Air Resources Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Gadamsetty, Ramesh Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Gaddam, Sree Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Gaffney, Patrick (916) 322-7303ARB Staff
 Gallagher, Glenn (916) 327-8041ARB Staff
 Gallenstein, Chris (916) 324-8017ARB Staff
 Galloway, Devin Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Galsi, Gyorgy (916) 322-2519ARB Staff
 Gammariello, Robert (626) 450-6138ARB Branch Chief
 Ganesan, Meena (916) 327-2963ARB Supervisor
 Garcia, Adolfo (626) 575-6701ARB Manager
 Garcia, Christopher (916) 322-8267ARB Staff
 Garcia, Cynthia (916) 327-8221ARB Staff
 Garcia, David (916) 322-8520ARB Director
 Garcia, Graciela (916) 323-2781ARB Staff
 Garcia, Lindsay (916) 323-9612ARB Staff
 Garlow, Bonnie (626) 575-6918ARB Staff
 Garman, Andrea (916) 322-4740ARB Staff
 Garrett, Daniel (916) 324-0388ARB Staff
 Garrison, Katherine (916) 322-1522ARB Staff
 Garza, Frederico (626) 575-6731ARB Staff
 Gatt, George (626) 350-6472ARB Staff
 Gee, Keiko (916) 440-8258ARB Staff
 Geer, Tammy (916) 445-3516ARB Staff
 George, Kathryn (916) 322-4738ARB Staff
 Georgiou, Ashley (916) 440-8223ARB Staff
 Gerber, Adam (916) 322-7456ARB Staff
 Gergen, Tim (916) 229-0754ARB Manager
 Germino, Michael (916) 322-8823ARB Staff
 Geyer, Rebecca (916) 229-0438ARB Staff
 Ghazarian, David Not AvailableARB Student Assistant E A
 Ghosh, Trideep (916) 323-5455ARB Staff
 Gilani, Darsi (916) 229-0635ARB Staff
 Gilani, Kamran (Greg) (916) 323-2915ARB Manager
 Gilbert, Lori (916) 322-2362ARB Staff
 Gill, Kathleen (916) 445-9483ARB Manager
 Gill, Sifti (916) 445-8811ARB Staff
 Gilles, Megan (916) 322-7233ARB Staff
 Ginty, Mike (916) 445-8197ARB Supervisor
 Giorgi, Erika (916) 324-0915ARB Counsel
 Glaze, Gerlie (916) 440-8236ARB Staff
 Goddam, Sreerangam Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Goel, Manoj Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Goff, Kyle (916) 324-1988ARB Staff
 Gold, Rachel (916) 327-1517ARB Staff
 Goldstene, James (916) 229-0637ARB Staff
 Golston, Rachel (916) 323-0857ARB Staff
 Gomeniuk, Gennadii (916) 323-1354ARB Staff
 Gomez, Adam (916) 229-0440ARB Staff
 Gomez, Jose (916) 324-8033ARB Manager
 Gong, Longwen (916) 323-2190ARB Staff
 Gonzales, Darlene (626) 459-4460ARB Staff
 Gonzales, Evelyn (626) 575-6789ARB Staff
 Gonzalez, Aubrey (916) 324-3334ARB Staff
 Gonzalez, Brenda (916) 322-2042ARB Staff
 Gonzalez, Layla (916) 324-0354ARB Staff
 Gonzalez, Narcisco (916) 324-8175ARB Staff
 Goodbody, Leslie (916) 323-2961ARB Staff
 Gordon, Jason (626) 575-7068ARB Staff
 Gordon, Jessica (916) 324-4581ARB Staff
 Gormley, Joseph (916) 229-0634ARB Staff
 Gorrie, Emily (916) 322-6076ARB Staff
 Goto, Dustin (916) 327-4757ARB Staff
 Gottardo, Brian (916) 327-2984ARB Staff
 Govender, Kriyan (916) 327-8772ARB Staff
 Graham, Courtney (916) 229-0873ARB Manager
 Grandov, Anthony (916) 322-2411ARB Staff
 Grange, Ruth (626) 575-6858ARB Staff
 Gray, Jason (916) 324-3507ARB Branch Chief
 Gray, Jennifer (916) 327-0027ARB Staff
 Gray, Len Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Gray, Stacy (916) 323-2765ARB Staff
 Green, Alyssa (916) 445-1034ARB Staff
 Greene, Daphne (916) 229-0929ARB Staff
 Gregor, Sam (916) 323-0005ARB Manager
 Gress, Jennifer (916) 323-8511ARB Division Chief
 Gress, Julia (916) 324-9233ARB Staff
 Griffin, Rebecca (916) 322-2624ARB Staff
 Grimm, Vickie (916) 229-0331ARB Staff
 Grinnell, Joseph (916) 322-5868ARB Staff
 Grogan, Steve (916) 323-8482ARB Division Chief
 Grose, Taylor (916) 229-0334ARB Staff
 Grubaugh, Dana (916) 324-0915ARB Staff
 Gu, Peishi (916) 323-7047ARB Staff
 Guanlao, Reginald (916) 324-9653ARB Staff
 Guerra, Erica (916) 322-3986ARB Staff
 Guerra, Isabel (916) 323-4068ARB Staff
 Guerrero, Joe (916) 324-7591ARB Manager
 Guerrero, Joseph (916) 324-5049ARB Student
 Gugeler, Kathryn (916) 322-0221ARB Staff
 Gumudavelly, Shyam Not AvailableARB Contract Personnel
 Gunn, Martin (916) 229-0553ARB Staff
 Guo, Jane (626) 575-6968ARB Staff
 Guo, Jing (916) 322-0353ARB Staff
 Guo, Lei (916) 322-8097ARB Staff
 Gupta, Neetu (916) 322-7653ARB Staff
 Gupta, Pamela (916) 327-0604ARB Supervisor
 Gurer, Kemal (916) 323-4406ARB Staff
 Guthrie, James (916) 327-1508ARB Staff
 Gutierrez, Alvaro (626) 350-6549ARB Manager
 Gutierrez, Julio (916) 323-1052ARB Staff
 Gutierrez, Sara (916) 229-0950ARB Staff
 Guzman, Javier (916) 322-8177ARB Staff
 Guzman-Cicero, Ivonne (626) 575-6718ARB Staff

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