Department of Toxic Substances Control Staff Directory

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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 D'Arcangelo, Anthony (916) 324-2991DTSC Staff
 Dagher, Cecillia E. (818) 717-6544DTSC Staff
 Dani, Jalpa (916) 322-3492DTSC Not Available
 Daniels, Adam (818) 717-6582DTSC Not Available
 Daniels, Molly (916) 323-3706DTSC Not Available
 Daoud, Elly (916) 255-3573DTSC Staff
 Daranykone, Souvanny (916) 327-9252DTSC Not Available
 Darland, Tyler Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 Darrett, Michael (916) 255-6554DTSC Staff
 Datoc, Criselda (818) 717-6600DTSC Not Available
 Davila, Beatriz (619) 516-1982DTSC Staff
 Davis, Frances (510) 540-2732DTSC Not Available
 Davis, Suzanne (916) 327-4206DTSC Not Available
 Dawlaty, Jessica (626) 639-0509DTSC Not Available
 De La Vega, Christina S. Not AvailableDTSC Staff
 De LaRosa, Yvonne Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 De Pont, Rebecca (916) 255-3638DTSC Staff
 Del Carmen, Dulce (818) 717-6665DTSC Staff
 Denning, Janice (916) 255-4326DTSC Staff
 Deol, Inderpreet (916) 255-3665DTSC Staff
 Depies, Kevin (916) 255-3688DTSC Staff
 Derobertis, Renee (916) 323-9560DTSC Staff
 Diaz, Jose (818) 717-6614DTSC Staff
 DiBiasio, Karen (916) 255-6633DTSC Staff
 Dietrich, Gerry (510) 540-2872DTSC Not Available
 Doherty, Anne Cooper (916) 324-1088DTSC Staff
 Domingo, Danny (559) 297-3932DTSC Staff
 Dominguez, Amanda (818) 717-6581DTSC Not Available
 Dominguez, Ryan (916) 255-3796DTSC Staff
 Donahue, Desa (916) 324-5818DTSC Not Available
 Donaldson, Rick (916) 324-8579DTSC Staff
 Donnel, Patty (916) 255-3560DTSC Not Available
 Doshi, Hiral (916) 255-6697DTSC Staff
 Doty, Ed (510) 540-3878DTSC Staff
 Doughman, Nadine (916) 255-4905DTSC Staff
 Downham, Melessia (916) 255-3745DTSC Staff
 Dragomir, Diana Not AvailableDTSC Contract Personnel
 Driscoll, Richard (916) 323-2942DTSC Staff
 Drushell, Andrea (916) 255-3571DTSC Not Available
 Duke, Harold R. (916) 255-3695DTSC Staff
 Duong, Wendy (510) 540-2669DTSC Staff
 Duplessis, Yvette (916) 322-0445DTSC Not Available
 Durand, Maria (714) 484-5364DTSC Staff
 Duroncelet-Hutchinson, Arletra (916) 323-3215DTSC Not Available
 Dutra, Allison (916) 322-8670DTSC Staff
 Dutton, Abbott (916) 324-2997DTSC Staff
 Dutton, Lori (916) 327-0978DTSC Staff

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