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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 Fabella, Maria (818) 717-6598DTSC Staff
 Fadipe, Charlotte (916) 445-3970DPR Assistant Director
 Fadness, Rich (707) 576-6718Water/R1 Staff
 Fadrigon, Farrah (916) 341-6180CalRecycle Staff
 Fahey, Jessica (916) 445-2191ARB Staff
 Fairley, Nicole (510) 622-2424Water/R2 Staff
 Fairman, Gina (916) 445-5240DPR Staff
 Falcon, Samantha Not AvailableWater/R5 Staff
 Falcone, Gil (707) 576-2830Water/R1 Supervisor
 Falk, Matthias (916) 323-5774ARB Staff
 Falkowski, Ron (530) 224-3227Water/R5 Staff
 Fan, Jiqing (916) 445-9815ARB Staff
 Fan, Qiang (626) 450-6113ARB Staff
 Fancher, Rebecca (916) 324-1550ARB Staff
 Fang, Wei (510) 622-1008SWRCB Staff
 Fang, Xiao-Xue (213) 576-6730Water/R4 Staff
 Fanner, Jason (916) 445-4055DPR Manager
 Fanous, Mina J. (626) 575-6867ARB Staff
 Farah, Haweya (916) 323-3646SWRCB Staff
 Farahnak, Shahla (916) 341-5737SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Fares, Raaz (916) 341-6295CalRecycle Supervisor
 Farhad, Mohammad (916) 464-1181Water/R5 Staff
 Farooqui, Mohmmed (916) 323-0296ARB Staff
 Farr, Mary (916) 445-8290ARB Staff
 Farrall, Annabel (916) 341-6296CalRecycle Staff
 Farrell, Ashley (916) 322-8205ARB Staff
 Farrell, Zachary (916) 341-5764SWRCB Staff
 Farres, Agnes (510) 622-2401Water/R2 Staff
 Farrow, Sean (916) 324-7493SWRCB Staff
 Farsimadan, Afrooz (916) 341-5544SWRCB Supervisor
 Farwell, Jane (916) 341-5349SWRCB Staff
 Fau, Evan (916) 327-5613SWRCB Staff
 Faulk, Dionne (323) 803-2508DTSC Not Available
 Faulkner, Brian (916) 255-6625DTSC Staff
 Faune, Vanessa (916) 229-0355ARB Staff
 Faust, John (510) 622-3185OEHHA Branch Chief
 Favila, Jaime (916) 341-5482SWRCB Staff
 Fearing, Chad (916) 341-5546SWRCB Staff
 Fearing, Jennifer (916) 341-5257SWRCB Staff
 Fearnow, Jessica (916) 322-2215ARB Staff
 Fegurgur, Joshua (916) 341-5699SWRCB Staff
 Feher, Loan (916) 341-6666CalRecycle Division Liaison
 Fehrenbacher, Christian (916) 229-0360ARB Staff
 Feiler, Stormer (916) 323-0063SWRCB Supervisor
 Feldhaus, Aaron (916) 341-5367SWRCB Staff
 Feldstein, Sonia (510) 540-3916DTSC Staff
 Felix, Anthony (619) 521-5921Water/R9 Staff
 Felix, Elizabeth (916) 341-6323CalRecycle Staff
 Feliz, Lindsey (916) 323-8411ARB Staff
 Felt, Samantha (916) 229-0970ARB Staff
 Fendick, Edward (916) 255-6555DTSC Not Available
 Ferguson, Jami (916) 322-3235SWRCB Supervisor
 Ferguson, Jerred (530) 224-4851Water/R5 Staff
 Ferguson, Leslie (510) 622-2344Water/R2 Staff
 Ferguson, Paula (916) 341-5029SWRCB Staff
 Ferguson, Scott (530) 542-5432Water/R6 Manager
 Ferguson, William (916) 322-4660DTSC Not Available
 Ferhut, Faridoon (916) 341-6482CalRecycle Staff
 Fernandes, Stephanie (916) 341-6496CalRecycle Staff
 Fernandez, Cesar (213) 250-3166DTSC Staff
