CalRecycle Staff
 Houghton, Michele (916) 327-5638ARB Staff
 Houghton, Susan (510) 540-3919DTSC Staff
 Houlemard, Chris (916) 341-6375CalRecycle Staff
 Houlihan, Emily (916) 445-9187SWRCB Staff
 Houpt, Peter (916) 341-5286SWRCB Staff
 Houston, David (916) 322-6042SWRCB Staff
 Houtz, Erika (510) 540-3399DTSC Contract Personnel
 Hovey, David (916) 322-3730ARB Staff
 Howard, Cody (916) 229-0751ARB Manager
 Howard, Florence (916) 324-1806DTSC Staff
 Howard, Meredith (916) 464-4788Water/R5 Manager
 Howard, Richard (916) 324-1251OEHHA Staff
 Howard, Scott Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Howard, Wendy (916) 322-2382ARB Staff
 Howe, Joelle (916) 322-6349ARB Staff
 Howe, Todd Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Howell, Jacob (916) 341-6093CalRecycle Staff
 Howell, Stacy (916) 341-5088Agency Staff
 Howlader, Abdul (626) 350-6466ARB Staff
 Hristov, Hristo (916) 322-8364OEHHA Staff
 Hryce, Lindsey (916) 322-2365ARB Staff
 Hsieh, Jennifer (916) 324-6964OEHHA Staff
 Hsieh, Patrick (510) 540-3906DTSC Staff
 Hsieh, Wei (916) 255-3832DTSC Not Available
 Hsu, H. Alan (714) 484-5395DTSC Staff
 Hsu, Ying-Kuang (916) 322-6084ARB Staff
 Hsu, Yun-hu (510) 540-3732DTSC Staff
 Hu, GuiJun (213) 576-6736Water/R4 Supervisor
 Hu, Shaohua (916) 229-0911ARB Staff
 Hu, Shishan (626) 450-6105ARB Staff
 Huai, Tao (916) 229-0887ARB Branch Chief
 Huang, Alex (916) 341-5903SWRCB Staff
 Huang, Anny (916) 323-8475ARB Manager
 Huang, Chun (619) 525-4775SWRCB Staff
 Huang, Emily (916) 327-2064Agency Staff
 Huang, Henry (916) 323-3222SWRCB Staff
 Huang, Hongtai (510) 622-3165OEHHA Staff
 Huang, Jian (916) 324-6709ARB Staff
 Huang, Joseph (916) 322-6153ARB Staff
 Huang, Kaylin (916) 322-6924ARB Staff
 Huang, Li (626) 350-6523ARB Staff
 Huang, Shen (619) 525-3774SWRCB Staff
 Huang, Shiou-Mei (626) 575-6875ARB Staff
 Huang, Wee (916) 323-0030ARB Staff
 Hubbard, Dean (559) 445-5179Water/R5 Staff
 Hubbard, Lourin (559) 445-9653Water/R5 Staff
 Hubbard, Penporn (916) 322-9327DTSC Not Available
 Hubbell, Richard (714) 816-1979DTSC Staff
 Huber, Sara (916) 323-0683SWRCB Staff
 Huber, Stephanie (916) 323-2664ARB Manager
 Huck, Jim (916) 341-6391CalRecycle Staff
 Huck, Kelly (530) 542-5458Water/R6 Staff
 Huckaby, Corinne (805) 549-3504Water/R3 Staff
 Hudson, Alexis (916) 322-4560ARB Staff
 Huft, Nathan (916) 229-0599ARB Staff
 Huft, Ryan (916) 322-6710ARB Staff
 Huggins, Jeffrey (916) 464-4639Water/R5 Staff
 Hughes, Brian (916) 603-7741DPR Staff
 Hughes, Eileen (510) 540-3760DTSC Staff
 Hughes, Jeremy (916) 464-4696Water/R5 Staff
 Hughes, Marikka (510) 540-3926DTSC Not Available
 Hughes, Vernon (916) 324-4069ARB Branch Manager
 Hughes Lock, Bennett (916) 445-0933OEHHA Staff
 Hul, Sotheary (310) 342-1229CalRecycle Staff
 Hultquist, Bob (916) 449-5556SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Hults, David (916) 322-0362ARB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Huma, Michael (707) 576-6707Water/R1 Staff
 Hume, Douglas (916) 324-3335ARB Staff
 Hume, Richard (916) 255-6450DTSC Supervisor
 Humphrey, Fiona (916) 445-6809Agency Staff
 Humphreys, Christina (213) 576-6697Water/R4 Staff
 Hung, Stephanie (510) 622-3166OEHHA Staff
 Hunsaker, Larry (916) 324-7168ARB Staff
 Hunt, Brandy (916) 327-1799ARB Branch Manager
 Hunt, Colleen (707) 576-2831Water/R1 Staff
 Hunt, Craig (707) 570-3767Water/R1 Supervisor
 Hunt, Heather (916) 341-6068CalRecycle Senior Staff Counsel
 Hunt, Joseph (916) 255-4367DTSC Staff
 Hunt, Mia (562) 595-8939CalRecycle Staff
 Hunt, Thaddeus (916) 341-5007SWRCB Staff
 Huo, Darey (626) 575-6870ARB Staff
 Hurley, Christian (916) 324-8178ARB Staff
 Hurley, John (916) 341-5313SWRCB Staff
 Hurley, Susan (510) 622-3186OEHHA Staff
 Hurst, Andrew (916) 323-2872CalRecycle Supervisor
 Hurtado-Brown, Mariadela (559) 447-3134SWRCB Staff
 Husong, Brian (916) 229-0551ARB Staff
 Hutchinson, Nicole (916) 322-1250ARB Staff
 Huth, Alexander (916) 324-6917ARB Staff
 Hutto, Chani (916) 341-5816SWRCB Staff
 Hutzel, Michelle (916) 323-2515Agency Administrative Assistant
 Huynh, Gerry (916) 650-6997SWRCB Staff
 Huynh, Jacqueline (916) 341-5650SWRCB Staff
 Huynh, Jaimie (916) 341-6419CalRecycle Staff
 Huynh, Lyda (916) 323-2962DTSC Not Available
 Huynh, Mia (818) 717-6611DTSC Staff
 Hvidsten, Debbie (916) 255-6402DTSC Staff
 Hwang, Justin (916) 327-2949ARB Staff
 Hwang, Kristen (510) 622-3215OEHHA Student Assistant E A
 Hwong, Joe (714) 484-5406DTSC Staff
 Hydeman, Dale (916) 341-6198CalRecycle Staff
 Hypnarowski, Rita (916) 255-3699DTSC Staff

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards