Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Gaffney, Kathryn (916) 341-5360SWRCB Staff
 Gaido, Monique (530) 224-4205Water/R5 Staff
 Galbina, Yelena (916) 341-5003SWRCB Staff
 Galindo, Vanessa (916) 341-5983SWRCB Staff
 Gallant, Jake (916) 327-8597SWRCB Staff
 Gallon, Celine (213) 576-6784Water/R4 Staff
 Gamboa, Florentino (619) 521-8053SWRCB Staff
 Gamez, Lenore (951) 782-4905Water/R8 Supervisor
 Gangl, Kristen (916) 323-9389SWRCB Specialist
 Gao, Yongxuan (916) 445-5997SWRCB Staff
 Garcia, James (916) 341-5647SWRCB Supervisor
 Garcia, Mireille (619) 521-8041Water/R9 Staff
 Garner, Erin (916) 327-3123SWRCB Specialist
 Garrett, James (916) 445-4218SWRCB Supervisor
 Garrett, Maya (916) 341-5653SWRCB Staff
 Garrison, Paul (916) 323-8268SWRCB Staff
 Garver, Kelli (916) 464-4602Water/R5 Manager
 Garvin, Cosmo (916) 322-8419SWRCB Staff
 Gaslan, Milasol (213) 576-6776Water/R4 Manager
 Gavigan, Tom (530) 542-5422Water/R6 Staff
 Gearheart, Greg (916) 341-5892SWRCB Deputy Director
 Gee, Maile (951) 782-4379Water/R8 Staff
 George, Michael (916) 445-5962SWRCB Supervisor
 George, Sarabeth (510) 622-5684Water/R2 Staff
 Geppert, Joelle (707) 576-2346Water/R1 Staff
 Geraci, Jeff (760) 776-8935Water/R7 Specialist
 Gere, Timothy (916) 341-5760SWRCB Supervisor
 Gergans, Nicole (619) 521-3969Water/R9 Staff
 Gergus, Scott (707) 576-2685Water/R1 Staff
 Gerhart, Kelsey (805) 594-6182Water/R3 Staff
 Getachew, Girma (916) 464-4851Water/R5 Staff
 Ghasemizadeh, Reza (916) 341-5409SWRCB Staff
 Ghazi, Deler (916) 341-5799SWRCB Student Assistant E A
 Ghodrati, Farhad (510) 622-2331Water/R2 Staff
 Ghoram, Whitney (619) 521-8040Water/R9 Staff
 Ghukasyan, Naira (818) 551-2021SWRCB Staff
 Gibson, David (619) 521-3005Water/R9 Executive Officer
 Giguere, Steven (916) 341-5503SWRCB Supervisor
 Gilbreath, Scott (530) 224-4876SWRCB Staff
 Gill, Jaspreet Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Gillespie, Stacy (916) 341-5190SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Gilligan, Karen (916) 464-4754Water/R5 Staff
 Gillman, Eric (916) 322-8421SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Gilman, Katie (530) 224-3212Water/R5 Staff
 Gilmore, Letticia (916) 323-0340SWRCB Staff
 Ginise, Elizabeth (916) 341-5194SWRCB Staff
 Ginzburg, Dmitriy (818) 551-2022SWRCB Supervisor
 Girma, Beti (916) 322-9602SWRCB Staff
 Glendening, Susan (510) 622-2462Water/R2 Staff
 Glunz, Christy (916) 341-5124SWRCB Staff
 Godinez, Adriana Not AvailableWater/R7 Staff
 Goding, Dorena (916) 327-8101SWRCB Specialist
 Godwin, Michael D. (805) 549-3886Water/R3 Staff
 Gole, Alex (916) 319-0971SWRCB Staff
 Goloubow, Ron (510) 622-2442Water/R2 Staff
 Golovey, Ella (916) 341-5576SWRCB Staff
 Gomberg, Max (916) 322-3052SWRCB Supervisor
 Gomer, Zachary (916) 323-0359SWRCB Staff
 Gomes, Kristen (559) 445-5108Water/R5 Staff
 Gomez, Amelia (916) 341-5147SWRCB Staff
 Gomez, Sarah Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Gonzales, Erica (916) 341-5325SWRCB Manager
 Gonzales, Jacqueline (559) 445-6541Water/R5 Support Staff
 Gonzales, Phyllis (916) 445-2365SWRCB Staff
 Gonzales, Steven (916) 327-1708SWRCB Staff
 Gonzalez, Javier (213) 576-6632Water/R4 Staff
 Gonzalez, Jennifer (559) 445-6187Water/R5 Staff
 Gonzalez, Marisol (530) 224-4204Water/R5 Staff
 Gonzalez, Paola (916) 322-8417SWRCB Staff
 Goodwin, Cathleen (707) 576-2687Water/R1 Staff
 Gooty Agraharam, Jayanthi (916) 341-5015SWRCB Staff
 Gordon, Lauren (805) 549-3698Water/R3 Staff
 Gordon, Noel (916) 445-7290SWRCB Supervisor
 Gorham, Cynthia T. (619) 521-3921Water/R9 Supervisor
 Gotham, Stacy (530) 224-4993Water/R5 Staff
 Goya, Harumi (213) 620-2283Water/R4 Staff
 Grabowski, Robert (916) 341-5136SWRCB Staff
 Grady, Kason (707) 576-2682Water/R1 Manager
 Granillo-Dodds, Candida (619) 525-4042SWRCB Staff
 Granville, Gwyneth (916) 341-5568SWRCB Staff
 Gray, Caitlin (213) 576-6647SWRCB Staff
 Gray, Shelton (559) 445-5508Water/R5 Supervisor
 Greathouse, Joel (559) 447-3481SWRCB Staff
 Green, Rebecca (916) 341-5781SWRCB Staff
 Green, Xavier (916) 341-5047SWRCB Staff
 Greenwood, Rebecca (916) 341-5858SWRCB Staff
 Greer, Moani (916) 324-0998SWRCB Staff
 Gregg, Jack (510) 622-2437Water/R2 Staff
 Gregory, Valerie (916) 341-5741SWRCB Staff
 Grey, Brian (530) 542-5421Water/R6 Staff
 Griffin, Chuck (951) 782-4996Water/R8 Specialist
 Grill, Mike (559) 445-6083Water/R5 Staff
 Griner, Rebeca (916) 322-6361SWRCB Staff
 Grober, Les (916) 319-0466SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Gross, Warren (559) 445-5128Water/R5 Supervisor
 Grossman, Thomas (916) 323-0062SWRCB Staff
 Grove, Amy (619) 521-3920Water/R9 Staff
 Grove, Robin (916) 319-9102SWRCB Staff
 Grover, Holly (916) 464-4747Water/R5 Staff
 Gudino, Magdalena (209) 948-7488SWRCB Staff
 Guerra, Christina (760) 241-7333Water/R6 Staff
 Guerrero, Oscar (916) 445-9243SWRCB Staff
 Guia, Barbara (213) 620-6361Water/R4 Staff
 Guillen, Catarina (916) 341-5653SWRCB Staff
 Guillen, Lucero (916) 449-5295SWRCB Staff
 Gums, Ashleigh Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Gunter, Melissa (510) 622-2390Water/R2 Staff
 Gupta, Kajol Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Gutterman, Guy (510) 622-2399Water/R2 Staff
 Guzman, Jenalyn (916) 322-4266SWRCB Staff

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