 Fernandez, Lisa (916) 327-7600CalRecycle Supervisor
 Fernandez, Mario (916) 323-2635OEHHA Counsel
 Fernandez, Patricia (916) 319-9141SWRCB Specialist
 Fernandez, Xavier (510) 622-5685Water/R2 Manager
 Ferouz, Muzhda (916) 255-3883DTSC Staff
 Feroz, Mohammed (916) 341-5066CalRecycle Supervisor
 Ferrarotti, Benjamin (916) 445-4444ARB Staff
 Ferreira, Terrel (916) 445-3526ARB Supervisor
 Ferrer, Kathryn (562) 595-1344CalRecycle Staff
 Ferrera, Anna (916) 324-8425Agency Deputy Secretary
 Ferreria, Austin (559) 447-3399SWRCB Staff
 Ferrero, Samuel (916) 341-6294CalRecycle Staff
 Fibiger, Dorothy (916) 324-8426ARB Staff
 Fideldy, Ariel (916) 324-8622ARB Staff
 Fierro, Jessy (818) 717-6563DTSC Staff
 Figueroa-Acevedo, Jose (760) 776-8967Water/R7 Staff
 Files, Christina (916) 341-6176CalRecycle Staff
 Filipich, Kevin (916) 341-6533CalRecycle Staff
 Fimbres, Raquel (760) 336-8917DTSC Not Available
 Fine, Spencer (916) 341-6465CalRecycle Staff
 Fiore-Wagner, Mary (530) 542-5425Water/R6 Specialist
 Firch, Jill (916) 341-6685CalRecycle Staff
 Firchow, Nancy (510) 622-2928OEHHA Librarian
 Firestone, Laurel (916) 341-5607SWRCB Board Member
 Fisch, Nathan (916) 323-0625SWRCB Staff
 Fischer, Adam (951) 320-6363Water/R8 Supervisor
 Fischer, Chad (559) 447-3302SWRCB Supervisor
 Fischer, Jim (916) 341-5548SWRCB Staff
 Fischer, Kadie (510) 540-3938DTSC Not Available
 Fischer, Lynnette (916) 327-3119SWRCB Staff
 Fischer, Michael (916) 464-4663Water/R5 Staff
 Fischer, Vera (916) 464-4792Water/R5 Staff
 Fisher, Laura (916) 341-5870SWRCB Supervisor
 Fitzgerald, Rebecca (916) 341-5775SWRCB Chief
 FitzGibbon, Michael (916) 323-2389ARB Branch Chief
 FitzGibbon, Paige (916) 464-4837Water/R5 Staff
 Fitzsenry, Bridget (916) 323-3391DTSC Staff
 Fitzsimmons, Jeffrey (760) 241-4942Water/R6 Staff
 Fitzwater, Ashley (916) 445-4017DPR Staff
 Flack, Phyllis (510) 622-2420Water/R2 Staff
 Flanagan, Linda (916) 341-5117SWRCB Retired Annuitant
 Flanagan, Shawn (916) 341-5950SWRCB Staff
 Fleming Larsen, Rosalyn (760) 776-8949Water/R7 Staff
 Fleshman, Katrina (530) 542-5414Water/R6 Executive Assistant
 Fletcher, Karen (916) 322-2430ARB Staff
 Fletcher, Martin (805) 549-3694Water/R3 Staff
 Fletes, Diana (916) 323-9851OEHHA Student
 Florea, Elena (626) 350-6593ARB Manager
 Flores, Annemarie (916) 324-6749ARB Staff
 Flores, Brooke (916) 323-3263CalRecycle Staff
 Flores, Carmen (916) 322-6894CalRecycle Staff
 Flores, Jason (626) 575-6964ARB Staff
 Flores, Jesse Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Flores, Lucinda (213) 576-6633Water/R4 Staff
 Flores, Margo (916) 327-8811CalRecycle Supervisor
 Flores, Richard (916) 324-3165DTSC Staff
 Flores, Sharon (916) 323-2238ARB Staff
 Flores, Silvia (760) 241-7384Water/R6 Staff
 Flores-Avila, Ida (916) 323-9538OEHHA Staff
