Water/Regional Water Board Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 D'Anna, Michael (916) 341-5328SWRCB Staff
 DAdamo, Dorene (916) 341-5607SWRCB Board Vice Chair
 Dailey, Dale (213) 576-6782Water/R4 Staff
 Dal Porto, Rachael (916) 323-0887SWRCB Staff
 Damian, Bill (916) 341-5144SWRCB Asst. Deputy Director
 Damin, Nicole (916) 464-4785Water/R5 Staff
 Damodar, Naresh (916) 341-5004SWRCB Staff
 Dang, Andy (916) 341-5073SWRCB Staff
 Daniel, Kamal (916) 327-2127SWRCB Staff
 Daugherty, Melissa (805) 542-4643Water/R3 Specialist
 Davey, Meirve (916) 341-5466SWRCB Staff
 Davis, Bert (916) 323-3435SWRCB Staff
 Davis, Heather (916) 449-5626SWRCB Staff
 Davis, Justin (916) 449-5670SWRCB Staff
 Davis, Mark (805) 542-4629Water/R3 Staff
 Davis, Michelle (916) 341-5147SWRCB Staff
 Davydova, Maria (760) 776-8947Water/R7 Staff
 De La Fuente, Juan (916) 319-8294SWRCB Staff
 De La Torre, Claudia Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 De Stefano, Andre (916) 323-0892SWRCB Staff
 Dean, Douglas (916) 449-5633SWRCB Staff
 Dean, Nathan (916) 341-5469SWRCB Staff
 DeAnda, Ryan (916) 341-5770SWRCB Staff
 Deaton, David (916) 341-5840SWRCB Staff
 Debenedetti, Audra (916) 341-5126SWRCB Manager
 Decarvalho, Patrick (530) 224-4786Water/R5 Staff
 Deeringer, Andrew (916) 322-3575SWRCB Staff Counsel
 DeFazio, Lindsay (916) 341-5282SWRCB Staff
 Del Frate, Todd (916) 464-4737Water/R5 Staff
 Del Mazzio, Daniel (916) 323-0924SWRCB Staff
 Delacalzada, Adrian Not AvailableSWRCB Staff
 Delacruz, Marcos (510) 622-2365Water/R2 Staff
 DeLano, Kevin (916) 319-0631SWRCB Staff
 Delgado, Charles R. (916) 341-5262SWRCB Supervisor
 Delgado, Daniel (916) 341-5437SWRCB Staff
 Delgado, Jeff (916) 341-5695SWRCB Staff
 Delgado, Manuel (619) 525-4408SWRCB Staff
 Delic, Suada (916) 323-3737SWRCB Staff
 Demchuk, Vadim (916) 319-0975SWRCB Staff
 Demmers, Shawn (599) 447-3136SWRCB Staff
 Denker, Sharon (805) 542-4642Water/R3 Staff
 Denney, Stacy (805) 549-3686Water/R3 Staff
 Densmore, Jeff (805) 566-9021SWRCB Supervisor
 Denson, Mark (916) 341-5028SWRCB Staff
 Denton, Debra (916) 341-5520SWRCB Special Assignment
 Denton, Nicolas (707) 576-6714SWRCB Staff
 Dentoni, Nicolette (559) 444-2505Water/R5 Staff
 Depew, Dyllan (916) 324-1175SWRCB Investigator
 Desai, Viki (916) 327-7294SWRCB Staff
 Dhaliwal, Gurbinder (916) 464-4601Water/R5 Staff
 Dhaliwal, Jesse (661) 335-7318SWRCB Supervisor
 Dhanda, Harvinder (916) 323-3285SWRCB Staff
 Dhillon, Sheena (916) 322-8547SWRCB Staff
 Di Campalto, Sophie (619) 521-8038Water/R9 Staff
 Diaz, Serena (916) 341-5880SWRCB Staff
 DiBiase, William (619) 525-4013SWRCB Staff
 DiCamillo, Nicole (916) 440-7795SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Dickenson, Gary (916) 341-5424SWRCB Staff
 Dickman, Corey (916) 341-5258SWRCB Manager
 Diep, Chi (818) 551-2016SWRCB Supervisor
 Dietz, Natasha (916) 327-1708SWRCB Staff
 Dinh, Kim (916) 341-5729SWRCB Supervisor
 DiSimone, Katie (805) 542-4638Water/R3 Staff
 Ditto, Robert (916) 464-4642Water/R5 Supervisor
 Djuth, Gerald (916) 464-4677Water/R5 Supervisor
 Doduc, Tam M. (916) 341-5602SWRCB Board Member
 Dolan, Jonathan (916) 323-0880SWRCB Staff
 Dominic, Kathryn (916) 449-5591SWRCB Supervisor
 Donahoe, Theresa (510) 622-2463Water/R2 Staff
 Dorsey, Kelly (619) 521-3008Water/R9 Manager
 Dotson, Paul (559) 445-5525Water/R5 Staff
 Dougherty, Mona (707) 570-3761Water/R1 Supervisor
 Downey, Michael (916) 324-8404SWRCB Supervisor
 Downey, Savannah (916) 322-1585SWRCB Staff
 Downing, Pamela (916) 341-5154SWRCB Staff
 Drabandt, Laura (916) 341-5180SWRCB Senior Staff Counsel
 Duenas, Maria (916) 445-1692SWRCB Supervisor
 Duff, Emily (916) 341-5788SWRCB Staff
 Dumisani, Kenyatta (916) 341-5824SWRCB Staff
 Dummer, Ashley (714) 558-4706SWRCB Staff
 Duncan, Emily (213) 576-6679Water/R4 Specialist
 Dunleavy, Carley (707) 570-3770Water/R1 Staff
 Dunn, Ali (916) 319-8458SWRCB Supervisor
 Dunn, Jason (916) 322-7785SWRCB Staff
 Dunn, Kai (760) 776-8986Water/R7 Supervisor
 Dunn, MyLinh (916) 341-5206SWRCB Staff
 Duprey, Katie (951) 782-4385Water/R8 Staff
 Duran, Arystina (916) 322-3143SWRCB Seasonal Clerk
 Dutton, Philip (916) 327-8669SWRCB Supervisor
 Duval, Anthony (916) 341-5094SWRCB Staff
 Dyer, Julia (805) 542-4624Water/R3 Specialist
 Dyson, Monet Not AvailableSWRCB Staff

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