 Florez, Eloy (626) 350-6525ARB Staff
 Florez, Jonathan (916) 323-0596SWRCB Contract Personnel
 Florez, Laura (760) 312-5782DTSC Staff
 Flower, Chris (916) 464-4836Water/R5 Supervisor
 Flowers, Carolyn (916) 324-3732OEHHA Staff
 Flowers-Williams, Susie (916) 255-3687DTSC Staff
 Floyd, Connie (530) 224-4845Water/R5 Staff
 Floyd, Walter (916) 464-4651Water/R5 Staff
 Fofie, Emmanuel (626) 575-6745ARB Staff
 Fojut, Tessa (916) 341-5220SWRCB Supervisor
 Fone, Allan (510) 540-3836DTSC Staff
 Fong, Angel (916) 341-6752CalRecycle Staff
 Fong, Brandon (916) 323-8325DTSC Contract Personnel
 Fong, Bruce (916) 322-8501CalRecycle Staff
 Fong, Harvard (916) 445-4211DPR Staff
 Fong, Ian (916) 229-0514ARB Staff
 Fong, Kathleen (951) 774-0114Water/R8 Staff
 Fong, Katie (916) 341-5533SWRCB Staff
 Fong, Lisette (916) 322-8197ARB Staff
 Fong, Mark (916) 341-5827SWRCB Staff
 Fong, Matthew (916) 341-6447CalRecycle Staff
 Fong, Mei (916) 324-2570ARB Staff
 Fong, Penny (916) 229-0336ARB Staff
 Fong, Phanessa (916) 341-6689CalRecycle Staff
 Fong, Rebecca (916) 322-0791OEHHA Staff
 Fong, Sarah (916) 341-5129SWRCB Staff
 Fong, Stephanie (916) 445-4026DPR Staff
 Fong, Steve (916) 324-6449OEHHA Branch Chief
 Fong, Susanna (916) 341-6692CalRecycle Support Staff
 Fong, Sydney (916) 341-6297CalRecycle Staff
 Fontanilla, Carla (916) 341-5256CalRecycle Support Staff
 Foolad, Hamid (916) 341-5791SWRCB Staff
 Forbes, Adam (559) 447-3137SWRCB Staff
 Forbes, Andrew (559) 447-3313SWRCB Staff
 Ford, Amanda (916) 445-5607SWRCB Staff
 Ford, Hayat (916) 445-6942DPR Staff
 Ford, Leslie (916) 445-1522DPR Branch Chief
 Ford, Robert (916) 445-3135DPR Supervisor
 Ford-Whelan, Tajanee (916) 322-9258SWRCB Seasonal Clerk
 Fordyce, Jennifer (916) 324-6682SWRCB Assistant Chief Counsel
 Foresman, Erin (916) 203-5367SWRCB Supervisor
 Forestieri, Sara (916) 323-6627ARB Staff
 Forland, Leta (916) 341-6395CalRecycle Staff
 Forman, Glenn (818) 717-6672DTSC Staff
 Forrester, Dominique (916) 255-3613DTSC Staff
 Forson, Kevin (916) 229-0387ARB Staff
 Fortescue, Forest (707) 576-2595Water/R1 Staff
 Fortner, Michele (707) 576-6706Water/R1 Staff
 Fortune, Alina (916) 324-3797OEHHA Staff
 Foss, Shannon (916) 324-8295DTSC Not Available
 Fossen, Matt (916) 322-1747DPR Staff
 Foster, Jonathan (916) 327-1512ARB Staff
 Foster, Lori (707) 576-2656Water/R1 Staff
 Foster, Matt (805) 566-6625SWRCB Staff
 Fowler, David (707) 576-2756Water/R1 Staff
 Fowler, John (916) 229-0549ARB Staff
 Fowler, Sylvia (916) 255-6405DTSC Not Available
 Fox, Maria (916) 341-5673SWRCB Executive Assistant
 Fraidany, Apollo (562) 981-3954CalRecycle Staff
 Framiglio, Lisa (916) 376-8951DPR Support Staff
 Franceschi, Chris (916) 322-6156ARB Staff
 Francis, Michelle (916) 323-3873DPR Specialist
 Francis, Supriya (916) 323-6501ARB Staff
 Franco, Antonio (916) 327-2751ARB Staff
 Franco, Marcus (626) 575-6984ARB Staff
 Frank, Robin (714) 484-5409DTSC Staff
 Frankenfield, Julie (510) 540-2651DTSC Contract Personnel
 Franklin, Bailey (818) 717-6669DTSC Staff
 Franklin, Natalie (916) 341-6753CalRecycle Staff
 Franks, Wesley (916) 319-0742SWRCB Staff
 Franz, Amy (916) 341-6099CalRecycle Staff
 Frazier, Karina (916) 322-5330SWRCB Staff
 Frazier, Scott (916) 341-5289SWRCB Supervisor
 Frazier, Sonia (916) 341-5685SWRCB Staff
 Frazier, Tami Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Frederick, Michelle (831) 655-6933SWRCB Supervisor
 Frederiksen, Hans (916) 327-2515DTSC Not Available
 Fredrickson, Leslie (916) 324-7545DTSC Not Available
 Freeborn, Bridget (916) 341-5771SWRCB Supervisor
 Freeman, Andre (916) 322-1504ARB Staff
 Freeman, April (916) 341-5755SWRCB Staff
 Freeman, Maxine (916) 341-5118SWRCB Staff
 Freeman-Wright, Marilyn (916) 341-6087CalRecycle Staff
 Freese, Matthew (916) 341-5485SWRCB Staff
 Fregien, Susan (916) 464-4813Water/R5 Supervisor
 Fregoso, Krista (916) 445-5035ARB Staff
 Freihon, Sarah Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 French, Denise (916) 323-8809DTSC Staff
 French, Sally (916) 341-6432CalRecycle Staff
 Freshwater, Jason (951) 321-4576Water/R8 Staff
 Fried, Janae (530) 224-4129Water/R5 Staff
 Frieders, Stephanie (916) 341-6227CalRecycle Staff
 Friedlander, Randy (916) 341-6718CalRecycle Supervisor
 Friedman, Alan (510) 622-2347Water/R2 Staff
 Friedman, Maria (818) 551-2014SWRCB Staff
 Fries, Ben (916) 322-8701DTSC Staff
 Friesen, Steven (559) 297-3934DTSC Staff
 Fristoe, Michelle (916) 324-9842ARB Staff
 Frodin, Bruce (626) 575-6933ARB Staff
 Froelich, Sophie (916) 319-8557SWRCB Staff
 Froman, Kelly (916) 445-6940DPR Staff
 Froman, Kelly (916) 255-6587DTSC Not Available
 Frucht, Setenay (510) 622-2388Water/R2 Staff
 Fry, Nicole (510) 622-5047Water/R2 Staff
 Fu, Lixin (916) 464-4689Water/R5 Staff
 Fua, FrancineAnne (916) 322-9682SWRCB Staff
 Fualau, Naomi (916) 445-3103DPR Staff
 Fuentes, Mark (626) 575-6815ARB Division Chief
 Fuji, Mihoyo (916) 324-0916ARB Staff
 Fujioka, Virginia (916) 341-5251SWRCB Staff
 Fuller, Brian Not AvailableWater/R1 Staff
 Fuller, Jennifer (916) 464-4646Water/R5 Staff
 Fung, Christina (626) 350-6540ARB Staff
 Funston, Neal (916) 341-5909SWRCB Staff
 Furey, Russell (916) 327-8399ARB Staff
 Furtado, John (916) 327-2751ARB Staff
 Futaba, Debbie (626) 450-6163ARB Staff
 Futaba, Sidd (626) 459-4386ARB Staff
 Futassa, Tirunesh (916) 341-5023SWRCB Supervisor

  CalEPA Boards, Departments, and Offices (BDOs)
Agency: California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB: Air Resources Board DTSC:  Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle: Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water: State/Regional Water Boards